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NordVPN – Enhance your VPN Experience

Based in Panama, which is known for not having any data retention laws, with 739 servers in 58 countries, a reasonable pricing and wide set of benefits including no logs policy, NordVPN is one of the top options to consider when choosing your VPN service provider.

Main features

-No logs policy
-Located in Panama
-User-friendly interface
-P2P friendly
-Wide variety of servers
-Up to 6 simultaneous connections
-No bandwidth limit
-Own DNS servers
-Flexible payment system
-IKEv2/IPsec & OpenVPN security protocols

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Why do you need a VPN?

If you are reading this review, you are probably aware of online privacy issues. If I am right, please jump into the next section for a NordVPN review. Here is a short explanation of VPN service for those not familiar with VPN services. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network which secures your activity online by encrypting your data first and only then sending it to a chosen server. When using VPN, your IP address is hidden so that no one could spy on you or use your personal data for unwanted spam, advertising or identity theft. Another great thing about VPN that it allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and to access media content that may be not allowed in your country or region.

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Complete privacy and benefits

NordVPN lets you to choose from 739 servers, located in 58 countries and also servers, customized for those who have specific online access requirements: Anti DDos, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, P2P for easy file sharing or popular Ultra Fast TV for online video streaming. Anti-DDoS servers protect your data from unexpected denial of service attacks while Double VPN is customized for taking extra care of your safety using double encryption and sending a connection through two servers instead of one. If you need a permanent IP address for frequent logins or particular page visits, you can also order a Dedicated IP for additional fee. What is also good that NordVPN has its own DNS servers that prevent unexpected data leaks and a offers a useful kill switch option that shuts down certain applications in case of a sudden VPN disconnection.

NordVPN supports all operating systems, has no bandwidth limit and offers up to 6 simultaneous connections which is more than enough to secure your desktop, mobile and home devices such as smart TV, game consoles and routers. NordVPN accepts payments via PayPal, credit cards, or Bitcoin for those who want extra privacy. Simply chose one of three subscription options, download and install an app on your device and enjoy complete privacy online. Oh, and if you are one of those not willing to commit too fast, you will like their free 3-day trial to get comfortable with service and make up your mind.

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Although NordVPN website nicely points out its wide set of benefits and offers you a comprehensive service information, I found it a little bit difficult to find the downloads section which is hidden under the Tools and Information. After solving this matter, I successfully downloaded NordVPN to my Mac and iPhone and with a few clicks was ready to go. The app itself offers you a nice minimal interface and pleasant user-experience. I liked an interactive map where you can see all NordVPN servers and quickly pick one. You can also access a server list using menu section on the left or simply type in the server name in a search bar instead of scrolling the whole list. The app allows you to turn on automatic server connection or customizable Kill Switch which closes selected applications in case of sudden VPN disconnection. All you have to do is add applications you want to stop.

First-time-users like me will find it useful to read a comprehensive user guide, however if you still have questions or experience any difficulties, you can use a direct email or live chat support option.

Because of wide variety of servers, multiple device support with no band limits and top notch security features NordVPN really stands out from the crowd. Overall, what impressed me the most is the fact that they take my privacy seriously and unlike most VPN providers have a super strict no logs policy – NordVPN does not monitor my online activity, does not store any of my login data so they could not share it with anybody even if they wanted to. This is the kind of approach you’d expect from your VPN provider.


The changing face of business with the gaining momentum of technology – The impacts

Constant changes in technology affect almost every part of our daily lives. Acknowledging the changes being brought about by computer science and communication, almost anything that you imagine is just a click away from you. Previously, could you think of making a video call to your family members who are living abroad or watching a movie on your mobile phone? All these are now possible with the kind of technology that we have today.


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Apart from bringing about changes to our personal lives, technology has had a surprising impact on how we do business. In fact business technology has brought about a revolution in the way in which companies carry on their business. Small business owners should seriously think of implementing business technology in their planning process. If you’re confused about the reasons to embrace technology for your business, let’s take a look at the ways in which technology impacts businesses.

