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Students and Investment goals – Are There any Apps to Help?

Image source Pixabay You can’t deny the fact that the world is a harsh place and there are numerous people who would possibly sell you magic cat dung and nail clippings if they could get away with it. Sadly enough, the financial industry is full of opportunists who are more interested in duping you into...


Financial Investments That Everyone Can Get Involved With

Investing is a word frequently used by the rich and famous. They take their funds, place them in the trust of a company or business, then expect to see some returns in the future to make more profit and support something they believe in. Whether or not it works, they usually get something out of...


So, You Want To Get Started With Investment?

Have you ever noticed that your money seems to disappear? You can’t keep track of it – it goes and you’re caught short between paychecks. If this is you, you need to take your money seriously. Track your spending, open a savings account, try to leave a small amount of money at the end of...


Is Buying Your First Home Really A Good Investment?

Buying your first home will always be the biggest financial commitment you make. It takes months of searching for the perfect property, followed by weeks of form filling to get the mortgage in place. Every area of your financial life will be scrutinized, and you still may not get offered an affordable rate. It’s stressful,...


The Secrets Behind Clever Property Investment

For anyone who wants to get ahead financially, property investment is a must-consider option. The reasons for this are many and quite clear even to the newcomer. Done right, investing in property can reap some significant rewards with little effort. Of course, knowing how exactly to do it right is most difficult for the majority...

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