A dream of owning your very own private island or small castle seems a bit far-fetched when you are expected to dish out around £550,000 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 50m2 apartment in central London.

But what if we told you that you could very well own your very own private island at about half the price of a small flat in London or even a mini castle of your own at basically the same price if you simply chose to live in a different location?

Property in the UK is incredibly expensive compared to property in other countries. There are various factors that contribute to this dramatic difference in property value such as currency differences and geographical location with regards to business centrals. These differences make it entirely a possibility for you to buy more affordable, more luxurious property in other countries.

In Andalucia in Spain, for example, you could own your very own 406m2 mill with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a terrace, and a playroom for as little as £282,354. Does paying 94.79% less per square meter surprise you? Then prepare to be amazed.

In Belize in Central America, you can buy a 4070m2 private island with a jetty and pool for as little as £291,171.

These property prizes are astonishing and definitely worth considering whether you are interested in property investment or in purchasing a holiday home outside the UK.

In the following infographic, you can check out a few other fantastic property deals in different countries across the globe that will give you a much better idea of what you could get if you just think outside the box.

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