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Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Sandy – Monstrous Wind, Rain, Floods and Fire

Once again nature has proved that it is more powerful than mankind. What we propose, nature disposes and Sandy is the perfect example of it. Sandy, the largest ever hurricane (as determined by the National Hurricane Center) and the super storm to strike the Mid-Atlantic, Caribbean as well as the Northeast regions of the United States had the widest diameter of about 940 miles. It is almost double the diameters of other disastrous storms in the recent past, Katrina and Irene.

Sandy damages – An overview

This devastating super storm, Sandy, has caused enormous damages to the Northeastern part of America including New England area, East Cost and farther inland. To name the states seriously affected by Sandy, I must include New York, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Apart from densely populated cities, the tidal surge, heavy winds, intense rainfall and snows have significantly damaged the national parks. An estimated damage of $20 billion to $55 billion has been caused by this tropical cyclone.

  • Loss of life – It is still unknown how many lives are unaccounted for. But approximately 76 people died when the storm stroke as per the report by The storm claimed 28 lives in New York, while the number is 6 in New Jersey. The death toll is expected to rise to 145. Most of these deaths are the results of surging storm, cold weather and downed electrical lines.
  • Disarray and debris – The entire Atlantic Coast along with the New York City is inundated with a moonscape of shattering disarray, disorder, panic and debris. Millions of households in all 17 states (up to Michigan in west) are still waterlogged and out of the reach of any sort of modern communication. Most of these states were without power for many hours. Transit system, especially in New York has been completely out of gear. Sandy-affected individuals as well as businesses are struggling with burned houses, waterlogged houses and loss of power. On the other hand, the cyclone has brought about 3 foot of snow to some places in both Maryland and West Virginia leaving people without electricity. Sandy-struck people are in need of basic help and supplies.
  • Economic loss – The super cyclone is likely to put crimp in the economic growth of the country by keeping aside about 2 million people away from workplace. The physical damage owing to Sandy is expected to surpass estimated $50 billion including insured losses of almost $20 billion. And further losses are still being ascertained.

See Sandy’s activities between 28th October and 31st October.

Sandy damages – State by state

Superstorm Sandy has crippled entire East Coast and Northeastern part of the country. Now let’s have a look at state-wise damages (in brief) caused by Sandy.

  • New York – This is the state that has been affected the most. Highest number of fatalities (22) has been reported in New York City. 80 houses were destroyed. Almost 2 million people were without power.
  • Connecticut – Death toll is reported to stand at 2. Almost 477,000 are without power though it has been restored.
  • District of Columbia – 1461 households were without power that has been restored. Bus and rail services were disrupted.
  • Delaware – 7853 households were without power and being restored.
  • Maryland – The death toll stands at 2. 122,000 households were without power and being restored.
  • Maine – About 16,000 customers didn’t have power in their house, but it has been restored.
  • New Hampshire – Flood warning was in effect for Saco River till Wednesday. About 81,000 customers stayed without power.
  • Massachusetts – 108,000 households were without power.
  • Ohio – 151,000 customers including individual households and businesses were without electricity. The state was affected so badly that it needed about 400 crews to be dispatched to clear the debris.
  • New Jersey – Motorists queued in front of gas stations, while others stood with red canisters for refill gas.  Nearly 6 people have been killed by Sandy. Rail service has been damaged so badly that it may take a couple of weeks to be restored. This state faced maximum power outages. Over 2 million customers stayed without power.
  • Virginia – Sandy killed at least 2 people in this state. 55,000 customers stayed without power. Virginia has experienced heavy snowfall.
  • Pennsylvania – Death toll in the state stands at 3.  Almost 897,000 customers were without electricity.

I could cover only a little percentage of damages caused by the superstorm Sandy. However, practically, the damages are enormous both in terms of money and lives. Although Sandy’s heartbeat has stopped, yet affected people and businesses have still to face an unpleasant reality for coming couple of months, a year or even more.

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  • It goes to show just how powerless we can be to the forces of nature. These people had a week to prepare and most didn’t. Loss of life was so high because they didn’t evacuate. It’s amazing.

  • It’s sad to see what all these people have to go through right now. In fact I hear they are about to get slammed by a nor’easter tomorrow which could cause a lot of problems for them again.

    I also agree with Dave’s comment as well. Warnings were sent out way in advance and it still amazes me as well how many people didn’t evacuate. Anyways great article.

  • I experienced this kind of forces in the Philippines 2 months ago. It wasn’t a storm neither a typhoon, its just a Southwest Monsoon yet it still made a devastating effect in the country for just 3 days. It just simply means that the changes in our nature is getting worst, we all should be prepared everyday because we’ll never know when it will visit our home. Be safe Everyone!

  • I think nature is one of the forces we fear the most because it’s one of the only ones that we as humans have no control over. All we can really do is prepare for the worst. Mother nature can be brutal and I feel lucky to be living in a country where we have good resources to protect ourselves a little from such disasters. Other countries aren’t so lucky.

  • Storms are very stressful! Last year I experienced a hurricane for the first time in my life when I was in Virginia Beach, VA – Irene 2011 if you remember.. thanks God it was not that severe as Sandy! Great overview Jonny!

  • Goes to show that there are things that are beyond us and that for real there is a supreme being. May God’s grace be with all those people who have been affected with hurricane Sandy. Don’t ever loss hope.

  • As a personal finance blogger, I strongly intend to pass the message of being safe always in the life. Whether it is individual or family, required precautions like protection through right insurance is mandatory for those who are living in panic areas.

    Prayers to the god for those are victims of this natural calamity and join with their grievances…

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