The Expert Guide To Virtual Offices


The Expert Guide To Virtual Offices

Isn’t business grand? It is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can go through, if done properly. One thing that most people do when they first start a business is they look for a space, or they attempt to juggle running an online business on their own. This is no way to run a business!

The most successful start-ups need help on creating a thriving business without breaking the bank! But never fear; the good news is that you certainly do not have to lease or buy actual office space to give give your business a sense of legitimacy. There are ways to achieve this that are not going to affect your bottom line, and drive you crazy. So never fear, dear business owner. This is the expert guide to virtual offices.

What is a virtual office?

Rather than renting or leasing an office space, hiring a receptionist, buying unnecessary equipment, and trying to connect internet etcetera, the best thing to do is find a virtual office. A virtual office lets small and medium businesses benefit from the advantages of a address, landline phone numbers and team support without having to pay costly fees to have all of that on your own. Office expenses are heavily reduced (all you need to do is ask how many your business expenses will be reduced when talking to the company), while maintaining the prestigiousness of the company that you are trying to create. This means that you and your team can work from home, without seeming unprofessional to your clients. Marketing research suggests that customers are expecting to see a professional business address and if you do not have that, your business will not cut it. Many small business owners make the very common mistake of putting down a mobile number for their contacts to call, which is a big no no in the modern world. In the modern world, most people who are likely to call your business are unlikely to message on a voicemail and won’t call back if the number is busy (business owners – take heed). This is where a virtual office comes in – it can include a landline number, answered by a real person, who can help you capture leads and grow your business.

How to start your own virtual office:

Ask about a phone system

You need to find a system that works with your mobile phone. There are a number of different ways you can manage this. Either you can look for a cloud-based phone system, or find a company that, for a few dollars per day, can offer a phone service that is fully monitored. This is extremely helpful in giving your business a professional front and capturing leads.

2) Look for the right software/hardware

When you are starting a virtual office, it helps you find a package that includes some of the major pieces of software or hardware included as standard so you are not required to fork out the money yourself. This can help you save some serious money, which can go back into being invested into the business.

3)Organise your scheduling and meeting systems

How are you planning on managing your team and managing your clients? This is something really important to consider and make sure that you have thought this offer. It is really important to understand that you will be required to do business globally, so you need to be globally connected. Look to systems such as GoToMeeting, Skype or even Facebook for Business.

There are a number of things to consider when you are launching a virtual office. Ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row before you begin!

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