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Real Property Remains a Solid Investment

Real Property Remains a Solid Investment

Investments in real property are generally considered solid options because they build equity over time. Land titles are tangible proof that the holder possesses something of value. However, it is crucial for property owners to acquire property at the right price to make sure that the investment pays off given time.

Property Assessment Defines the Price

When it comes to real estate, valuation is never random even when bidding wars ensue for highly desirable properties. Property assessment is both a science and an art. It is a science because solid numbers, historical and current data are used to come up with the property’s value.

Valuation metrics may take recent sales of comparable properties into consideration. It may also factor in local economic conditions and business initiatives that would impact property values.

There is some creative input involved when it comes to property valuation. Intangible factors and subjective considerations will come into play when choosing which recently sold properties to include as comparable sales to compute for property value.

Uses of Property Valuations

The valuation metrics used will vary depending on the type of property and purpose of the valuation. Assessment of real properties can be the basis for setting market price when selling a home. In this case, it is important to use reliable values culled from prices of similar properties that recently sold within the same market area. This determination becomes an issue in a down market when few properties are changing hands. Property assessment can also pose a problem for unique properties that have few comparable estates within the area.

Property valuation is undertaken by the local taxing authority to determine property tax for the upcoming year. In this case, the considerations will include improvements made on the property and on surrounding public and private properties. The current market climate will also come into play in the analysis of values. In any case, sale price valuation will usually differ from taxable valuation.

Property Search in a Digital World

Property ownership has played a big role in the fortunes of many families throughout history. Ownership of real estate is the core of the prototypical American dream. Land titles have been a source of pride, family feuds and financial skullduggery.

Fortunately, technology has changed the way property is acquired, exchanged and analyzed. Record keeping is mostly digitized, as are detailed maps of populated areas. Property searches are automated, making information accessible to anyone with access to the Internet. Access to information has improved decision-making on the part of buyers, sellers and their agents.

The accuracy and timeliness of market analysis and the resulting valuation has improved with easy access to up-to-date reports. In addition, application software capable of crunching statistics into usable reports have leveled the playing field for buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

The prevalence of portable digital devices reduced the time it takes to complete a transaction from property search to closing. Social media energized the marketing aspect while improved communications made transactions more transparent.

Technology has transformed the business of buying and selling property making it more efficient and productive for all parties involved.

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