Ripple vs Bitcoin – Which One Should You Invest In?

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While Bitcoin, launched in 2009,was the world’s first cryptocurrency, many other altcoins have since been developed with a range of different purposes in mind, including Ripple, now among the 3 most traded digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies brokers worldwide offer the growing global trading community a huge range of coins to invest in. Cryptos trading platform Trade360 is one of the most popular of these platforms for traders who want to take advantage of the rapid price changes of leading altcoins. But many traders are currently unsure about which coin represents the best investment: Rippleor Bitcoin.

Extremely volatile at the best of times, this year the cryptocurrency market has taken big hit, duea series of pivotal events that have strongly negatively affected the overalltrading environment.

First, Facebook and Google announced at the beginning of the year that they would ban all cryptocurrency adverts on their platforms.As a result, you can no longer find ads for ICOs, wallets, or trading advice, because the tech giants believe that in an unregulated market, too many unscrupulous operators have been able to take advantage of novice investors.

Also in January, Coincheck, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, was hackedin one of the biggest heists in history, resulting in the theft ofaroundUSD 500 million in digital tokens. Many crypto experts had warned about this vulnerability, advising traders not to keep their coins on exchanges, but in hardware wallets.

Reports of further regulation of cryptocurrency trading,especially in hubs such as the Far East, are also affecting the market. Nevertheless, many analysts consider the fundamentals of the major coins to be strong and are continuing to rate them as sound long-term investments.

For almost a decade, the Bitcoin system and currency havesupported financial transfersvia a peer-to-peer network to make fast, direct and pseudo-anonymoustransactions usinga blockchain-based public distributed ledger. Many online – as well asbricks-and-mortar outlets –around the world also accept Bitcoin payments.

In 2012, Ripple was launched on its own network, RippleNet, offering a new kind of payment and exchange system aimed mainly at banks and financial institutions. The Ripple protocol is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) that can be compared to the SWIFT system. It has been adopted by many well-known international banks, and is becoming increasingly popular.

A good way of predicting whether a cryptocurrency is going to last is to analyse how widely it is accepted. Both Bitcoin and Ripple are now recognised and trusted by tens of millions of people around the world. While the original cryptocurrency has greater brand power, its younger rival has the edge in terms of being trusted by major financial institutions. It is also cheaper, and is therefore the choice of many in-the-know traders.

Best investment options that you should look up to in 2018

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If you’re considering opting for long-term investments, you will probably reap too many benefits as they usually compound interest in case of fixed deposits of the bank. Secondly, long term investments are also tax-effective as is the case with few mutual fund investments. All those investments which are held for more than 3 years are called long term investments and they require commitment in spite of the fact that you might face different fiscal impediments during the investment journey.

No matter which investment you wish to choose, whether long-term or short-term, here are few investment options that you should watch out for in 2018.

#1: Debt investment

This is probably the safest options to invest and few of the most-preferred debt instruments are fixed deposits of Post Offices, Nationalized Banks, Government Bonds and many more. These assets borrow from us at pretty low rates and lend it again at higher rates to big and small business corporations and other development projects. Majority of these borrowers, companies and entrepreneurs perform really well, they pay interest rates and repay the principles of loans while still keeping a profit to themselves.

#2: Gold investment

There’s no doubt about the fact that gold is a precious metal and that it is appreciating in value with time. It is not only a passive asset but also static at the same time. If you have 100 grams of gold, it won’t decrease to 95 grams or increase to 105 grams and its purity will also not change from 22 Carat to 24 Carat. Hence, investing in gold is like investing in mere commodity rather than an asset. Fluctuations in price are solely due to demand and supply forces and not because of any change in real worth.

#3: Diamonds are also worth investing in

One among the most expensive crystals in the world is diamond. The portability and immensely condensed value make diamond a form of emergency funding for the rulers, dictators and even for the super rich people. Just as gold, diamond also remains static and passive. However, due to its brittle nature, it can easily get damaged or scratched and hence you have to handle it with enough care.

