Scrapped Currency Notes Hit Indian Economy – Will it have any impact on the common man?

The midnight of 9th November ’16 will witness scrapping of Indian currency notes of 1000 INR and 500 INR following an announcement made by Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian PM. According to his recent declaration, this move is aimed at eradicating corruption and black money. A decision has been takento continue with currency notes of […]

See, I told You Bitcoin Was Volatile

Over the past year, I’ve written extensively about Bitcoin, essentially saying that I didn’t believe it was a safe investment at all. Most recently, it seemed that some people were becoming more comfortable with Bitcoin. A Canadian entity agreed to pay some of their workers with allows it as a currency. Some states in […]

A look at 10 of the most beautiful coins around the world

A look at 10 of the most beautiful coins around the world

A country’s coins reflect its history and its changing images through decades, centuries and sometimes millennia. Enduring national emblems, often birds or animals, have been modified over many years to promote the ideology of various rulers. Below, TravelSupermarket looks at 10 of the most beautiful coins from around the world: Rupee – India India is […]

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