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Save Money When Posting Your Large Christmas Presents This Year!

Save money when posting your large Christmas presents this year!

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Christmas is already an expensive enough time without you having to pay extra for the delivery of presents, but for those with friends and relatives who live far away, there just isn’t another option. This can turn Christmas from a time filled with joy to a time filled with stress.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways in which you can reduce the cost of your deliveries hugely, and this can come in really handy if you’ve got a lot of things to send, as just as prices can add up to a hefty cost, savings can add up to a rather pleasing sum. Here are some tips for cutting the cost of your Christmas deliveries.

1. Send your gifts early

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Most organised people will know that leaving it too late to send your gifts at Christmas is risky, because it’s a busy time for all courier companies, and you’ll be lucky to get your packages delivered on time. However, sending gifts early can also save you money.

If you opt for next day delivery, the chances are your packages will be put in a half-filled van. Some services, however, do not deliver packages until the van is full, to save on fuel costs (and on unnecessary journeys). If you’ve got around 10 days to spare, you can use one of these services instead and you’ll find that your delivery cost is much cheaper.

2. Reuse old packaging


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This tip is not only good for your bank account, but also for the environment.  The cost of delivery is not the only thing you need to pay for when sending packages. You also need to pay for the packaging itself, which can be quite expensive if you’re sending a particularly large or fragile item. If you open items you receive carefully and keep the packaging, you can use it later on to pack other items in without paying a penny.

3. Use a courier reseller

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When you go straight to a big brand, you’ll find that the costs are quite high. If you use a courier reseller, you’ll be able to deliver your packages for less without compromising on service quality. That’s because these sellers have amazing buying power with big companies like FedEx. They offer the services for less money and get the companies more business in return.

4. Compare prices online

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Another way of getting great service for less money is shopping around online. You’ll find that many courier services online come from courier resellers, and a lot of them will be smaller and lesser known than the leaders of the market. They’ll offer their services for less to earn more business, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less efficient than the larger, more expensive brands. You can read reviews online to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.

5. Post parcels from work

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Many companies offer a benefit for staff where they can post their packages through the company and use the company discount. The cost will then be deducted from the employee’s wages, but it will be significantly less than it would have been if they posted it themselves. It’s worth asking at work if you can do this, because it could save you a lot of money if you’ve got a lot of packages to post.

6. Make sure parcels are packed properly

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Whilst most of the time the cost of your delivery will depend on the weight of your packages, you also need to think about the volumetric weight. If your package is taking up a lot of space in the van, no matter how heavy it is, it’s going to cost you extra. Pack your parcels as tightly as you can and make sure there is no tape or packaging sticking out.

7. Separate your parcels

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Different courier companies often specialise in different areas, so if you use a company who normally deals with lighter parcels to deliver a heavier one, it might cost you more. If you send heavier parcels separately with a company who usually deal with them, you’ll probably find that they’re much cheaper to send.

8. Take out insurance on expensive items

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It might not sound like a way of saving money but it’s a good idea to have your more expensive items insured, especially if they are fragile, because if they break whilst they are being delivered, you could receive a large sum of money, or the courier company could pay for a replacement. If you don’t do this and an expensive gift gets broken in the mail, you’ll have lost out on a lot of money and your friend or family member will be short of a gift.

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Holly Williams is a writer who simply loves Christmas and, more specifically, saving money during the celebrations on everything from postage to turkeys.

Start Earning Christmas Funds Now, the Fun Way

If you think it seems like retailers are starting to display Christmas merchandise sooner than ever before, you’re right. Holiday goods have already hit the shelves in some stores and will be appearing in others shortly. Santa himself will be at the mall before you know it!

It’s not unusual for people to take on part-time jobs during the holiday season to help raise a little extra cash for Christmas gifts, but it’s also possible to start earning Christmas funds now, the fun way! Here are six suggestions to get you started:

1. Garage Sale

Most of us hang on to junk that we don’t need for sentimental reasons or just because we’re too lazy to take it to the donation center. Drag the goods to your garage and have a garage sale one weekend. Baby clothes and toys as well as other items for kids, toddlers and babies; CDs and DVDs you no longer use; framed artwork that you haven’t displayed in years; and books and magazines you’ve already read are all great items to get rid of. Don’t have enough stuff to hold your own garage sale? Get a friend or two to join in. More stuff for sale means more shoppers will drop by. You’ll get rid of unwanted items and make some extra money for Christmas.

2. TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides several different money-making opportunities. Once you register, you can get paid to take surveys or sample products. You can even refer friends to the site and get a commission on the amount that they earn. It’s a fun and easy way to make money from home, which is perfect for people with full-time jobs or busy stay at home moms.

3. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where people buy and sell handmade or vintage items. Have a passion for making soap and candles or own an antique tea set? Register for an Etsy account or sign up with your Facebook account and start selling. It’s a great way to create an online business selling the arts and crafts that you enjoy making anyway.

