6 Free iOS Apps for Saving Money

6 Free iOS Apps for Saving Money

You’re probably aware that your iPhone or iPad can do much more than just keep you in touch with friends and family or help you surf the web. With these free apps, your smartphone can work for you to help you save time and money every day.

Red Laser Bar Code Scanner – An Apple app that scans a bar code and then searches to see if the item is priced less online or in brick and mortar retailers in the user’s area. If the best price for an item is through an online store, you can buy the item directly through the app and either have the items shipped to your home or arrange to pick them up through your local retailer. Red Laser Bar Code Scanner also provides detailed information on each product you scan, including common allergens that are contained in food products and product ratings from other app users.

Skyscanner – An Apple app used to find inexpensive flights. This app compares flight information and pricing from over 1000 different airlines in just a few seconds. Once you find the flight you need at the best price, you can use the Skyscanner app to purchase the tickets through the listed airline or travel agent. You can also use the app to e-mail flight information to yourself or share the flight details with friends and family. The app is independently owned and does not favor one airline over another when compiling lists of travel costs. You can search different dates and airlines to find the ideal flight for your travel needs quickly and easily.

Local Gas Prices – This app uses your zip code to provide information about the cheapest gas in your area. It is configured with gas stations throughout the United States and is working toward listings for Canada as well. The app is relatively bare bones, but it does what it says it will do by giving you quick and easy to read listings for gas stations near you. One of the interesting features of this app is that it lists prices for regular, plus, premium, and diesel gasoline at each station.

Gas BuddyGas Buddy has a few more features than Local Gas Prices that make it a little more fun to use. You can earn points toward a gas card giveaway by reporting gas prices in your area to the app. The prices listed are reported by members across the nation, which can mean that they are not always updated as quickly as the prices tend to change. The app also does not provide a distinction between the prices for credit versus the prices for cash, which can be different sometimes. Otherwise, the listings are clear and concise, and it can be fun to work with a community of other users who are interested in saving money on gasoline.

Food on the Table – An app that provides recipes and creates grocery lists on a smartphone. This app makes it easier to plan meals and then find deals on the recipe ingredients you will need to cook the meals. There are thousands of recipes to choose from. Once you choose a recipe, the app will create a shopping list for the items you’ll need to complete the recipe. Each item that is part of a local sale will be flagged so that you can find the best price for the ingredients in the recipe you plan to prepare.

Yowza!! Mobile CouponsYowza!! is a company that works directly with retailers to create deals for Yowza!! members. This free app gives you access to the coupons and special deals the company has arranged with retailers in your area based on your zip code. You can set the app to send you an alert any time one of your favorite stores adds a new coupon or sale. To use a coupon, all you have to do is show the coupon screen to the cashier so that they can scan the bar code and record the savings. You can flag coupons in the app so they are easy to retrieve at the register.

This round up comes fromĀ, a site that cares about helping you save money on life insurance.

Technology in the World of Finance

Technology in the World of Finance

Just a few years ago, financial transactions all took place inside theĀ bank. Customers would have to see tellers to withdraw or deposit money. In today’s financial world, you can do almost anything with your money without stepping into a financial institution. In fact, many financial institutions are now encouraging customers to become more high tech for their own convenience. In many cases, it is a necessity for customers to be connected to their bank accounts through technology.

Software One of the first technological advances for managing personal and business finances was software. Accounting software works well for those who like to manage their own money, see where it all went and have the ability to print reports and tax information at any time. Personal financial software is simple to use and usually provides a link to a person’s online account for real time updates and better tracking. Business financial software has gotten easier to use as well, using the same principles to track money like personal software.

Smartphone Apps Smartphone apps are a huge market in the financial world. Everything from personal finances to collecting customer payments can be found on an app. Apps are the best choice for those who are constantly on the go, because most people always have their phones with them.

Apps for personal account access are some of the most popular apps available. These apps let the customer check their balances, receive notifications of deposits and send money virtually from one account to another.

