25 Wonderful Ways to Stay Frugal and Beat Debt

get rid of itBeing frugal is always a challenge. However, the positive outcomes help you lead a better life. Therefore, we should all the time maintain frugality in our life whether it is our day-to-day essentials or entertainment activities. Given below are 25 wonderful techniques to remain frugal and overcome the curse of being indebted:

1) Use coupons prudently – Clipping couponsfor the commodities you use on a daily basis is a good idea.

2) Go for a balance transfer credit card – When you have a number of credit cards with high balances and interest rates, transfer them to one single card with an affordable rate.

3) Make your lunch at home – When you’re going to the office, prepare your lunch and brown bag it to work.

4) Raise your insurance deductible – This will help you reduce your annual insurance costs.

5) Take the bus to office – Don’t drive too often if it’s not needed. Take a bus en route to your workplace. Cycling or walking to office is not bad either.

6) Wash your clothes on your own: Don’t send your clothes to a laundry. Instead, use your home washing machine and natural detergents to clean them.

7) Stop impulse buying: Your impulse buying behavior might make you fall in debt very soon. So, get rid of it immediately.

8) Hire books and DVDs from the library: Thisalso controls your needless spending on leisure and entertainment.

9) Share your meal with others: When you are eating outside with your friends or known people, request them to contribute for the meal. In this way, you can cut down your dining costs outside.

10) Buy your gadgets online: Be it an iPhone or an android phone, buy it online to save a lot of money. Online buying always involves a lot of discounts and offers and is a more preferred option than offline buying.

11) If needed, buy used items: Craigslist is a good resource of useditems in good condition.

12) Quit smoking and drinking: This is difficult but essential to be frugal in life.

13) Learn minor house repairs: This is quiteimportant. Doing small house repairs without anybody’s help also brings a sense of satisfaction in you.

14) Stop borrowing without need: Some of us have the habit of applying for new credit cards, home loans, auto loans, and other varietiesof creditevenwhen we don’t need them. This should be stopped at any cost.

15) Don’t buy insurance cover which you don’t need: Unnecessarycoverwill onlyraise your financialdifficulties.

16) Create a sensible budget and follow it: See the areas of your income and expenditure. Set a rational budget and follow it sincerely. Try to save some money every month.

17) Plan your trips in off season: Traveling in off season is a realistic way of saving money.

18) Drive slowly and cautiously: Driving fast will cost you more in terms of fuel. You can also be booked for a speeding ticket.

19) Get sample medicines from doctors: You can always getsample medications from your physician when they get them for free.

20) Look after yourself: You should build up a consciousness of healthy living. Eat the right food, exercise daily, and maintain your dental hygiene.

21) Increase your water intake: Rather than sipping on artificial beverages, drinking water is a much better and hygienic way of quenching thirst.  

22) Be a wise shopper: Only buy things that you can’t live without.

23) Cook at home: Rather than buying expensive and junk food from outside,try to cook healthy and delicious food in your home.

24) Drink coffee at home: Your coffeemaker is your best friendhere.

25) Save on telephone costs: If you have a mobile phone, just do away with your land line phone.

Follow these tips and soon you will notice a drastic improvement in your lifestyle which will make you a better personal finance manager altogether.

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5 Ways to Be Frugal

5 Ways to Be Frugal

Being frugal does not imply that you are cheap, selfish or mean. You are only being frugal because you are trying to save for something specific or clear a certain bill. To stay focused, you have to write all your goals down and know what you want to achieve. Through a lot of commitment, you will be in a good position to meet all your goals.

1. How To Be Frugal
First of all, you should calculate the amount of all the cash that you have on hand, and how often you will receive more cash. Once you finish, you need to compile a list of all the things that you need. Then, go through it again to confirm that all of these things are actually necessities. Once you have made the confirmation, it is advisable that you start calculating the cost of the different commodities that you have listed. This way, you will know the amount of cash that you have to spend every month.

2. Start Shopping!

Look for stores that have free samples and discounts. The free samples will come in handy, and you will not have to spend a single cent on these items. By searching and asking around, you will be able to find different places where you can be given different kinds of samples. The best place that you can go to is online. Once you have subscribed to various listservs and emails (if you don’t want your email full of junk, open an account just for this), all the items will be sent to you through your mail. To keep getting the deals, you’ll have to renew the subscription.

3. Go Green!
Use energy-saving equipment. These include solar panels and energy-saving bulbs. When using a panel, you won’t have to make any electricity payments. This is because you will be getting your energy from the sun! Just.make sure that it has been installed in a place where it can be fully exposed to the sun.