#4: Real estate investment

There are people who say that real estate is the safest and best investment option. The fact is that real estate indeed a high investment option because you need at least 15-20 lacs to get hold of a property. Furthermore, there have been too many frauds that have been noticed in this industry and the cost of transaction is even too high, around 10% of the cost. Moreover, real estate investment doesn’t have enough liquidity. So, be careful about your requirements and your affordability before you invest in real estate.

Therefore, now that you know the different options of investing your money in 2018, follow the advice of the experts. Get help of an investment expert in case you don’t rely on your personal predictive analysis.

Strategies to adopt if you want higher return with lower risk – Tips for investors


Whenever the financial markets get unsettled, the investors keep watching out for the low risk investments. If you’re someone who is retired or you’re just looking for the safest way to become an investor, you must be hunting for the no-risk investments like certificates of deposit, money market funds or the US Treasury certificates. While you may feel interested in them, you may already be aware of the fact that these investments aren’t going to give you anything worthwhile in return which you have been seeking all the while.

You are fortunate enough to know that there are few worthy investments which offer high return despite letting you incur low risk. You can even get better returns on few of the investments if you decide to hold them in a Roth IRA. Here are few investment options to check out.

#1: Dividend-paying stocks

There are many companies which pay dividend yields which are way higher than the amount that you will get on investments which are totally risk-free. For instance, you must be familiar with GSK or GlaxoSmithKline which pays a yield of 6% on dividend while another company called Iron Mountain pays around 6%. When you invest in dividend paying stocks, you can even participate in the capital gains. This is besides the income from dividend that you receive.

#2: Preferred stocks

This is a sub-category and according to the expert financial planners, the preferred stocks also have different bond advantages in the way that they trade in a tough range. They pay a moderate dividend and their position is much higher in the capital list than equity. This is altogether a different way of playing with dividend stocks and this is a way to do with lower risk. Preferred stocks are hybrid between bonds and stocks. They are even more vital when a company has fallen down during tough times.

#3: Peer-to-peer loans

These are commonly called P2P loans and off late, this type has been taking the world of investment by storm since the last few years. The financial meltdown is the reason behind the popularity of this kind of lending as banks became extremely hesitant in lending personal loans, especially to small businesses and other individuals. From the perspective of investment, P2P offered a welcome relief of interest rates from the almost 0 interest rates which existed since 2009. People came to online lending platforms, secured loans for different purposes and the investors funded them.

#4: Annuities

As long as investing in annuities are concerned, there is lot of hesitation. Since the fees are highest that are associated with them, they often become over-hyped and they’re promoted in such a manner that they can answer everyone’s needs, irrespective of their own needs. However annuities offer a high return and low-risk investment.
Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can invest high returns despite taking low risk, you can choose any of the above mentioned investment assets.


Basic Principles and Processes of Fund Management According To Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau

According to Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau and his team at financial services and investment solutions company Mansartis, the best way to start on the path to fiscal prosperity is with a clearly defined investment philosophy. The next most important step on the path to wealth management for corporations and their shareholders, they say, is developing a team-centered approach to investing that looks at the best ways to build long-term value rather than only short-term returns. This team of investment professionals and financial experts upholds several basic principles and a disciplined set of processes that dictates how they structure their fund management services. It’s worth looking at this approach that has brought the company so much success with numerous clients over the last three decades under the leadership of Mr. Jalenques de Labeau.

Basic Principles of Fund Management

The team at Mansartis insists on five basic principles of fund management that dictate their investment philosophies and approaches. These basic principles are described as follows:fund-managers

  1. Construct diverse portfolios with a shared set of rules across the board in order to ensure the lowest possible risk for clients’ investment portfolios.
  2. Integrate ongoing momentum with the long-term goals of the client to achieve the maximum intrinsic value for their investment portfolio.
  3. Manage portfolios with conviction, ignoring previous benchmarks and any bias towards a particular market or investment style.
  4. Share knowledge with the team during every decision and step of the process.
  5. Take a team-centered approach to investing based on bottom-up stock pricing and fundamental analyses while looking at the long-term results of each decision.