Investment apps are also great for both personal and professional use. With an app like this you can track your own investments and have access to research that can help you decide on whether to try any new investments.

Tools for Professionals Professionals in the financial world are also on top of the technology of money. With online networks, lending tools and investment apps, professionals can stay one step ahead of the game. Professionals require many of these tools due to the fast pace of financial markets. Without these tech tools, a professional could be left in the dark.

Using technology in the financial world is common and will only get more advanced as the years go by. Many people who have resisted the use of modern technology to manage finances may have to concede and learn to manage their money with smarter tools that keep their money at their fingertips.

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Android has immense popularity, and that’s caused it to be used for everything from television watching to casual reading. Its use as a financial tracking tool has only become more pronounced in the last couple of years, as developers have realized that a small device with a perpetual Internet connection is useful for investments. Hundreds of stock-related apps have flooded Google Play, but here are our top five.

Stock Widget

One of the defining features of Android as an operating system is its support for widgets, so it’s only appropriate to get started with an app that focuses on widgets. Stock Widget lets users select different stocks from their portfolio, as well as other financial instruments. Once the stocks are selected, the app is set up and ready to use. Android users just need to add the widget to their home screen in order to have at-a-glance updates on their stocks. With more than five sizes of widgets available, Stock Widget will have something to suit every investor.

Yahoo Finance

Some people swear by Yahoo Finance. It’s certainly been around for a long time, so having a dedicated app on Android is welcomed by many. Like its website counterpart, the Yahoo Finance app offers the ability to log in and immediately track a portfolio. Other data from the Yahoo Finance website, such as videos and news bits, is also available. Anyone who uses Yahoo Finance on their computer needs this app, but even users of other platforms should check it out.

Charles Schwab

Schwab customers will love using their Android app. Users of the app can access their accounts and immediately view pertinent information, such as balances and portfolios. Even better, the app provides the funcitonality to trade stocks and get real-time news and quotes about different stocks. The features of the app are almost identical to the website, making it an overall solid app. The only major limitation here is that you must be a client of Schwab’s in order to use it, but most of the features would be useless to non-members anyway.

Stocks by Dato

For simple access to stock quotes and data, Stocks by Dato is a very viable option to consider. Its interface is minimalist, making it easy to switch between different screens in the app without suffering from information overload. It has support for multiple profiles, and users of Google Finance will love that it’s able to sync up with their accounts for hassle-free setup.

Stock Alert by PocketTools

Stock Alert is an app that does what its name says: Load in a few stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and the app will let you know if their price hits whatever level you designate. It’s an excellent tool for investors who like to keep an active portfolio. Overall, the app makes it much easier to take a long or short position and then act accordingly. With its white-on-black color scheme and tabbed layout, the app is stuck in 2008 in terms of design. Still, it’s a solid app that’s been around for years, and it deserves to be in every investor’s app drawer.

These apps are ready to help make a pro investor out of any novice. Between being able to read news headlines, load up charts and make trades on the go, there’s no need for anything else. Smartphones are well on their way to replacing stock brokers.

Lindsay Weir is a corporate accountant and contributor at, a site with resources and guides to the best online accounting programs.

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps

One of the biggest issues facing America today is the economy. With jobs scarce and money tight, frugality and smart spending are some of the most important qualities that help get us through these tough economic times. Banks and financial institutions are under heavy scrutiny due to government bail outs and reckless spending. Some of the main focuses in accounting classes are how people can self regulate their own finances. Being able to understand your own financial situation and the ability to plan and adapt to unforeseen expenditures is key to financial survival.

With advances in technology Americans no longer have to rely on the old pen and paper work of balancing a checkbook. The ability to have instant up to the minute information about your own financial standing and other economic information really makes the sagging economy easier to handle. The following is a list of the top 3 financial applications you should have on your smart phone or mobile device.

