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Can you get compensated for an on the job sex injury?

I don’t think anyone in Australia could have missed the six-year case of the 37-year-old unidentified lady who sued the government – her employer – for compensation due to an injury to her nose and other assorted facial parts while away on business in 2007. This was no regular injury.  Her nose did not get […]

Why Elderly People Need Law Attorneys

As we grow older, there are many age related legal issues and concerns which will require the services of a qualified and experienced attorney.  There are specific lawyers and partnerships that specialize in elder law.  Elder law focuses primarily on legal issues that affect the elderly.  Almost any lawyer can draft a will, but it […]

The Role Of The Mail Fraud Statute In Federal Mortgage Fraud Prosecutions

Mortgage fraud prosecutions are at a five-year low nationally, but California is a top-five target for federal mortgage fraud prosecutions. You can find news stories every day of individuals who have been arrested in connection with mortgage fraud schemes. Even so, there’s something unusual about “mortgage fraud.” Look wherever you like, but there is no […]

Help your Attorney Win your Case by Following some Simple Rules

Help your Attorney Win your Case by Following some Simple Rules

Many people who find themselves face to face with the U.S. justice system for the first time are at a loss about what they can do to maximize their odds of a favorable outcome (or to at least minimize the odds of an unfavorable outcome). Whether you are involved in a civil or criminal proceeding, […]

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