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How to make quick cash through discounts and online coupons

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting with a few smart apps, a smart phone and a huge pile of coupons surrounding your chair? You might just feel overwhelmed by this thought.

It’s truly thrilling to imagine various sources of discounts and other options for stacking your savings. But it’s easier to be said than done. With the advent of technology, you’ll now find options that are more enjoyable and efficient in assisting you to stack your savings while making purchases.

You might just be feeling eager to learn some couponing strategies and systems –

  1. Create a Binder System for Paper Coupons

Won’t it be great to carry only coupons that you’ll need on a particular day instead of carrying the whole bunch to the grocery store? An organized binder will help your coupon inventory to be managed more efficiently. Pick a binder that you can spot easily on your shelf. Use the binder dividers to categorize your newly purchased coupon sleeves, so that they can be organized in a proper manner. You must also categorize your paper coupons after you’ve clipped them circulars and newspapers.

  1. Use Savings Websites to Find More Discounts

The online couponing options that you have around are far too many in comparison with what you see in your newspaper. Most of these online coupon codes will provide you with additional savings.

This site offers printable coupons for items of regular needs. It is one of the biggest online couponing options that you have around. You’ll be provided with a large variety of coupons, so that you may compare a pick the right one for

Retail Me Not

For all coupon users, Retail Me Not is a site to be bookmarked. This site offers coupons for your local stores. You’ll be able to utilize online promo codes as well as coupons that are easily printable.


This is a startup site that offers loads of online coupons alongside different other offers brought to you by the daily deals sites. You can shop in a planned way as this site shows you through a good combination of local stores and paper coupons offered within your neighborhood.

  1. Use Your Smartphone To Save

Your smart phone allows you to use your money-saving apps and save more without visiting any local store. The best part of this process is that you end up exploring more products, save time and avail quality discounts.


Ibotta provides you with simple and quality discounts by offering coupons for a number of local stores. The deals can be accessed very easily when your task is completed; all you need to do is to get the barcode scanned and take a snap of your receipt. The savings are handed over to you once the snap is approved. You may download the app for your android and iOS phones.


This is a nice couponing app developed by Groupon. It offers discounts even on perishable items of regular consumption. This app actually helps you to save money while purchasing from your favorite brand. You don’t experience the limitation of using only a certain coupon. This app has a close resemblance with Ibotta, but you only need to get your receipt scanned. Scanning the barcode isn’t necessary in this case.

Make the most of your couponing system

The couponing system is actually quite simple. While websites like Retail Me Not and Qponsr will help in managing the online promo codes, you may use a coupon binder for organizing your paper coupons. Keep on checking your favorite mobile phone app for quality deals as you create a shopping list. Taking photos after scanning barcodes isn’t a tough task at all.

It’s natural for you to hate cooking on a Tuesday night after you have experienced a rough day. That’s one reason why an average American household spends a big amount while shopping and eating out. Couponing plays a great role over here. It feels great to rack up miles on your cards before you go out on a trip. Likewise, you may save on other purchases. When you get a movie ticket or Starbucks latte, you realize it’s the outcome of your couponing habit. There are a few greater rewards to couponing that you realize initially. Once you develop this habit, you’ll build couponing strategies to experience less stress towards managing your savings.

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Online shopping helps you save a lot of money over time

Are you going through a stressful financial situation? Online shopping could just be your solution to save a few quick bucks. Buying online allows you to buy more products for less when you follow the tips mentioned below.

Tips to save money while shopping online

  1. Comparing prices: Check out all websites that allow you to compare prices and reduce much of your hassles by fetching the best deal. In order to get the lowest price, spare some time to go through the price comparison websites.
  2. Cost of Delivery: Inquire about the delivery charge of your item and count it in its price. An item may seem to be inexpensive in some sites, while its postage charge may actually increase its price. Websites that deliver the goods to your place for free are actually helping you save a lot of money. There are some online shopping outlets that allow you to place your orders for different items and pick it up from a neighboring store without paying any
  3. Loyalty cards: By filling out the coffee shop loyalty cards, you may obtain a pack of coffee or tea. It’s truly satisfying to achieve a better value with your online coupon while ordering an item and visiting a neighboring store to collect it.
  4. Discount codes: A good amount of money can be saved through discount codes offered by online retailers. Savings can be stacked in this way. Online purchases help you save a good amount of money by way of cash-back, discount cards and online coupons. You may achieve a savings maximization and time optimization by doing a bit of work.
  5. Opting for VIP membership: Discounts and deals of exclusive nature are provided to individuals that obtain VIP membership offered by certain retailers and websites. While some sites charge a yearly subscription for such membership, others offer it for free.
  6. Digital Downloading: A digital downloading option might seem to be a cheaper option if you’re placing online orders for books, movies and music. Possessing a mobile device allows you to enjoy a movie, album or book of your choice besides enabling you to save much money.
  7. Checking out reviews: In order to identify the real worth of a product, you must read through a few online reviews. It really helps when you’re about to purchase an expensive electronic appliance, a car or a vacation trip. Negotiating over the price of an item turns useless if the item turns out to be of inferior quality. You can’t just go wrong if you do some homework in advance.
  8. Searching for sales: Sales offers are provided by a few online stores just in a way it happens in the high street. In this way, you’re likely to come across a few great offers. These online websites are meant to show you through quality sales offers in terms of wine, home goods and food.
  9. Using Apps: Saving a little while purchasing food items is very much possible when you download your favorite restaurants and retailer apps. There are a few restaurants that provide you with a “buy 2 for the price of 1” or “early bird” offer. A few of them will provide you with discounts while you visit their social media page. By visiting their profile page you’re actually helping others to notice them and lift their profile.

