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The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Life is full of wants and desires, wishes, and dreams.  While we all may have good intentions when we dream about making a change in our lives or achieving a lifelong goal, for most, it is likely not going to come to pass.  That is until something happens in our lives that spurs us to work harder toward the goals that we have had for years.

Life has a funny way of finding an unpredicted incident in our lives to help us understand the path that is necessary to make important changes.  This could be a near-death experience that helps us realize how short life is or maybe the birth of a new child that gives us renewed hope for the future.

When these important incidents in life occur, we may not even realize that we are on the verge of making a change in our lives.  It can almost seem like it just puts your life on a new course naturally.  You may start reacting differently to the circumstances that come up in life and your outlook on life may suddenly seem brighter.

For some people, finding the moment in their life that will lead to them finally making the changes they need may take a lifetime.  They may never experience the moment that makes them open their eyes to the possibility of being happier and more content in their lives.  This large life moment is not necessary if they were to put their all into making the changes and not making excuses.

For example, losing weight is something that many people battle with.  They really want to be more active and to feel better about themselves but they simply are not motivated to find the time or to make the effort.  If they were to lose a loved one to an obesity-related illness, they may decide that it is finally time to make some changes.  Why would they wait so long and have to experience such a harsh reality before they moved into action mode and took better care of themselves?

They are not simply ignoring the reality that they have some work to do.  They are really not in the mindset to make the changes.  They have not had that awakening moment in their lives that will make them realize that their lives are very important and that they can truly make a difference in their lives.  When the moment does arrive in their lives, they will then wonder why they waited so long to move towards their goals.

There are many things in life that we feel we have no control over but in actuality, we have full control over.  We must simply understand the emotion and drive that is necessary and that we do not need an “ah-ha” moment to commit to making a change.  We can make the changes that are needed to achieve our needs and use the achievements that we see as motivation to continue working.

Life is short.  The challenges in our lives are there to help us.  If we do not live through tough moments we would never realize it when the good times roll around.  We need to take advantage of every one of the opportunities that life offers to us and create our own “ah-ha” moments that lead to positive changes.

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