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Solar Brokers Canada: Ontario’s Solar Power System Brokers

North America is leading the way in a global solar energy revolution. As countries around the world honor their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incorporate more reusable energy sources into their power supply, the green energy sector has been able to reap the benefits of incredible growth. Data released earlier this year from the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research found: “U.S. solar power grew by 6.2 gigawatts in 2014, a 30 percent increase over the previous year and representing nearly $18 billion in new investment,” this as reported by Daniel Cusick and ClimateWire.

The steady growth is part of a five-year trend that has seen solar energy production increase along with the steady decline of solar panel prices. With solar panel installation costs decreasing across the board, experts predict the boom is here to stay. “Since solar costs are beating those of competing energy sources, there are expectations of a boom in demand — and it’s going to be a global solar boom. GTM Research predicts that solar installations will triple to 135 GW annually by 2020,” Travis Hoium wrote for USA Today.

With a global boom forecasted, there is bound to be a rise in companies that sell solar panel systems and do-it-yourself solar panel kits. However, like any new industry, it can be hard for the consumer to navigate, thus highlighting the importance of solar brokerage firms. These are companies that employ experts who can advise homeowners and business owners on the lengthy and often complicated process of assessing, acquiring, and installing solar panels.

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) is the Canadian national trade organization representing the solar industry. While they are a not regulatory body, their existence helps maintain a high standard of quality and service within the industry. CanSIA members include solar panel manufacturers, installation companies, and brokerages. One of those companies is Solar Brokers Canada, the leading solar brokerage firm in Canada.

Solar Brokers Canada was established to facilitate and consult consumers throughout the solar power system acquisition process. Solar Brokers Canada is committed to excellence and employs a strict vetting process of all key players within the industry for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

Since the company’s inception, Solar Brokers Canada has been able to establish itself as an industry leader; the company attributes its success to a strong business strategy that benefits both its clients and the industry partners they work with. The company’s Chief Operations Officer Joseph Barker says Solar Brokers Canada’s mandate is to “create a unified standards program that ensures transparency and quality for the end consumer.”

This dedication to excellence and transparency has not only benefited Solar Brokers Canada as a company but has also raised the bar for the Canadian solar industry as a whole. “We work closely with clients to understand their long-term vision and goals,” Joseph Barker said. “With a variety of choices for technology, implementation, financing, and ownership, our clients value our experience in creating customized solutions allowing us to structure their investment to mitigate risk and generate worry-free returns.”

As deadlines quickly approach for applications to various feed-in-tariff programs around the globe, the growth in the solar sector is expected to continue and even expand in developing nations that are starting to implement green grids of their own.


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