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What Does A Tax Relief Company Do For You

Student_DebtEvery business and wage earner is required to file a tax return and a good tax payer will have no problem with the IRS. However, there are certain unexpected circumstances in our lives which make us renege in our obligation of paying taxes to a point that we become buried in the problem of tax debt, and find it hard to further fulfill the payment of our tax obligation. In cases like this, we ask ourselves how we can solve our tax debt problem. Whichever way we go, the IRS will be asking us to pay our back taxes and the only options we have is either to face more penalties or avail of the hardship programs of the IRS. However, there are companies who claim that they can help us diminish our tax debt obligation or even erase our debt. They call themselves tax relief companies because they are primarily designed for the purpose of mitigating our back taxes burden. Are these companies really reliable and can they really help us lessen our back taxes burden? These are just some of the questions which we usually ask about these tax relief companies.

Tax Relief Companies

We will definitely find a number of tax relief companies as we scour the internet looking for some solace and relief from our tax burdens. If we call the 1-800 numbers of these tax relief companies, they would immediately answer you and inform you about their expertise and their capability of helping you. Some of these tax relief companies are really good and they have the know-how on the IRS hardship programs and how you can take advantage of these programs; while some of these companies are out to scam you. Good companies know the procedures on how to avail of these programs. First they would ask you to sign a form in which you can detail your tax debt problem. Based on these form, they will inform you of the viable options you can take and their capability and the limitations. Moreover, you will be oriented on what to do and what to prepare. They would tell you too of their asking fee and about the upfront payment they would charge you. They have tax professionals and tax relief attorneys who they say have the years and experience in handling tax relief process and they would say that they could really help you.

The IRS and Tax Debt

The IRS usually seizes assets from you if you fail to pay your taxes. One of the possible things they can do is called the wage garnishment. The IRS would usually provide you with notices through certified mail about your back taxes. However, if you fail to respond to these notices, the IRS readily send certified notice to your present employer prompting them to stop or withhold up to around 75% of your salary for the purpose of repaying your back taxes. This is one of the most humiliating ways of collection means because your financial problems will be brought open to your employer and maybe to your fellow workers. This may produce more stressful situations for you. Moreover, this problem may affect your credit rating later on.

Hardship Programs of IRS

Tax relief companies claim that they can help you avail of the different hardships programs of IRS so that you can avoid bank levies and wage garnishments. They will rule out for you the different options you can take to avoid these forceful moves of the IRS. Tax relief companies say that they exactly know the hardship programs of IRS. One of these programs is the Offer-In-Compromise (OIC). This is an effective way of helping people with back taxes clear themselves of their tax debt burden. This program was drafted by Congress to assist people with tax debt to eliminate their outstanding back taxes. It is a one-time opportunity for a tax payer to get some relief from exorbitant back taxes. A less than the full payment is afforded an indebted person, and the IRS has the power to allow a compromise agreement in which the taxpayer will pay less than what he/she owes.

Tax relief companies may provide you with legal assistance and legal representation which can help you work around the legal procedures of availing of these hardship programs. The IRS will usually conduct an audit of your financial conditions and you need a good representation to properly represent you. Tax relief experts of tax relief companies can provide you with the necessary legal representation in cases of these audits. If you have a business and you have business-payroll tax debt, your assets may be seized and eventually your business may be closed. Tax relief companies can provide you with legal representation to save your business.

Tax relief companies are either good or bad. Those which are good will have the good intention of lessening your tax debt burden. Those which are bad are out there to scam you. Tax relief companies have the primary function of orienting you about the hardship programs of the IRS. Likewise, they could provide you with the legal representation in your move to avail of the IRS hardship programs.

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Dealing With Back Taxes

Dealing With Back Taxes

Taxes are an issue that almost everyone has to deal with at some point. If you cannot afford to pay your taxes and you let them become late, the Internal Revenue Service can take drastic measures to collect the money that you owe. If you find yourself in a situation where you owe back taxes, it does not mean that you have to lose your property or go to jail. There are some solutions that you can turn to in order to handle the issue.

IRS Collection Efforts

If you owe back taxes, the IRS can try to collect them anytime within 10 years. The statute of limitations for IRS tax debt is a decade, which gives them plenty of time to try to get the money out of you. If you do not pay the taxes that you owe, the Internal Revenue Service can seize your assets, take money out of your bank account or set up a wage garnishment on your earnings. The IRS can also place a lien on your property so that you cannot sell it without paying back the debt you owe. Tax debt is traditionally not something that will just go away and you’ll have to face it head on if you want to handle it.

Installment Agreement

If you do not have the money that you need to pay the taxes that you owe, one option to consider is an installment agreement. The IRS offers several installment agreements or payment plans to allow you to pay off your debt over time. Most of them give you at least three years of monthly payments to pay back what you owe. In some cases, the installment agreement can be extended to an even longer term. Most taxpayers can automatically qualify for an installment agreement simply by filling out an IRS form.


Another option that you may want to consider in this situation is an offer in compromise. With an offer in compromise, you agree to pay an amount that is less than what you owe in the form of a lump sum. With this approach, you can pay off your debt quickly and the IRS will simply forgive the rest of the amount you owe. The IRS does not always accept these proposals and will only do so if they feel that they will not be able to collect the rest of the money that you owe for some reason.


If you do not want to set up an installment agreement or you can qualify for an offer in compromise, another option to consider is a loan. With this approach, you borrow the money that you need to pay off your taxes from an outside source and then use that money to handle your debt with the IRS. Then you start making payments to your lender until the debt is gone.

If you owe back taxes, do not try to hide from the IRS and hope the problem disappears. Look for a legitimate solution and get rid of the debt that you owe.

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