Understanding Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to trading, whether you are dealing in options or forex trading, you will have two different options in terms of analysis. These options are technical analysis or fundamental analysis. There are many traders who have experienced success using either (or both) of these options; however, some experts believe that one is better […]

Strategies for Long-term Investing

In the economic environment investors have had to endure the last 4 years, it is a wonder any can look beyond their nose to see what the long-term investment future may look like. Many investors feel as if they are simultaneously juggling a bowling ball, a cat, and a lit firework and if they drop […]

A Solution to Consider If You Really Need to Split up

Nobody enters into situations in life expecting the worst. You don’t buy a car, expecting that it will break down and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. You don’t apply and accept a job expecting that are going to fail, and possibly even get fired. You don’t decide to meet your friends at […]

Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Once again nature has proved that it is more powerful than mankind. What we propose, nature disposes and Sandy is the perfect example of it. Sandy, the largest ever hurricane (as determined by the National Hurricane Center) and the super storm to strike the Mid-Atlantic, Caribbean as well as the Northeast regions of the United […]

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