The Biggest Trends in Making Money Online We’ve Seen This Year

Making money on the internet is now big business. It’s a good option to consider whether you are in between jobs, or if you just need a bit more cash in your budget. So why not boost your earnings with some easy online money making solutions like the ones below.

Surveys sites

A popular way of making some money easily at them moment is to register with a survey review site. You get paid for completing questionnaires and giving your opinions on things. The more you review, the more you get paid. It’s that simple. Some sites pay in Amazon vouchers and others in cash. Be careful though as there are some scam site out there. Real sites he will never ask you to make a payment to them, and you can use this link to check out the best survey reviews online to get you started.



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Blogging is perfect for getting your company name out there, and you can monetize it as well. Be warned though this is not a quick process to is unlikely to provide any instant cash. It takes time to build up a good blog and a good reputation.

Blog about something that you have experience with or you are passionate about. That will help you stay motivated and find new things to write about. You can blog about anything really from travel to food to parenting. You may find similar blogs ask you to guest post; companies send your freebies to review or want to use your blog in the advertising campaigns.


Depending on your moral view of this activity it may or may not be a viable option for you. If you are very lucky, gambling can bring in some quick income and help you with your career. The best approach is to check out one of the books out there on gambling systems and how to play the long game. They basically work on the law of averages, and so if you play the recommended play each time, you increase the probability of winning. In this way, you can grind up your winnings by playing roulette or poker online. Even this isn’t a quick fix I’m afraid. You have to stick to the rules though and stop whether you are losing or winning for the system to work.

Sell home made

Are you into arts and crafts? If so then you may be able to sell your homemade items on sites like Etsy and Folksy. There is a big market for one of a kind or OOAK items and homemade gifts at the moment. People like to know that they are getting something individual and are supporting independent sellers. Remember to factor in the cost of your materials and your time for your final product price. Otherwise, you will be out of pocket.


Are you a specialist at something? If so then , maybe you can teach it and get paid. Use Craftsy or Udemy. Make a video of you doing your thing with clear step by step instructions, then add to the site and people pay to learn that skill by watching your video. Simple.


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