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How to Reduce Your Insurance on Your Van

As your insurance is likely to be one of the biggest expenses incurred when you own a van? it makes sense to try and cut the cost down however you can. This is particularly important when it is used in conjunction with your business as the costs can easily mount and eat into your profits. Here are some tips on how you can cut down on your insurance costs: –

Improve your driving

Improving your driving will not only reduce the risk of you being involved in accidents but will also reduce the chances of you having to make claims which are sure to bump up your insurance premiums. Another option is to take an advanced driving course. This will help to show insurances companies that you are a ‘safe’ driver and should help to lower your premiums.

Named Driversfleet

Although having named drivers may be necessary for your work? it could be costly when it comes to your insurance. You can try to keep this to a minimum by ensuring that you keep you add as few a named drivers to a minimum and by thoroughly vetting those that you do add.


Another simple way of reducing the cost of your insurance, and which you might like to do anyway, is to secure your vehicle. This can be done by adding an alarm, extra locks or even an immobilizer. This will not only help to keep your vehicle and any tools that you are likely to keep in it safe but will also reduce the risk your insurance companies perceive your van to be in.

Type of Cover

The type of cover that you choose could also reduce the amount of your insurance premiums. Although it is important that you have sufficient insurance coverage to protect yourself and others it is also worth considering, realistically, how much cover you actually need. After all if you have a really old van that is worth very little you may not feel that you need the same coverage as if you have a brand new van. In either circumstance you will need at least third party or third party with fire and theft coverage but you may not feel that you need fully comprehensive cover.

Voluntary excess

You may also be able to reduce your voluntary excess by agreeing to a higher voluntary excess than they initially offer you.

Ask the Experts

One final way you could save money on your car insurance is to get a company such as A­Plan to do the leg work for you. Insurance brokers will look at all of the different policies for you and come up with cover that is tailored to you.

Tips to Save Money on Your Van Insurance

Save Money on Your Van InsuranceIf your van forms part of your business then you’ll want to save as much money as and where you can. While you can’t afford not to get your van insured you can look for the best van insurance quote online and save a little money in the process.

Here are our top tips for saving money on your van insurance.

Increase your voluntary excess

When you make a claim on your insurance, the voluntary excess is the amount that you agree to pay. If you up the amount of the excess, you will lower the premiums. However, remember the higher the excess the more you’ll have to pay out in the event of a claim.

Make your van more secure

If your van contains the tools of your livelihood, you’ll need to make it as secure as possible. Looking into additional security extras, such as alarms, immobilisers and trackers will not only make it more secure, it will also lower your insurance premiums.

Show you’re a safe driver

If you have built up a no claims history then you should provide this to your new supplier when looking for a best van insurance quote, as many insurance providers will mirror this no claims on your new policy.

Don’t add any named drivers unnecessarily

Your premiums will increase the more named drivers are on the policy. Sometimes, however, this is simply a natural requirement of using your van for your business. However, you also need to be careful who you name on the policy as adding those under 25 and especially those with points on their licence will make your premiums jump up.

Advertise your business on the side of your van

If you have the name of your business shown clearly on the side of your van it’s less likely that it will be stolen. Furthermore, according to statistics you’re also less likely to be involved in any scrapes or accidents. These two factors combined together will ensure lower premiums on your policy.

Provide details of any trade body membership

Some, not all, insurance providers will offer lower premiums to those van owners who are members of trade bodies. If you are, it’s worthwhile making them aware of this when you open your policy.

Choose an appropriate sized van

In general terms, the smaller the van (in terms of size and power) the lower the insurance premiums. Choose an appropriate size for your business needs, not necessarily the size you want.

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