making cleaners frugally

Spring Cleaning Your House Frugally and with Ease

making cleaners frugallySpring has arrived, at least in my part of the world it has. And with that comes spring cleaning.

I typically rebuff all methods of cleaning, it’s one of my least favorite activities to do. However, the other day I was looking around and noticed that my window sills were pretty dirty. I also have children with allergies. I think it’s safe to say that this place needs a good spring cleaning.

I’m not a fan of expensive cleaners that are usually full of heavy fragrances. Therefore I went on a search for some frugal cleaners and since I’m fairly lazy, some short cuts too!

All Purpose Cleaners

One of the best cleaners that I have used around my house is a mixture of hot water, vinegar and bit of dish detergent. I put it into a spray bottle and use it to clean everything from the counters to the stove to the commode.

This is a great multipurpose cleaner for the kitchen especially. Wash down your cabinets where the grease collects from cooking or dip a sponge into the mixture, place it into the microwave and let it cook on high for a minute, allow it to cool for a few seconds and then use it to wipe down the inside and outside of the microwave.

Window Cleaners

Nothing frustrates me more than wiping down windows and mirrors only to have streaks left on the surface. Frugal and easy ways to fix this problem include using coffee pot filters or newspaper to wipe the surface. Spray them first with a mixture of vinegar and water. I have even heard that vodka works well too but vinegar is a more frugal option.


There are many ways to disinfect the surfaces in your home. Regular bleach works well, dilute it into a squirt bottle of water and spray on the surfaces. If you do not feel comfortable using bleach to clean in your home then other options include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol.

All can be diluted in a spray bottle with some hot water and then used on surfaces like counter tops, shower walls, doorknobs, faucets or any surface that collect germs.

Floor Cleaners

Vinegar wins with this one too! Just pour some into a bucket with hot water. Like anytime that you use vinegar, the smell will be strong initially but it will lessen quickly. Vinegar is great for cutting through grease or wax that previous cleaners have left behind.


My favorite way to dust my lamp shades is with a lint roller. Just roll it around the shade gently and any dust that has collected will come right off. This can also work on window blinds and roller shades (if they aren’t also greasy).

If you need to clean the dust off of a silk plant, wrap the bottom of it in a plastic bag or garbage bag and stick it into the shower. It will wash the dust right down the drain.

If you have plastic lamp shades, you can wash them in the shower as well. Glass globes from your ceiling fixtures can be put into the dishwasher (try using lemon powder drink mix to wash the globes and dishwasher or just hot water with vinegar in the rinse aid compartment.

Spot Cleaning

If you have clothes that have grease stains on them (those spots that look wet but aren’t), rub some dish washing detergent (I think Dawn works the best but there are many others that could work just fine) on them and let it set for a few hours then toss in the washing machine.

If you have a white shirt with a stain that you just can’t get out, lay it in the sun. If the stain is especially stubborn, spray some spot cleaner on it while it’s sitting out in the sun. Works every time!

Hydrogen peroxide also works great for cleanings spots in your clothes, especially blood and dark stains from berries.

With just a few items you can clean your home frugally and with ease. Add them to your shopping list the next time you are at the grocery store. You’ll feel better using items that are natural and your budget will have a bit of extra room too.

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