Disciplined Processes for Successful Investing

In addition to adhering to these five basic principles of fund management, Mr. Jalenques de Labeau’s team at Mansartis also institutes a disciplined set of investment processes that must be validated by a committee before and after each major step. This disciplined approach to investing ensures the most positive results with the lowest level of risk for the firm’s clients across the globe. The process goes as follows:

  • It all starts with an analysis of the macroeconomic environment and any international economic issues that the client is facing, and then defining their investment universe and relevant sector allocation.
  • After an asset allocation committee has validated the preliminary analysis step, the firm implements quantitative screening of more than 3,000 listed companies in the appropriate investment universe to identify and valuate potential targets.
  • Once a stock-picking committee has chosen the appropriate investments based on an analysis of each company’s business environment, model, and strategy, then the portfolio construction can begin. This final step involves decision-making, construction of the portfolio by a dedicated portfolio manager, and implementation of a carefully developed set of diversification rules. Then a return analysis committee gives the final say before the portfolio is approved and the wheels of investment are set into motion.

With such a detailed, principled, and disciplined approach, it’s easy to see why this company has been a top investment firm for more than 30 years.

Divergence among Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Relation to Equity

Students pursuing a career in finance often come across several questions about the role of an angel investor and that of a venture capitalist. In many ways both entities seek the same aspects, but there are a lot of variations that graduates stepping into the field must understand. It is subtle differences that participate in influencing their financing strategy ultimately.

Stepping into the banking sector in Singapore requires you to acquaint yourself with the delicate ins and outs of being angel investors as well as venture capitalists.

 business angel1.Proportion of Own Investments

Venture capitalists end up investing a large amount of their own capital into the company that usually turns out to be much more than what the angels put in. Angels can either operate as groups investing or even individuals putting in money. While the amounts of money vary largely, deals are worked on by Angel Groups in syndicate when they are substantially larger and more profitable.

Group operations are fast becoming more popular primarily because the money can be drummed up more quickly; while maintaining the same terms.

  1. Commitments Made

When it comes to giving their word, angels are not beholden to any commitments. They take business related decisions on their own and use personal prowess and knowledge to do so. Capitalists use a different approach as they consult with an investment committee that decides on the best approach to take while being as objective as possible. There is no getting swayed one member’s personal information or another’s apprehension or excitement about a deal.

  1. Time Frame of Investment

Angels are the ones who have to decide on acquiring assets earlier than venture capitalists, which is why they face a higher risk. The key is that they need to attain the same level of returns as venture capitalists that makes the risk worthwhile. It is crucial that they attain high returns for a majority of their deals need to enhance their portfolio of investments showing at least 20-30% per year. The main strategy is to look for an Exit, or Liquidity Event in which case both entities end up gaining back all of their equity within 3-5 years.

However, most equities tend to take longer time to exit. Individuals in venture are even more under pressure for they have a total span of 10 years under which they have to return the capital and profits of the Venture Capital Fund to the Limited Partners.

4.A Business Point of View

In most cases entrepreneurs shy away from capital raising, for it gets in the way of building products and contacting customers. Diluting equity is always taken as a last resort when the workings are saturated and new capital is needed for expansion and diversification. Angel investments can aid in businesses attracting good venture capitalists.

A couple of factors will be in play such as the ability of a business to function with little to no income for a long time along with the accessibility of Angel Investing Groups. Interested venture capitalists matter as well for attracting them sees a swell in entrepreneur’s liquidity.

How to Save Buying Household Items

The first time I checked this website I realized it talks about understanding your own money. At least that was its motto. I thought to myself what could that mean. It was not too hard to find an answer. This website is about understanding your money and its buying power and how you can use it to make the most of it whether you buy a new car or you invest in a new bustling company that needs people who believe in its ideas and values.

