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What Makes FOREX Trading So Popular?

What Makes FOREX Trading So Popular? If you are not investing in the FOREX market yet, you’d better get started– there are countless moneymaking opportunities every day with FOREX, the largest and most liquid market in the world. Today, around 5 trillion American dollars are traded every day on the FOREX exchange. There are numerous...


How Forex Trading Benefits a Trader but be Cautious

Forex trading can be very beneficial and takes skill and practice to become an expert.  Forex traders utilize numerous trading tools to increase their ability to earn winning trades.  Some of the tools and strategies which a forex trader utilizes are leverage, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, technology, and the list goes on.  When trading forex...


Brief History of the Foreign Exchange Market

With the global nature of forex trading, it is crucial to first study some of the significant historical events related to currencies and currency exchange before investing. In this article, you will learn the international monetary system and how it influenced the current forex platform. The Gold Standard System The establishment of the gold monetary...


My Favorite Investments: One Year Later

I’ve only been investing seriously for about a year. So why am I qualified to write about this at all? Well, I would never call myself an investment expert, but I do have practical experience that only comes from doing. I’ve managed to make a handful of investments and gain some real money in just...


A Low Spread Forex Broker is Meant to Help all Traders

The forex trading market defines the spread as the price gap depicted by various buying and selling propositions that involve all currency pairs. The forex traders need to develop the spread before checking their trading profit. The lower spreads play a key role when the trades are drawn by the positive column. Low fixed spreads...


Forex: Is It the Right Business for You?

The foreign exchange market remains a very attractive business proposition, in spite of the fact that there are certain obvious risks involved. The chances of winning big are also there. However, those of you are who take little time in relating “big wins” or “big losses” to “luck” and “gambling”, might think once again. Forex...


Forex Trading Basics

Forex trading has become one of the most popular investments in the market today. All over the world, people are eager to jump on the bandwagon, hoping to reap great profits quickly and easily. But Forex trading is not as simple as brokers make it out to be. And many traders end up losing their...


How To Get Started In Forex Trading

How to Get Started in Forex Trading? The key to trading in foreign currencies is staying calm. Foreign exchange or forex traders speculate on movements in exchange rates, much like others would speculate on movements of stock prices. Even small exchange rate fluctuations can make a big difference to a forex trader. Market volatility is...


Understanding Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to trading, whether you are dealing in options or forex trading, you will have two different options in terms of analysis. These options are technical analysis or fundamental analysis. Many traders have experienced success using either (or both) of these options; however, some experts believe that one is better than the other...

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