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What should you know about travel insurance for terrorism?

Are you scheduled to visit a country which has recently experienced a terrorist attack? If yes, then you should acquaint yourself with travel insurance for terrorism. In fact, every other traveler, irrespective of which country he or she is traveling to must acquaint himself/herself with this particular coverage. Here are a few facts learning which might turn out to be useful for you.


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All about travel insurance for terrorism

Now, it is very important to know that most of the insurance carriers would actually wait for the U.S. State Department to publicly declare that a particular attack is a politically motivated terrorist attack. And, once it is done- the travel insurance schemes can cover travelers after purchasing insurance but before they travel. You can also avail it to cover risks during your trip.

Here is a look at the ways in which these plans work

You buy the cover before your trip. You are on your way to a different country and you can ask the insurers if they are covering the particular city/cities you are visiting or not. A bomb explodes in the city you’re scheduled to visit. The state department declares it as a terrorist attack and you might want to cancel your trip to the city. In this scenario you can either secure a full refund of the prepaid trip cost or get a credit enabling you to rebook for a future trip- as per the terms and conditions of the plan bought by you.

Now, there is no point of getting all angsty with the credit option instead of cash. You need to read the fine print thoroughly before you’re actually securing an insurance cover. You can only expect full coverage on trip cancellation only if your insurance cover mentions so. Every insurance plan (of the one we are talking about here) should contain a portion which clearly documents the reasons that are covered if you need to cancel or delay your trip. The trip cancellation portion, in short, should be read very thoroughly.

Now, a plan covering risks of an attack during your trip works a bit differently. You might as well escape a terrorist attack in a foreign land unharmed. If you want to come back home as soon as you can, the travel insurance plan will compensate additional expenses designed for transportation on your way back. The expenses, needlessly to say, are not covered by the prepaid trip costs.

Please note that you are not likely to be covered if the city you are to visit is under threats of attack but has not been attacked yet. If the insurance plan does not mention the city you’re visiting, then you will not be compensated even if it is attacked.

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Insurance

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Insurance

As a traveler, you’re likely often faced with the option to purchase travel insurance. Many of us pass it up, giving any number of excuses – it’s too expensive, it’s not relevant, it won’t be used since we aren’t missing this trip for anything. Yet, the truth is that many people pass up buying travel insurance simply because they don’t understand their options or how to make the most of the insurance. Here are things you probably didn’t know about travel insurance that you should consider the next time you have the option to purchase it:

Concierge service is often part of the deal.

You might be willing to risk having to paying for emergency medical care or replacing items in delayed baggage, but the money isn’t the only reason you should consider travel insurance. Many companies selling travel insurance have an awesome concierge service, so with a single phone call you can find the help you need quickly, even if you’re stranded in a foreign country. They can help you find a new route if you miss your flight, send a car for you if you’re sick at the hotel room, and otherwise assist when your plans go awry. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the native language.

You can save money on travel insurance if you travel often.

Most of the time when we’re asked to purchase travel insurance, it’s while booking a specific trip. If you travel often, however, you can save tons of money by purchasing annual insurance instead. Many annual travel insurance plans do not cover you if you cancel a specific trip, but you can add that individually as you book if needed.

Travel insurance usually covers weather situations when nothing else does.

If your vacation is affected by weather, there’s usually nothing anyone can do to help you. Airlines, cruise companies, and other travel services rarely often refunds and sometimes may not even be obligated to offer you future services, like a later flight. Even if they can, you might not be able to reschedule your vacation. Because no one controls the weather, if you don’t have travel insurance, you’ll probably be out of luck.

If you shop around, travel insurance is quite affordable.

Buying travel insurance can be expensive if you purchase it as you’re buying your tickets. Travel insurance is available from a number of sources, though. Often, the insurance offered as you’re checking out after purchasing plane tickets or booking your hotel room online isn’t the best deal out there. By shopping around, you can find fantastic insurance prices, allowing you to purchase a package when you at first may have thought it to be too expensive. In any case, a travel insurance plan sure beats thousands of dollars in expenses if something goes wrong during your vacation or business trip.

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