4. Blog Income

If you have a blog, consider utilizing pay per click advertising services like Google AdSense, selling ad space on your home page, or writing sponsored posts (paid posts) for companies that want you to promote their goods or services. You could also do a bit of freelance work for another blog or company, writing or taking photos for their website—for a fee, of course.

5. Party Plan Marketing

The success of Tupperware parties that began in the 1950s has morphed into an entire industry. You can host “selling parties” in which you sell items like kitchen goods, cosmetics, or candles (think The Pampered Chef, Avon, or Scentsy) and earn extra spending money for Christmas. It’s usually possible to get started with these types of programs very quickly. When the people who attend your party make a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale. If the party guests decide to let you host parties in their homes or become a party host themselves, you will earn commission on those sales, too. You can literally earn money while having fun with your friends.

If you’d like to start earning Christmas money now without taking on a second job, consider one of these five fun ideas instead!

Michael “Big Mike” McCaffery loves to assist people in finding the right career for them.  He works at a place he truly enjoys, Go Dish, and invites you to see some of their tweets about new products and services, as well.

Why Daily Deals make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Why Daily Deals make Perfect Christmas Gifts

The festive season is looming large on the calendar and as usual you’re scratching your head and wondering what exactly to buy for everyone this year. If you can’t think beyond the usual cycle of socks, bath salts, chocolates and pullovers with reindeer on the front, help is at hand. Daily deals can make thoughtful and individual Christmas gifts that not only save you money, but are sure to be appreciated far more than yet another tin of Highland Shortbread

The joy of using a daily deals site to choose your Christmas gifts (apart from extraordinary discounts and avoiding the seasonal claustrophobia of the shopping centre) is that you can buy not only physical gifts such as jewellery, art or electronics, but also experiences that suit your recipient perfectly and can provide lasting memories.

Buying your Christmas gifts via a daily deals site couldn’t be easier. Enter your email address, the name of the largest city nearest to where you live, the types of deals you’re interested in and you’re done. Each day you’ll receive an email containing the very best discounted deals in your local area. Now all you have to do is choose the deals that would make ideal Christmas presents for your friends and family.

One of the biggest advantages of using a daily deals site to buy your perfect Christmas presents is the sheer choice of goodies on offer. Who could resist a day of pampering at your local spa? Who would appreciate a luxury weekend break in a five-star country hotel? How about a fine dining experience, a new satnav, an Ipod, the chance to drive a supercar or even a holiday in the sun? Better still, the intended recipient for your daily deals site Christmas gift may have already expressed a preference for something they’d like; all you have to do is find it and buy it at a huge discount and everybody’s happy.

So how exactly do daily deal sites work when it comes to gifting? In the normal course of events, you’ll spot the perfect deal that you’d like to take advantage of. You register your interest in the deal and the daily deals site emails you a voucher allowing you to purchase the product or service of your choice at the specified discount when you visit the retailer.

The good news is that the voucher you are emailed can, in most circumstances, be gifted to someone else for them to redeem. If this is your preferred method of gifting it’s worth pointing out that the daily deals voucher may have an expiry date for redemption; don’t panic the majority of vouchers are redeemable for up to twelve months.

In the case of physical items such as jewellery, furniture, electronics etc. you may have the option to have the item delivered to you, in which case you can simply wrap it up and hand it over as you would any other Christmas gift.

If you’ve chosen an experience such as a weekend break, spa treatment, gourmet meal or suchlike it may be difficult to be discreet about the fact that you have purchased this gift at a heavily discounted price. As always, there is a way around this which works to your benefit! Simply announce to your recipient(s) that for their Christmas gift you’re taking them out for a meal, weekend break, spa trip etc. By sharing the gift and attending yourself you can subtly use your voucher (or vouchers) when paying the bill, and you get to enjoy the experience yourself!

As with any gift, a little prior thought can be helpful before you dive in at the deep end and purchase your well-intended daily deals site Christmas presents. If you’re giving a voucher, make sure it has a suitable expiry date and that your recipient has the means to download and print it off. Are you sure your grandparents have internet access and email?

If you’re giving an experience rather than a physical gift, try to ensure that your recipient will actually be able to redeem it; for example, it’s no use buying someone a luxury weekend break if they never have a free weekend in which to use it.

Finally, make sure that you fully understand any additional cost implications of the deal that you’re giving as a gift. Read the small print. It’s not a good idea to gift someone a luxury meal worth £150.00 if there’s a condition that they have to spend a further £75.00 on wine in order to take advantage of the offer.

These considerations aside there’s no reason why this year you can’t make your friends and loved ones Christmas gifts that they’ll cherish and remember thanks to daily deals sites. Best of all, you’ll save plenty of cash and avoid the Christmas queues. When you buy your Christmas gifts from daily deals sites, giving really is its own reward.

Article by John from Deal Zippy, a daily deals comparison site full of great cheap christmas gift ideas from the leading daily deals websites.

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