Make sure your possessions are covered against theft and damage.

You arrive at your new student accommodation, excited about the prospect of living away from home for the first time. Your new housemates are great, your new place is right at the heart of student life and there is a massive buzz about the place. Everything is starting off so perfect, so let’s keep it that way.

You have just waived goodbye to your family, a sobbing mother, a doting father and a younger brother who can only talk about making your old room into a games room. As you sit down and begin to unpack, all you can think about is getting out and partying with your new friends. But there is one last thing you need to do before the fun begins.
Look around you and add up how much everything would cost to replace. The new Laptop your father bought you for passing you’re A-Levels, the IPod Nano you got for your birthday and your most treasured possession, your mobile phone. You could easily add up thousands of pounds worth of items. What’s more, because of the rich pickings that lie inside, student accommodation is a favorite target for thieves.

The property fittings and furniture will already be covered by a landlord insurance policy, so its now time to find your own level of insurance.

What Insurance do I need?

To cover your own possessions you will need student contents insurance policy and finding it is easy. Visit where you can compare hundreds of providers and make sure that all your personal possessions are covered against, theft, fire or damage.

Here are some key points to look out for when taking out an insurance policy.
· Timeframes – You need to find out what is covered and when. So policies will cover you all year round, whilst some will only cover you during term time.
· Underinsurance – If the worst happens and you have to claim on your policy, the last thing you want is to find it doesn’t meet all your costs.
· Reduce the risk – Ask the landlord to install window locks and an alarm, this will help reduce what you have to pay.
· Away from home cover – Make sure your provider protects those items you would take with you when your out an about. IPod, mobile phone etc.
· Bicycles – If you are a keen cyclist or just need a bike to get to and from your lectures, check your insurance covers bikes as not all of them do.
There are several insurers that offer policies specifically for students. The National Union of Students recommends Endsleigh Insurance, which allows people to ‘pick and mix’ their policy, adding individual items to make sure everything is covered.
This will minimise the cost of the insurance premium as it will cover the bare minimum and not everything you own. However, it’s worth remembering that cutting back on cover can prove to be a false economy if you are burgled and uninsured items are taken. So decide what you can and cannot afford to lose and get your insurance policy sorted today.