Saving on Energy Bills during Winter: It’s all about being Judicious

Apart from the climatic extremities, winter brings along a host of other concerns. And, one of those major concerns is the rising electricity bill. Needless to mention, we dread this time. The energy bills seem to skyrocket practically without any rhyme or reason. However, being a little judicious in this regard would actually help you cut off your bills a little. Browse through the post in order to secure a few handy tips to save on bills during winter.

shutterstock_223147579Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable Thermostats are considered to be a great way to save up substantially as it allows you to work all day long without requiring the heat to run. Users can program the thermostat to maintain 60 instead of 70 — so that they are left with the right amount of heat when they come back home— not in excess nonetheless comfortable. There is simply no reason to invest extra heat.

Steer clear of fireplaces

Experts advise against using a fireplace as the primary source of heat. Sealing off a fireplace is even better than using the fireplace as the supplemental source of heat. It is important to ensure that the cold air is not leaking in from outside. In case of natural gas fireplaces, make sure you are switching off the pilot light.

Try and get new bulb

Getting new bulbs can help you reduce your electricity bills. The environment friendly ones can be of significant help in this regard. So try to invest in them instead of in the cheaper ones. The former ones last longer, use up lesser electricity and prove more economical in the long run than the latter.

Try to lower water heater to around 120-125 degrees

There are several water heaters which are automatically set at 140 degrees. Needless to mention, if the temperature is set at around 120 degrees then the correspondent amount of fuel required for heating the water will also reduce.

Sealing off duct work makes for a potent way of saving energy

Besides sealing off fireplaces, seal off ducts as well. It is hailed as the best way to conserve energy. The intersections and joints of the ductworks should be sealed with silicone caulk in order to prevent the leakage of hot air in to the crawl space or attic. The gaps might even end up drawing in cold air in to the rooms! So it’s important take measures accordingly.

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