I also realized that people do not only come to these websites to talk about investments in stock markets and so on (I previously believed it was the only reason). Apparently it regards all financial transactions, as I mentioned before, starting from investing to businesses and ending with buying some appliances below the market price. I will talk about the latter. It is always nice and lovely when you can buy something below the market price. For example, you want to get a brand new laptop, but it just costs too much. What can you do to change that? The answer, my friend, is simple. You need to go to an online store that sells such items and also go online to find coupons that will reduce the price drastically.

aiffcs5wqlh5yozwrgrdIn this case I would recommend using Sears coupon codes because it saves a significant amount of time and also money because it is much easier to find a Sears coupon online that suits your needs than any other store. You can also enjoy good service of this store and ‘shop till you drop’ because it has a lot more to offer than any other online store. To be honest, there is no need to review the items that are available at the store because there are so many. And with new Sears coupons you can save incredibly. Ok, I will give you one example. Let us suppose you are shopping for a new laptop. The one you really want costs 700$, that is 150$ above your budget. You go online and find Sears promo code for electronics, get one which gives you 20% off electronics over 300$ dollars, hence you save around 140$, your laptop now costs 560$. Still a bit too expensive you say? Well, get another Sears coupon code for free shipping no matter your location and you save further 10$. Now you can afford the laptop of your dreams; just imagine how jealous all your co-workers will be on Monday morning when you show up at work with such a beauty.

All in all, when it comes to finances, all of us want to understand our money and its buying power and want to exceed the limits with as little as possible. Whether you want to invest in some stocks at the market or you want to buy something nice that you need online, you always want to save as much as possible. You can always come to this website for advice how to make the most with the money you have, therefore, when you need to shop online, just use Sears coupons, because they will help you realize your money the best.

Avoid Retirement Blunders on Your Super Fund

Picture this. You’ve been the hallmark of your organisation. You’ve inspired people and have initiated changes for the benefit of your company. After achievingnumerous milestones in your career, it’s expected for your retirement to reflect a rewarding lifestyle.

Don’t be caught helpless with claims which turn out to be less than what’s due for you. Make sure you’re updated with strategic superannuation tips to fully maximise your retirement benefits.


Alarming Facts on Superannuation

Employees are usually tempted to put off their super plans and strategies until they’re required to cram for benefits. Think of these facts again before delaying another appointment with a superannuation expert:

  • Losing Benefits in Billions of Dollars

Speaking of lacking good super fund habits, research has found that residents from the Queensland suburb of Toowoomba have lost about $113.6 million in benefits from last year. In fact, almost every single Australian has mismanaged his or her fund, to the point of missing out on $2,582 worth of assistance, nationwide. To sum up all super finances, $18 billion of funds has been misallocated and eventually lost for Australians to reap their benefits from.

  • Frequencies of Dentist Visits vs. Super Reviews

In a survey shared by Sunsuper financial, most Australians find managing their super more taxing than visiting the dentist or having their folks over for the weekend. It can be quite a chore for them to update their accounts on a regular basis. Without the proper discipline in maintaining a super fund, Australians wouldn’t be expected to reap their benefits to the fullest.

  • Large Amounts Do Not Mean a Comfortable Retirement

The pool of budgeted benefits may look hefty.These, however, do not guarantee full coverage for future retirees. With economic factors such as increased inflation ratesand the GFC, increasedbudgets for aperson’s retirement savings won’t suffice a comfortable lifestyle.

Based from research,a typical worker’s superannuation funds reach up toonly $1.1 million at the age of 65. Acomfortable retirement budget should be at an average of $ 1.67 million.

Taking Charge of Your SuperannuationPlan

You’ll need to be more aware of super policies and strategies as you aim to live out a comfortable retirement.

  • Know Your Investment Personality

Every retirement program is unique in as much as every person’s preferred lifestyle varies. You’ve got your habits set out based on the activities which please you. You can be a person who takes things slow until you’ve built on your funds or perhaps you’d rather live it up while experiencing life to the fullest.There will always be specific packages which can prove practical for you to benefit from.

  • Draft Up a Strategy

Basic super practices have broughthundreds and thousands of dollars more into people’s pension funds. These amounts spell the difference between meagre to a comfortable retirement.