4. Medicinal Cures

When buying medication, you will notice that the brand-name items are more expensive than the generic brands. If you are really trying as much as you can to use less cash every day, you should really purchase the generic medicine. They are effective, and so long as you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to heal all the same.

5. Bonus Tip
To really be frugal, invest the cash you have saved on a lucrative project, some promising stocks or at least a good savings account. This way, you will be making more cash at the end of the day. After you’ve worked hard enough, you can finally reap the rewards!

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3 Easy Ways to Get Frugal

3 Easy Ways to Get Frugal

There are a lot of things that one works hard to accomplish. No matter what your goals are, they’ll only be achieved if you are committed to seeing results. A great example is being frugal. The chances of saving a lot of money are only high if you are committed, confident and creative. All you have to do is to carefully think about a plan, then decide what you should and should not do when it comes to spending. From here on out, it’s only a matter of sticking to it!

Read these tips to guide you in your plans

1. Bills

Pay all your bills on time. By doing so, you will not have to pay extra charges. You should also do away with all unnecessary expenses. This way, you will have enough cash to have all the payments made on the day they are due and less bills to pay in the first place.

2. Budget

You have to come up with a budget. Make sure that you list everything that you cannot do without. You should then calculate the amount of cash that you are supposed to use in one month or week. Once you have it all down, you have strictly follow the budget. Only if you are true to the plan will you save any money.

3. Spend Less

Live below your income. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to spend a little more than you make each month, thinking you can pay it off later. Once you commit to this new method, you’ll be in a great position to actually save cash at the end of each month. Keep in mind, though, that if this is your only or primary method of getting frugal, you won’t see results right away. However, if you’re patient, you’ll see results after only a couple of months.

Through frugality, you will be in a good position to meet any financial goal. Maybe you need to put away more for retirement or college. Maybe you want to go on a trip down the road. Regardless, the best thing about frugality is that it’s a lifestyle choice. Like any healthy lifestyle choice, you’ll get used to your new, positive results.  This is perfect, because if you decide to splurge on a big trip someday, you’ll have the skills to save up for another trip after you’ve returned! Never stop being frugal – you’ll  be happy you listened to that little voice inside your head.

How to Keep Money in Your Pocket

How to Keep Money in Your Pocket

The economy is forcing people to pay more attention to spending. Deciding if an item is a need or a want is hard, but necessary. Nobody likes to have to choose between paying a bill or buying a collectible, it’s just a sign of the times, so to speak. Follow these plans to keep the most money you can in your pocket!

1. Plan Your Day
Taking a few minutes to plan a shopping trip can save money on gas. Decide what stores you really need to visit. If you have another appointment in the same town, try to schedule them the same day. Plan out your route to limit the amount of traveling between points.

2. Check Ads
Coupons are a major craze today. Clippers accumulate dozens of the small slips of paper each week. While it seems 50 cents off a loaf of bread seems hardly worth the effort, some stores double the value.
Gathering several coupons for multiple items can add up to great savings. There are coupons for nearly everything you buy, from food to clothing to oil changes for your car. Always keeping an eye out for sales and coupons can help you cut your retail and grocery budget by a large chunk.

3. Cook What You Have
Cooking at home is a great way to save money. Eating out is quick and convenient after a long day of
work or school, but what most people don’t realize is, that by the time they spend $20 at the drive-thru window, they could buy all the ingredients for a delicious quick homemade meal at a fraction of the price. Making dinner at home not only saves money, it gives you time with your family and is healthier!

4. Make Small Repairs ASAP
Make sure there are no water leaks around the house. Just two leaky faucets that drip once a minute
waste approximately sixty-nine gallons of water each year. Check the faucet knobs – make sure they are still turning all the way off. Sometimes the rubber washers wear out inside the knob, allowing for loose fits and letting water drip, costing you money.

5. Turn off the Lights!
Check for lights, radios and televisions left on around the house. Any plugged-in item adds an amount to your power bill each month. As with other things, the small amounts aren’t visible alone, but when kept under control, you will see the difference.

6. Impulse Buys are Evil!
While waiting for the line to move, you pick up a tabloid from the rack, see an article you want to finish and next thing, it’s in the cart. These items are placed to catch your attention at the very end of your shopping trip. Retailers know that you will have to stand in line at some point. There, the temptations begin. News about celebrities you read once and throw away. That’s costly trash. Other items are placed there to capture your attention in hopes that you will pick them up as well. To keep money in your wallet, resist the urge!

7. Simple is Key
Saving money isn’t always easy, but it can be done with careful planning, good decision making and priorities. Coupons, eating at home and avoiding impulse buys can help you keep that money in your pocket for a rainy day.

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