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Saving on Technology

Saving on Technology

Our dependence on technology creates the illusion that we always need the newest, shiniest, and most expensive new toy. Unfortunately, this is many times a fallacy. Many of these new products that we line up around the corner for, are just as useful as other products that can be obtained for cheaper prices. In addition, the technology we buy can have a profound effect on the services that we use to power our devices. Here are some ways that you can save on the technology you need, while maximizing your ability to enjoy them.

Saving on Technology:

One obvious way to save on technology, is to understand what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean that is the one you need, many times the expense of a product is driven by the market, and by bells and whistles meant to make you believe you can’t live without it. By understanding your needs, you can avoid spending money on useless features that you’ll never be able to fully enjoy. For instance, if you don’t take a lot of pictures, you really don’t need the smartphone with advanced picture taking and editing abilities.

images2Televisions, provide us endless entertainment, but buying a television for the wrong reasons can leave your wallet in a world of hurt. It can be fun to learn and talk about all the new features, but the truth is many television manufacturers have televisions with the same specifications for lower prices. It is possible to get the same features for less money, as long as you’re willing to shop around a little bit. Additionally, these products can cost just as much to fix, as it is to buy a new one. By getting a good deal, you can save money for when you’ll need a new TV again.

Many people, especially new college students, experience the need to get a top of the line laptop that will last them all throughout college. However, the life of a computer is much more predicated on how well you treat your device. Frequent virus scans and maintenance will help extend the life of your computer, and keep it running smoother. The longer you have it, the more money you’ll save.

Possibly the most prominent place we see technology users flock to the newest, most expensive is in the world of smartphones. “The next big thing” is a phrase heard in many smartphone advertisements, but many times this next big thing, is really a small feature in the grand scheme of things. For example, a smartphone that displays information on the edges of the phone. Do you really need that? Is it really that difficult to pick up your phone and look at the screen? Many would argue no, and that’s why they are saving money on their smartphones.

How this Affects Service Providers:

The more money that is spent on the actual devices, the less money is left over to pay for the service that is needed to use it. An expensive TV means less channels you’re able to afford, expensive laptops inhibit your ability to add extra software that you’ll need, like Microsoft office. Too much money spent on smartphones could decrease the amount of data you’re able to buy on your service plan, which would defeat the purpose of spending that much on a phone.

This can also work the opposite way, if you decide that the expensive technology is the best for your lifestyle, then purchasing cheaper services will save you money for technology. For example, the programming DirecTV Los Angeles offers can both help you save money for technology, and cut down on money spent on service providers. This allows for TV users to get the most out of their devices, as well as their TV service; helping to be more entertained and overall happier with their customer experience.

Knowing what you personally need out of your technology, as well as what you’ll need to power your device can help save money, and ultimately get the most out of the technology that you spend hard earned money on. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to conduct thorough research of any product or type of product before purchasing, as prices can vary from place to place, and device to device. Spending all your money on expensive, shiny new gadgets limits your ability to pay for their service. What’s the point of great technology, without great service?

The best advice when it comes to buying technology, is to not get caught up in advertisements. Of course you think you need it, that’s the whole reason they say what they say. However, through your own research you can weed out, what you need and what you don’t.

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