Are You Really Too Busy to Manage Your Finances?

Pixabay   Dealing with the intricacies of your finances can be time-consuming. But you should never consider yourself too busy to deal with it.   Breaking free of “busy”   Here’s the weird thing about “busy”: it becomes a mindset that is hard to break free from. The fact is that people who say they […]

How Should I Finance My Child’s Education?

How Should I Finance My Child’s Education?

Image source: Pixabay   After the secondary phase, saving for education becomes expensive. Fortunately though, you’re not going to be left to your own means. If you look into all your options well ahead of time, it becomes much easier to set out a good plan for funding your child’s education. Here in Canada, we’re […]

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Finance

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Finance

We could all do with some financial advice at one point or another in our lives. But how can you be sure that the stuff you’re hearing isn’t a bunch of baloney? To help you make your decisions yourselves, we’ve collected some of the worst financial advice we’ve ever heard. So if someone tells you […]

What Happens When Your Structured Settlement Doesn’t Make Ends Meet

What Happens When Your Structured Settlement Doesn’t Make Ends Meet

There are some financial situations they don’t teach you in school. Many aspects of the adult financial life are specialized, reserved for a few people who don’t see the problem coming before it surprised them. One of these are the financial realities involved in structured settlements. Structured settlements are a way of organizing legal reparations. […]

The Great Financial Debate: How can Friends and Family help your Plight?

Ah, money troubles; arguably one of the few lifestyle factors that binds us all, regardless of social background or status. While the troubles in question may be relative and unique to each individual, we all experience situations where we struggle to balance saving with the cost of everyday living. The latter point is particularly concerning, […]

Modern Day Car Financing Options

Only a few years ago, your options for financing a new car purchase were pretty limited. Your choice was either to finance the purchase yourself using savings, a loan or a credit card or by taking out a direct car finance package from the manufacturer. These days, things are much more flexible. Of course, you […]

Three Innovative Ways to Finance Your Business

For many SMEs, securing funding can prove problematic. This issue has proved particularly prevalent since the financial crash of 2007, which saw the economy grow increasingly volatile, and monetary institutions grow ever more reluctant to lend capital to businesses that really needed it.             Image credit: It is not only […]

Present and Future of Personal Finance for Mint

Today, my Interview has been published at, after a long waiting.. I am very happy to see it online..    

How To Save More Money And Boost Your Finances

The year is 2014 and the financial climate of the world is only getting worse. More and more jobs are being cut and employers paying less and wanting more time and work from employees. The cost of living seems to be soaring and with a paycheck that doesn’t increase, many people wonder, how can they […]

What Are Some Typical Eligibility Requirements For Mortgages?

If you’ve ever been denied financing for a mortgage you know how deflating it can be. You may feel ready to move onto the next step and own your own home, but lenders don’t see you as a good investment for whatever reason, and it’s not a nice feeling at all. However, before you get […]

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