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Social Media and Personal Finance: The Less Talked about Connect

Image Credit: flickr Social media or the social networking websites apparently make for one of the most unlikely sources that can actually help you save money. You might not have thought about it, but it’s true that social media savvy people often end up making substantial savings from various avenues. Today, we will find out how […]

Ways to Promote Realty Businesses Online

If you are not a social person, then getting enrolled in realty business can be a difficult task for you. For setting up a flourishing business in any nation, you need to have strong customer strong base and the ability to socialize with people. Earlier, the process of promoting businesses was very much time consuming […]

Social Media: The Wrong Venue For Complaints

Social Media can be used in many positive ways. It can be effective in connecting with friends, spreading information, and discovering new products or services. When it comes to voicing complaints however, social media comes up short. While a majority of companies believe social media improves their brand image and customer loyalty they are failing […]

Debt Collectors Use Social Media

Debt Collectors Use Social Media

In today’s world, debt collection companies are riding a thin line between legitimate collection practices and predatory collection techniques. Social media has become the newest way for debt collection companies to locate and communicate with consumers. This new phenomenon has left many industry insiders unclear as to the legality of the practices. Invading people’s privacy […]

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