Cloud Computing – Utilizing third-party servers

Businesses, whether large or small, can move a portion of their operations to third-party servers which are accessible through the internet. Cloud computing not only allows variety of data packages but also on-demand expansion without the fear of permanently losing data and fear of sudden crashes. Cost-prohibitive resources can now be easily accessed due to the cloud computing technology. Competing against large-funding business corporations has also become easier.

Customer segmentation – Categorizing your audience more minutely

With the rapid flow of data, it is easier than before to know what exactly your customers are looking for. With the expanding analytics services, you can categorize your prospects into more minute groups and target them individually. It is even through just a simple Google account that you will be able to know where your visitors are from, which browser they’re using, how they came up to your website, what their activities are, for how much time they stay and at which point they choose to leave your site. Could you dream of knowing so much previously before technology took over?

Soaring functionality – Plummeting costs

As long as creating a buyer’s market is concerned, there are 2 things which have come together. First the software and hardware which is required to create such software solutions has become increasingly affordable and secondly, the number of entrepreneurial minds and tech savvy people has multiplied rapidly. Previously it took a multi-million dollar company a year to create a back-end inventory system and now it takes a few weeks and a few college graduates to make it. So, businesses don’t require hiring dedicated employees and sign contracts with them.

Mobility – The next big thing of Google

The next big thing is mobility and this has become so important that Google has also rejuvenated its algorithm to give priority to websites which make mobile browsing easier. Anything about your business can be tackled even from remote locations provided your smartphone or tablet has got the right software and internet connection. With the soaring Generation Y, increasingly large numbers of people are using mobile devices to find out local businesses, shop and also share their shopping experiences with acquaintances and friends on Facebook. This shift in paradigm has literally shaped a new book for the businesses and corporations.

So, it can certainly be concluded by saying that technology is a wave, on which either you ride or get wiped out in it. Irrespective of your personal opinion, this rapid advancement in technology won’t slow down anytime in the near future; rather it is going to witness an even more accelerated pace. Hence if you fail to adapt to the changes, you will soon be left behind by the savvier ones in the rat race.

Social Media and Personal Finance: The Less Talked about Connect


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Social media or the social networking websites apparently make for one of the most unlikely sources that can actually help you save money. You might not have thought about it, but it’s true that social media savvy people often end up making substantial savings from various avenues. Today, we will find out how exactly social media can help you save money. Read on to find out.

How can Social Media help you save money?

Come to think of it. Brands have long joined the “social” bandwagon to bolster exposure. So, it’s quite obvious that they are promoting their deals here as well. Following these brands closely on Twitter and Facebook might as well get you through impressive deals- the discounts, offers or surprise packages. Each and every brand out there is clamoring for a place in the digital landscape – quite simply to be noticed by the YOLO generation. According to the experts, the millennials’ younger brothers and sisters are more hooked to social media than what the millenials had ever been. So, an effective way to track discounts offered by your favorite brands is to follow them closely on social media. Those who are serious about improved outreach, will always update their social media pages without fail.

Social networking websites are one of the cheapest ways in which marketers can reach out to you. One of the most notable advantages of being on social media is that you can come across a lot of smaller brands who are yet to find their foothold in the industry and are not in a position to shell out the required money for a website or for that matter for expensive television or newspaper advertisements. These brands generally offer interesting products at cheaper rates than that of their conventional counterparts. Home décor and jewelry brands are common examples.

Why only jewelry or home décor items? You can even go on to save on your college expenses by following social networking sites like SmartyPig and GreenNote. They provide you valuable tools that help you save for college. You can even go on to request for donations through MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Find their lost pets!!!!

Yes, social networking websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter connect you to friends, family, relatives every day. You might as well come across news of lost pets in your neighborhood and rewards for the same as well. Who knows a little bit of efforts from your part (i.e. to find the pet) might as well help you land up with the reward as well?


Thanks to the social media websites- crowdsourcing has emerged as such a sought-after phenomenon today! It is extremely important to ensure that you’re keeping yourself abreast of these programs – especially if you are actually planning to start a business in the future.

Educate yourself about the website Tweet What You Spend. Here you can use your Twitter accounts to send your regular brief expenses and have your spending limits set by the cash journal. Just track your expenditures better with its help.

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