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Speculate to Accumulate: Investments For Service Business Success

If you own a service business, then you need to be aware of which areas you need to invest in to ensure that you are as successful as possible. Of course, you will need to balance the cost of these with the value that they add to your company. But don’t be afraid of a little speculation for some accumulation, if the intent is to improve your chances of commercial success.

The Service

Most commercial companies offer either a product or a service. In fact, that is what they are designed to do. To offer a product or service that folks need at a cost that covers the company’s overheads and allows for a profit margin. That is why it makes perfect sense that the first thing that you should invest in the service itself.

If the service you’re offering isn’t up to scratch, you are just going to make your own and everyone else’s life, a lot more difficult. This is because, you will have unhappy customers, disenfranchised staff, and a poor reputation.
That is why it’s so vital to put some time, and financial resources into developing your key services, so you can deliver exactly what you claim to. Otherwise, You are just building your empire on the foundations of sand.

Your Staff

Of course, once you have polished your services to offer the general public, the next thing on your list needs to be an investment in your staff. The staff is often an underrated aspect of success in the business world, therefore they don’t always get the attention and investment that they deserve.

Investing in small things that can help to boost morale, like training and socials gatherings. As can providing a development budget for things that don’t directly link to work. Such as playing a musical instrument or learning martial arts. Activities like this help, because people feel happier about their work-life balance, which in turn helps them to work harder and more effectively at their jobs.

Keep in mind that the “rise of the robots” isn’t here quite yet! So service business still, pretty much relying on humans to make things happen. Therefore it is still very prudent to invest in this resource.

Customer Service Skills And Conflict Resolutions

Another area to invest in, that can boost the success of your business is training. Especially in customer service skills and conflict resolution. These skills are vital to having a proactive service company rather than a reactive one. But why does that matter?

It is because the proactive companies that give the customer what they want before they have even realized it that they want it. It is these companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, and have the clearest path to financial success.

Remember too, if you can resolve complaints and conflicts where everyone comes out satisfied, you will also encourage great feedback and trust scores online. Which is becoming more and more important for commercial success in the current business market.

IT Training

Now if you are running your company without any IT at all, then you are a). Not going to be reading this, and b). In a very small minority. Most commercial ventures, whether they are one-man bands or large multinational corporations, rely on IT to a large extent.

That is because processes can be streamlined, overheads slashed, and communication made instant. But how much time and money do you think your company loses, because your employees don’t know the best ways of performing tasks on their computers.

At the most basic level, how many hours does your company lose because not everyone in the office can touch-type? All those little mistakes add up. The same goes for even the most basic of tasks like running queries in Excel or your databases. Not to mention the more complicated features of any custom design programs that you may be running.

Then there is the issue of online security and using only secure lines of confidential work matters. For all these reasons it is vital to invest in IT training for your employees. Just remember to make it specific to the sort of jobs they will be working on, for you.

Surety Bonds

Something else that you need to consider investing in when you are aiming to be a successful service provider is surety bonds. Remember that your reputation is business is everything, so you want to be able to have ‘licensed and bonded’ next to your name. This will help customers be able to put their trust in you.

This trust comes from the guarantees like the ones available from Meadow Brook surety bonds. This ensures your customers will be compensated if you don’t complete the job.

Therefore they know that they can recover their losses if you mess up. So they are going to feel a lot more confident in going into partnership with you. It’s not exactly insurance but functions like insurance on your contractual promise.

Office Space

Something else that you should consider investing in is a space that functions as your company headquarters like an office or building. This can help your reputation as you will have somewhere to hold meetings and that your clients can visit.

However, if you are concerned with the cost of this, you can choose to use flexible office space, booked just for important events and meetings. Then have your staff work remotely. This will save on overheads, while still giving you a professional appearance.


Lastly, another area in which it is wise to invest when you are running a business is your company branding. This is usually comprised of a logo, font, and color scheme that is consistently used across all company correspondence.

Branding your business in this way can help your customers identify you, as well as help you stand out from competitors. It also feeds into the appearance of being trustworthy and professional which is such a vital factor for long-term service business success.

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