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How to Make Sure Your Car Accident Claim Has a High Success Rate

Car accidents can be a frustrating, scary, and time-consuming problem It’s important to remain calm during the entire process and keep your mind sharp. Making an accident claim can be a strenuous task, but it’s vital to help pay for repair costs, damages, and medical fees that might occur as a result. To prepare yourself […]

How to Reduce Your Insurance on Your Van

As your insurance is likely to be one of the biggest expenses incurred when you own a van? it makes sense to try and cut the cost down however you can. This is particularly important when it is used in conjunction with your business as the costs can easily mount and eat into your profits. […]

Is Nationwide’s Vanishing Deductible Option Something You Should Consider?

Car insurance innovations are possibly the greatest example of follow-the-herd mentality in the financial services industries. Whenever a leading car insurance company launches a national campaign to tout a new coverage option or feature, it’s not long before competitors are close behind like drivers drafting behind a leader in a stock car race. One of […]

Five Automotive Features That Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Having a good driving record, and years of experience, are a great start to lowering your auto insurance premiums. You can also take defensive driving classes – those should help out a lot. However, there’s more that goes into premium pricing than just your experience. Many times, insurance premiums can be dramatically reduced just by […]

Purchasing Car Insurance For The New Year

Purchasing Car Insurance For The New Year

The New Year marks a great time to double check you have the right motor insurance. As your life changes, your insurance coverage should as well, but checking your policy is often the last thing on your mind during a life changing event. The wrong coverage could leave you paying more than necessary for coverage […]

Electric Revolution In The Canadian Auto Sector?

Electric Revolution In The Canadian Auto Sector?

Industry leaders are planning for a mass influx of electric cars in Canada in the coming year. Hybrid cars were received well in the country, and aided by government rebates, saw many motorists embrace them. The same is slowly happening with electric cars, and it is anticipated that there will be at least 500,000 electric […]

5 Tips for Reducing the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is one of the rare monthly bills that you actually have some control over. To begin with, you can shop around for insurance to find the best rates. Additionally, there are certain things you can do to lower the cost of your insurance once you have it. You can’t say that about your […]

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