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The Changing Face of Business With the Gaining Momentum of Technology – The Impacts

Constant changes in technology affect almost every part of our daily lives. Acknowledging the changes being brought about by computer science and communication, almost anything that you imagine is just a click away from you. Previously, could you think of making a video call to your family members who are living abroad or watching a movie on your mobile phone? All these are now possible with the kind of technology that we have today.


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Apart from bringing about changes to our personal lives, technology has had a surprising impact on how we do business. In fact, business technology has brought about a revolution in the way in which companies carry on their business. Small business owners should seriously think of implementing business technology in their planning process. If you’re confused about the reasons to embrace technology for your business, let’s take a look at how technology impacts businesses.

Cloud Computing – Utilizing third-party servers

Businesses, whether large or small, can move a portion of their operations to third-party servers which are accessible through the internet. Cloud computing not only allows a variety of data packages but also on-demand expansion without the fear of permanently losing data and fear of sudden crashes. Cost-prohibitive resources can now be easily accessed due to cloud computing technology. Competing against large-funding business corporations has also become easier.

Customer segmentation – Categorizing your audience more minutely

With the rapid flow of data, it is easier than before to know what exactly your customers are looking for. With the expanding analytics services, you can categorize your prospects into more minute groups and target them individually. It is even through just a simple Google account that you will be able to know where your visitors are from, which browser they’re using, how they came up to your website, what their activities are, for how much time they stay, and at which point they choose to leave your site. Could you dream of knowing so much previously before technology took over?

Soaring functionality – Plummeting costs

As long as creating a buyer’s market is concerned, 2 things have come together. First, the software and hardware which is required to create such software solutions have become increasingly affordable and secondly, the number of entrepreneurial minds and tech-savvy people has multiplied rapidly. Previously it took a multi-million dollar company a year to create a back-end inventory system and now it takes a few weeks and a few college graduates to make it. So, businesses don’t require hiring dedicated employees and sign contracts with them.

Mobility – The next big thing of Google

The next big thing is mobility and this has become so important that Google has also rejuvenated its algorithm to give priority to websites that make mobile browsing easier. Anything about your business can be tackled even from remote locations provided your smartphone or tablet has got the right software and internet connection. With the soaring Generation Y, increasingly large numbers of people are using mobile devices to find out local businesses, shop, and also share their shopping experiences with acquaintances and friends on Facebook. This paradigm shift has literally shaped a new book for businesses and corporations.

So, it can certainly be concluded by saying that technology is a wave, on which either you ride or get wiped out. Irrespective of your personal opinion, this rapid advancement in technology won’t slow down anytime shortly; rather it is going to witness an even more accelerated pace. Hence if you fail to adapt to the changes, you will soon be left behind by the savvier ones in the rat race.

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