Smoking Cigarettes or Vaping: Which One Will Save Me Money?


Do you smoke 4-5 cigarettes every day? Is it costing your money as well as your health?

Now, there is a better way to deal with nicotine cravings. Vaporizers or e-cigarettes can help you deal with the cravings in a healthy and non-addictive way. Moreover, they are also a lot more economical than buying a pack of cigarettes every four days. Not to mention, the hazardous health effects of regular smoking.

Depending on where you stay, a pack of cigarettes will cost you anywhere from $5-$12. Monthly expenses on smoking can reach up to $50 or more in some heavy smokers. This post is intended to help you understand what vaping is and how it can be more economical than smoking traditional cigarettes.

What is vaping? How it is different than smoking a cigarette?

To answer your question, a vaporizer contains a juice having ingredients like PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), artificial flavor and Nicotine. PG and VG both have been approved for ingestion and inhalation by medical professionals all over the world. Here is a study that shows how inhaling these chemicals is safe and might also benefit someone who has undergone lung transplantation.

Instead of inhaling tobacco filled smoke, with a vaporizer you inhale a water-based substance known as ” aerosol”. It looks like steam and contains some fine particles in it. Since, 2017, the vaping device has reached US markets and is now rapidly becoming popular across the country. Vaping devices like pens, e-cigarettes, and MODS are getting more popular among smokers.

Compared to smoking a traditional tobacco-based cigarette, vaping is not as enjoyable as it contains natural non-psychoactive substances. There is no reason to get high by inhaling a vapor. Some people do not like the fact that an e-cigarette does not possess the social benefits a traditional cigarette has to offer. Smokers are used to sharing lit with a stranger they meet in bars or sitting down with co-workers for a smoke break. So, I have to agree that vaping does take away the fun part of smoking.

Will replacing a traditional cigarette with a vaporizer or an e-cigarette save me money?

The amount you save depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Let’s be conservative and say you smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day. A pack contains 20 cigarettes. So, you smoke 2 packs a week, 8 packs a month and 96 packs a year. So, your total annual expense on smoking is roughly $1152.

On the other hand, if you switch to vape pens, the device will cost you around $35– which is a one-time investment. By the way, Vape pens are great for beginners who want to try out vaping without spending a fortune. Coming back to the expenses, you also will need to replace the coil every week and buy vaping juice once or twice a month.

A coil costs somewhere between $1-$5, and a 160ML bottle of vape juice costs around $18. So, your monthly expense on coil and vape juice comes down to $444. So, with vaping, you save around $708 annually.


Look, I am not trying to convince you to quit smoking and join the e-cigarette revolution. There are still several studies going on to prove the efficacy of e-cigarettes. But as of now, it seems like the right thing to do. You get to save money, stay away from a cancer-causing substance like tobacco and not have your breath smell bad.

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