Here are some basic strategies used by members, as they gained increased chances of a grand retirement:

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

Be your own trustee and allocate your funds on a wider range of services. This gets you to decide on your pension facilities faster, as you have total control of your money. Just make sure you have enough skills, experience and resources to grow your investments.

  • Taking Chances on Stocks

Experts and investors from top companies can offer considerable amounts of dividends. You can place a small percentage of your contributions to your super portfolio. This not only increases your chances at earning from long-term bonds. You’ll also avoid the pitfall of placing all your eggs in one basket. This means should a fund facility from another organisation fail to work, you’ll have another entity to rely on and provide for you.

Employeesdeserve to reap the rewards of their labour. Make sure you have an expertto advise you of the best super strategy.

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Your Guide To Investment Planning And Attitude To Risk

The key to investment is finding the right balance between risk and return. There is no such thing as a safe investment, despite what some financial advisers might have you believe. Risk is inherent and can be managed, but certainly not removed entirely. Investment planning is crucial in finding the right way to balance this risk and develop a portfolio that is aligned with your current circumstances and long term aspirations. Fundamental in this diversification is selecting assets that behave in different ways.

Investment ‘styles’

Some forms of investment can behave in a contrary way, so much so that they can be said to be in negative correlation with one another. For example, while property and bonds provide a stable investment with low returns, equities (stocks and shares) offer the potential for higher returns but with an increased level of risk.

By diversifying and creating a portfolio with the right blend of asset classes to reflect your approach to risk and return, it is possible to create a ‘safety net’ and ensure there is not an over reliance on a particular asset.

It is also possible to diversify in other ways, such as the size of the company you invest in, their geographic location and the sector they operate in. There are also different approaches to investment, namely growth and value investing. Growth equities are those where the value will increase over the longer term, whilst value equities represent a different type of investment as they are being offered at less than the company’s intrinsic worth. With conscientious investment planning, it is possible to reduce the overall risk rating of your investment portfolio.

A paper loss

With risk inherent in every investment, there are times when your investment will fall in value. This is known as a paper loss, as it will not represent an actual loss unless you choose to cash in on the investment at that time. If you are going to invest, the intrinsic risk involved means that at some point, you will experience a paper loss on the value of your investment. However, the less risk your investment portfolio is exposed to, the more gradual your returns, so, although you may not experience a paper loss, your returns will also be tempered.

Currency risk

If you are investing in asset classes in another country, you will be exposed to a risk over and above that a domestic investment would ordinarily face. When investing abroad, you also have to factor in the effect of the fluctuatigold_barson of currencies on your investment, as well as normal share price movements.

Another currency consideration that should be taken into account is the impact inflation will have on your investment. Inflation is the process by which the purchasing value of money falls in line with a general increase in prices. If the return on your investment is not greater than the current level of inflation, the value of your investment will actually fall. An investment in cash is one of the safest investments you can make, but only if the returns exceed the value of inflation over the longer term.

To conclude…

Past performance offers no protection against the future. The market value of investments and currencies is constantly fluctuating, which means the income you can expect as a return on your investment can fall just as easily as it can rise. Diversification is essential in managing this risk, but there is still no guarantee that you will receive more than your initial investment.

Author: Bartholomew Hawkins provides independent investment planning that reflects your tax position and is aligned with your general attitude to risk. For more information, please visit their site to learn more about investment planning or call 01291 40 80 80 today.

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Android has immense popularity, and that’s caused it to be used for everything from television watching to casual reading. Its use as a financial tracking tool has only become more pronounced in the last couple of years, as developers have realized that a small device with a perpetual Internet connection is useful for investments. Hundreds of stock-related apps have flooded Google Play, but here are our top five.

Stock Widget

One of the defining features of Android as an operating system is its support for widgets, so it’s only appropriate to get started with an app that focuses on widgets. Stock Widget lets users select different stocks from their portfolio, as well as other financial instruments. Once the stocks are selected, the app is set up and ready to use. Android users just need to add the widget to their home screen in order to have at-a-glance updates on their stocks. With more than five sizes of widgets available, Stock Widget will have something to suit every investor.

