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Social Media: The Wrong Venue For Complaints

Social Media

Social Media can be used in many positive ways. It can be effective in connecting with friends, spreading information, and discovering new products or services. When it comes to voicing complaints, however, social media comes up short. While a majority of companies believe social media improves their brand image and customer loyalty they are failing to reach out to those who have negative feedback. In fact, according to a study one in four retailers never respond to customer questions on their Facebook wall. What’s even more surprising is that two in five companies deleted those questions regardless of whether they were answered or not. This gap in what consumers expect and what companies are providing causes dissatisfaction and frustration. Other means exist however to put forth complaints. Some online services allow you to issue your complaint and then follow up and contact the opposing party to make sure it is resolved.

This infographic was designed by PeopleClaim.com. PeopleClaim is an online alternative dispute resolution website allowing you to resolve your dispute with a company without having to go through expensive legal systems.

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