Out of these options, loyalty cards, online coupons and downloading apps are the latest ways in which you can save money. These options allow you to make bulk purchases and save much within the comfort of your own home.

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Buying the best clothes by the use of online promo codes

Technological advancements and the birth of internet led to the development of better online services that have eased the pressure of physically moving from one shop to the other looking for goods. There are better online services that have been of great benefits to shoppers in the current times. Now shoppers can buy goods online in the comfort of their homes as they relax together with family or in the job place during free working hours. Nordstrom is the best online store in the United States, a place where you can always get the best of services, products and effective supply of quality goods. With the use of Nordstrom coupon code, you can always enjoy a variety of services on a 24/7 hour basis. More →

5 Coupon Hacks To Save Money

Who doesn’t love a deal?

You don’t need to be a die-hard coupon maniac to enjoy the thrill of BOGO (buy one get one). You don’t need to spend hours pouring over multiple copies of the Sunday paper to get a little rush as your grand total is reduced at checkout, either. Saving money just takes some savvy.

Here are five coupon hacks that can save you money from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

One thing to consider? Be careful about potential coupon fraud. It is easy to get fraudulent coupons or coupon codes online. If you don’t trust a site don’t continue, or you could open your computer or email address up to hackers. By following the official store brands and websites and using legitimate couponing websites or apps you can prevent fraud.

Get Honey

What’s sweeter than local honey? Honey the browser-based coupon-finder! That’s because Honey is a free coupon search engine that works with just a click.

Honey is a free extension that automatically searches for and applies coupon codes when you shop online. Honey works for over 100 online

stores so far, and growing. Here’s a video that shows Honey in action.

Fan & Follow

Don’t neglect to “like” or “follow” your favorite stores and brands in social media. Giving a simple “like” will put the store’s specials into your Facebook news feed. So will following the brand on Twitter. Monitor both for savings by checking in periodically, or keeping a notepad nearby to write down savings codes.

PHOTO: Flickr user MissMessieSavingStar Grocery Coupons

How would you like coupons automatically loaded onto your store loyalty cards? No cutting coupons and no need to remember to bring them with you. That’s the premise of SavingStar, a free service.

The savings here go on “behind the scenes” — you don’t get a discount at the register or see the discount on your receipt. You do, however, accrue your savings into a SavingStar account. Then you are paid via your bank account, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

The money accumulated here can be spent at a number of online retailers or donated to your favorite nonprofit, like American Forests. If you choose the nonprofit route, you can effortlessly give to worthy causes without changing your shopping habits.

Rethink What You Really Need (Free!)

Coupons are great, but so is living with less and consuming less. One of the best coupon hacks is to focus on changing your lifestyle. Get off of as many treadmills as possible and your savings can be significant. Who says you have to live like everyone else, anyway?

Start at home. Reduce your family’s overhead costs by moving into a smaller house or getting rid of one of your vehicles. Plant a square foot garden to offset some of your food costs. Commute to work on your bike. Make your own laundry detergent and hang your laundry to dry on the line to reduce your utility costs.

These and multiple other changes do add up. Simplifying your life can also be deeply satisfying, too — and that’s worth just as much, or more, than any coupon savings.

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Finding an online coupon that works!

Finding an online coupon that works!

If you love saving money, then I’m sure you’ve been down this road before. Just picture it, you are at your favorite online merchant, shopping for a new piece of clothing for that hot spring wardrobe. You add a new blouse to your cart, and there it is, “enter your coupon code here”. You say to yourself “a discount opportunity!”. But you don’t have a coupon code. So what do you do? You go to Google and you enter the “merchant’s name’ + “coupon” and Google give you a whole bunch of sites claiming to have a coupon code from that merchant, for your new blouse. You click on the first search result, and you see plenty of merchant offers, but alas, no coupons! Then you go back to the next site down in the search results, and YES, there is a coupon code for 15% off. Great! You’ve found one! You copy the coupon code “BIGSAVINGS30”, and paste it into the little rectangle to get your discount, but much to your dismay the following message is flashed in red, “coupon is expired” or “coupon invalid” or “coupon not recognized”. We’ve all be been down this road of online coupon disappointment. Well, I’ve got some helpful tips for you to avoid this path, and hopefully save big on your next purchase!

My tips for getting working coupons:

1. Always, and I mean ALWAYS subscribe to the merchant newsletters. Folks, this is the easiest way to get a working coupon. Also, most merchants send out exclusive coupons that are not available on coupon sites.

2. Go to a coupon site that has comments for each coupon and expiration dates. I often read the comments for each coupon to see if the coupon worked. This is a great time saver.

3. Check the restrictions listed for the online coupon. Most good coupon sites will list important restrictions for the coupon they are promoting. This is very important, because it’s possible that the product your trying to purchase is restricted for a number of product categories.

4. Sometimes there are NO coupons available, and the coupon is embedded in a link. I’ve noticed that a lot of merchants are moving away from coupon codes, and moving more towards a clickable link that you can click and get a discount applied. So take off your blinders, and read each offer to see if it “click to activate” coupon. Please note that you may have to add and remove that product from your cart, to see the discount.

5. Search for a coupon code BEFORE you start shopping. Go to your favorite coupon site, and browse for coupons. For example, I’ve frequently seen 30 to 40 percent off Banana Republic coupons published, which can be applied to a wide variety of products. Also, you’ll know the coupon restrictions before you start shopping, so you can avoid a lot of frustration.

I hope these tips can help relievesome of the frustration of using coupon codes. Finally, please keep in mind that it’s just shopping, and it should be a fun and pleasant experience!

Happy couponing!

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