Yahoo Finance

Some people swear by Yahoo Finance. It’s certainly been around for a long time, so having a dedicated app on Android is welcomed by many. Like its website counterpart, the Yahoo Finance app offers the ability to log in and immediately track a portfolio. Other data from the Yahoo Finance website, such as videos and news bits, is also available. Anyone who uses Yahoo Finance on their computer needs this app, but even users of other platforms should check it out.

Charles Schwab

Schwab customers will love using their Android app. Users of the app can access their accounts and immediately view pertinent information, such as balances and portfolios. Even better, the app provides the funcitonality to trade stocks and get real-time news and quotes about different stocks. The features of the app are almost identical to the website, making it an overall solid app. The only major limitation here is that you must be a client of Schwab’s in order to use it, but most of the features would be useless to non-members anyway.

Stocks by Dato

For simple access to stock quotes and data, Stocks by Dato is a very viable option to consider. Its interface is minimalist, making it easy to switch between different screens in the app without suffering from information overload. It has support for multiple profiles, and users of Google Finance will love that it’s able to sync up with their accounts for hassle-free setup.

Stock Alert by PocketTools

Stock Alert is an app that does what its name says: Load in a few stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and the app will let you know if their price hits whatever level you designate. It’s an excellent tool for investors who like to keep an active portfolio. Overall, the app makes it much easier to take a long or short position and then act accordingly. With its white-on-black color scheme and tabbed layout, the app is stuck in 2008 in terms of design. Still, it’s a solid app that’s been around for years, and it deserves to be in every investor’s app drawer.

These apps are ready to help make a pro investor out of any novice. Between being able to read news headlines, load up charts and make trades on the go, there’s no need for anything else. Smartphones are well on their way to replacing stock brokers.

Lindsay Weir is a corporate accountant and contributor at, a site with resources and guides to the best online accounting programs.

The Importance of Having Investments

The Importance of Having Investments

Financial stability has always been a major consideration of every person. Those who have their own families would definitely work hard just to provide well for the family. Their hard earned money is usually spent on basic needs and other important expenses in the household. But for those who want to secure their financial standing in the future, they would have to make the necessary investments. Relying alone on salaries would not suffice. And although it is good to have saving accounts in the banks, it is highly preferred to invest the money since the rate of return is much higher.

Unfortunately, few people know about the importance of investments. Most often, they associate investments with high risks where they have high chances of losing money instead of gaining profits. This kind of perception holds some truth to it. But in order to get higher profits, one must learn how to calculate risks. In this era of free information because of the Internet, it is now much easier to make sound financial judgment. It is just a matter of finding the right kind of investment.

Firstly, it is important to have knowledge regarding the different kinds of investments available. Unless a person knows where to invest his or her money, it is highly recommended to get a financial advisor.

Here are just some of the investment options:

1.       Capital Stocks, Government Bonds, Foreign Currencies

These kinds of investments can be highly volatile. But if an investor is well adept in business trends and is updated when it comes to business and economic news, these investments can actually give high investment returns. In the case of capital stocks, there are many factors that can affect the performance of a certain company. Thus, investors should know the market and business trend. For foreign currencies, any external shocks along with political and socio-economic events can depict the movement of the currency. Among these three, government bond is the safest. But compared to the previous two options, the rate of return is lower.

2.       Purchase Various Assets

The term asset can be too general. If an investor wants to have a long term investment, it important to get assets that would have higher market value in the long run (i.e. lands, houses, farms, etc.). As much as possible, avoid investing in assets that have high depreciation costs. Before getting a particular property, make sure that crucial factors like value of property, location and the like are considered.

3.       Avail Insurance Plans and Packages

Some people might be hesitant to get an insurance plan since they think it is not that important. But actually it is useful to have a comprehensive insurance plan. When something goes wrong, at least people can rely on their insurance policies. There are different kinds of insurance packages available. They can have life insurance, mortgage insurance and even senior insurance. The coverage of these insurance plans would depend on the insurance package availed.

This article is written by Miss Demy Reposo exclusively for this site. She is an experienced freelance writer who is also currently writing for an online pawn shop site.

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