  1. Personal Finance App
    The Mint app is by far the best financial planner available on the market. It’s free, and can track any different financial accounts you add on it. It has real-time updates of your bank accounts and bill payment notifications. The application allows the user to place monthly/weekly spending limits and can send text messages when that limit is reached. The Mint application also can notify the user when excessive spending (based on set information) or unrecognized spending has occurred. Along with financial goal calculators, and loan pay off planners, the Mint app is a necessity on every phone and mobile device.
  2. Paypal App
    If you have ever purchased anything off of you know the most accepted form of payment for items is Paypal. What is not quite as well known is that Paypal is very popular accepted form of payment on many websites. The Paypal application lets users send money to people, pay for items online, transfer money between accounts, find local businesses that accept Paypal (which you can then use your phone to pay for), and also take photos of checks to have them deposited into the account. Paypal also is a safe, convenient way to pay. If there are every any issues with purchased product Paypal has wonderful support and usually can get your money back.
  3. Square App
    The square app is perfect for anyone running a small business, or anyone needing to accept payment from someone. The square application is free to sign up for, and has an optional attachment that plugs into a headphone jack. The attachment allows any credit card or debit card to be swiped for payment. The screen then allows the payer to sign their name so the payment can be processed. The app can also be used with the attachment, so you can enter in a credit card number instead of swiping it. Since not all of us have taken accounting courses, there are options to allow for tax and tipping, and has easy deposit features to transfer payments into a user’s bank account. Square is the go-to app for anyone who needs to accept payments ranging from an up-start company to a family garage sale. Being able to accept credit cards instead of cash only increases purchases and allows the user to be able to tap into markets normally unavailable.

Garrett Holland graduated with a degree in Criminology and Psychology from UC Irvine.

8 Great Apps for Managing Personal Finances

8 Great Apps for Managing Personal Finances

Spending money is easy. Keeping track of the money in our accounts is the hard part. In today’s digital world, much banking is done online. Many people take advantage of banking technology by having their paychecks automatically deposited into their accounts each month. Others sign up for automatic bill pay for all of their monthly bills. These modern conveniences make it easy to keep up with our finances. However, if we don’t always see the cold, hard cash leave our wallets, it can be too easy to overspend or not be aware of all our purchases. With tax season approaching, many people are flailing to gather receipts and account for yearly spending. Get your finances in order with the help of one of these apps for your smartphone.


This free app for Android, iPhone and iPad devices lets you keep track of your entire financial life in one spot. Receive alerts when bills are due, track your monthly budget, or create savings goals. Easily access your financial information in graph form.


Pageonce is a versatile app, available for all smartphones including Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. View your finances on user-friendly graphs and charts, receive alerts when bills are due, or program the app to warn you when you are about to overspend.


EasyMoney is an app for Android users only. It features a wide range of tools to keep your entire financial life in order. You can track all of your spending by category. It has the ability to photograph receipts or check registers, allowing you to keep them organized with the rest of your finances. You can try it free for 30 days.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money works with iPhones and iPads. This thorough app leaves no financial stone unturned. Enter every amount spent, or you can set it up to track those monthly expenses that never change. Purchase the Photo Receipts plug-in to easily input your miscellaneous spending. Desktop versions are also available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


This app for the iPhone allows you to set up a budget and helps you stick to it. You can view all of your accounts in one place and set it up to receive alerts when bills are due.

Gift List Budget Shopper

This iPhone app is for those who love to shop. The app will help you budget for gifts you intend to purchase, plan shopping trips, and help you search for products via the Internet. There is even a feature for tracking greeting cards.

CheckPlease Lite

CheckPlease Lite is a simplistic app for iPhones. The app can divide the guest check evenly when you are dining out with friends and calculate the tip. It is available in four languages and currencies.


This app organizes all of your monthly bills in calendar format so you can easily see what’s due, how much and when. Use BillMinder for iPhone or iPad to always be on the same financial page as your spouse or other household members. The app will sync with multiple devices, so you can all access the same up-to-date information.

Smartphones open up all sorts of new possibilities for managing and handling your personal finances. Take advantage of these to stay organized and save money. Visit four more helpful Money-saving tips.

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