Cell Phones are Changing Face of Health Care

Cell Phones are Changing Face of Health Care

In Mexico mobile-phone applications are being used to send patients reminders and emails. These texts and emails remind patients take medicine, about appointments and help patients stay up to date on health care tests.

CardioNET sends messages to patients about the importance of exercise. Mexico also has a program called VidaNET that is for HIV patients that reminds patients to visit the doctor and stay up to date on tests and medications.

Currently, Mexico is looking to launch DiabeDiario which will help patients who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is the number one cause of death in Mexico and this will help give patients the educational tools they know to make the right choices.

Eighty percent of the population in Mexico owns a cell phone while only 9.1 percent have internet connection in their home. Cell phone applications are much more successful in countries that lack landline technology.

This could change the face of health care and health insurance around the world. A study in the United Kingdom showed that text-message reminders about appointments resulted in 33 to 50 percent fewer missed appointments. Cell phones can be successful in bringing patients health care information that is correct and from a viable source.

Using mobile-phone applications is the next step to providing patients health care information across the world.

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