New Software to Run your Finances

New Software to Run your Finances

Economy seems to have been the buzz word for the last couple of years. Everyone is paying more attention to the economy, their jobs, and especially their finances. With technology on the rise, and their prices getting more affordable, many are turning towards tech to help keep their finances in order and save as much […]

5 personal finance tips for the self employed

In the past job security was taken for granted, but as many businesses, large and small, feel the pinch on their finances, working for some-one else is no longer the safe haven that it used to be. Looking for a new job is also a very disheartening task, with few new positions being created and […]

Simple and Effective Ways To Save

With the current economic situation many of us are looking for simple ways to save us money. I’ve read hundreds of articles about money saving tips, but in my experience it’s normally the simple tips that are the most effective. It’s important that when we save money, we make our savings work for us. We […]

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