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Reviews for Blog Carnival #1

Reviews for Blog Carnival #1

Blogging is a popular profession and it often proves to be an effective moneymaking tool. Read on the reviews of the recent posts made by the top 20 bloggers:

Mark presents DIY Investor Profile – Susan Brunner posted at My Own Advisor. Here the blogger puts some questions to Susan Brunner, a successful Do It Yourself investor, about her experience in investments in dividend-paying stocks. He elaborates how Susan became a DIY investor, how she owned dividend-paying stocks, what attracted her to dividend-paying stocks, her opinion on indexing and bonds, her favorite books on investment, how she learned from her mistakes, and investment tips she will give to the young investors.

Kris presents Life Lesson Learned From Fruit Cocktail posted at Everyday tips and thoughts. Here she discusses the importance of scarcity in decision making, citing the example of a fruit cocktail. The article says that people will want to pay different prices for the same product because the perceived value of that particular product and the sense of satisfaction of buying that product also differ significantly.

Andrew Hallam presents Rich, Smart….But Dumb posted at Andrew Hallam. The blogger stresses that saving money in banks and not getting overwhelmed with debts reduces our anxiety and makes us happy. However, most people don’t know that there is a limitation to becoming wealthy and money can’t solve all their social problems.

101 Centavos presents Gardening Interlude: Catch Cropping posted at 101 Centavos. Here the blogger discusses handling garden pests with an innovative technique known as catch cropping. This is particularly helpful when the garden is distant from your home and a useful technique for planting crops that can be used as bait for ravenous pests in an organic garden.

Roshawn Watson presents Is Social Mobility Fact or Fiction? posted at Watson Inc. Here the blogger expresses doubt about the potential opportunities of social mobility in developed nations like the USA and other countries. It also focuses on the importance of wealth in social attainment research.

The Grouch presents Bogle on Future Stock Market Returns posted at The Biz of Life. Here the blogger has uploaded a video that airs the predictions of Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard. He made these predictions about the stock market returns in the future where he says that stocks will grow at 5% and outclass bonds in the long run, and it is grounded on the present valuation of stocks.

Sam Dogen presents Overcoming The Price Hurdle To Find Value And Succeed posted at Financial Samurai. Sam says every one of us needs money to make money and recognizing value is important for getting opportunities. The value of time is not the same for all of us and recognizing the value and achieving connections is the surefire way to become successful.

Dave presents Free Online Business Courses Helping with Personal Finance posted at 50 Plus Finance. The blogger discusses the usefulness of three free online business courses that helps us enhance awareness about personal finance and retirement planning which is important for securing our financial future. He mainly highlights three courses – Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning- University of California Irvine, and Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting- Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Aaron Hung presents The Cost of the 0845 Number posted at Aaron Hung. Here the blogger discusses the 0845 number which is used in the United Kingdom to make mobile telephone calls at just three cents (US) per minute. He also focuses on the benefits of owning this number from the commercial and marketing point of view.

I am 1 Percent presents Woman: If You Want Equal Pay AND Want To Be In The 1 Percent, Consider This Profession posted at I am 1 Percent. Here the blogger emphasizes the profession of pharmacy which is the third-highest paying occupation for women and the eighth-highest paying occupation for men in the United States. The profession comes with excellent remuneration and lots of benefits for women and they are finding it increasingly attractive.

Kevin presents 10 Reasons You Are Still Poor posted at Invest It Wisely. The blogger here discusses that poverty is not just a state of being; rather, it is a state of mind. It does not matter whether you are from poor family background or your parents are poor, your will to become rich can make you really rich. He has also delineated the reasons why people become poor.

Jonny presents Tips For Reducing Credit Card Debt posted at Knowing Your Debt. The blogger has talked about the tips and advice that can help us lower credit card debt, which is one of the major high-interest debts that make our living truly difficult.

Little House presents Bad Choices or, Bad Luck? posted at Little House in the Valley. The blogger firmly states that there is no such thing called bad luck. We rather give some excuses for our mistakes, not doing the right thing at the right time, and not managing our financial circumstances aptly. Three exhibits have been given to corroborate the blogger’s belief.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter presents The iPhone 5 And An Environmental Wake Up Call posted at Prairie Eco-Thrifter. The blogger here has tried to inform the readers about the harmful aspects of the newly-launched iPhone 5. The post is regarding the up-gradation of all the iPhone-supported devices and televisions where a large number of equipment and parts will be subject to disposal and there is no chance of recycling them.

David presents How to Save Money When Making Your Home Green posted at Save A Little Money. The blogger and personal finance writer have let people know the techniques of saving money when they are taking initiatives to create an eco-friendly kitchen for their home.

Nick presents When is the last time you bought something new? posted it at Step Away From The Mall. In his blog, he stresses buying old goods from Goodwill Industries and other shops selling these merchandise. Nick says that a significant amount of money can be saved through this and it is really a worthwhile means of frugality that helps reduce credit card debt.

Paul presents How to Save on Calls with VOIP posted at The Frugal Toad. With the advent of the Internet, many things have changed including the mode of our communication. Here he discusses the techniques to save money on Voice over IP or VOIP calls that we often make with the Internet from various gadgets.

Miss Thrifty presents My Five Top Money-Saving Tips for Students posted at Miss Thrifty. In this blog post, she elaborates on saving money by students through five realistic tips. She also stresses being debt-free as much as possible during student life.

Maria presents Why comparing your budget to this of other people is a really dumb thing to do posted at The Money Principle. She states that comparing your budget to that of other people is not always a wise thing since your needs and wants and financial outlook are different from the other people.

Christopher presents Tips for Organizing an Effective but Frugal Home Budget posted at This That And The MBA. Here he familiarizes us with the techniques of creating an efficient and frugal home budget which is necessary for steadying financial situation and demonstrates financial circumspection and a sense of responsibility.

Sudipto presents How to Negotiate on Your Salary at Current Job posted at One Cent At A Time. The blogger discusses being confident and adopting certain negotiation techniques with the management for attaining a raise in the pay package. He emphasizes being open-minded and driving away from the apprehension of being laid off.

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