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Paperwork Problems? Here’s What To Store, Shred & Save Online

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Over the years, you can often find yourself jam-packed with paperwork. Even when you’re vigilant, and you try not to hold onto things for any longer than you need to, the paperwork can pile up. But when you have work and business, personal and private paperwork to deal with, it’s not surprising that you can find yourself swimming in it. But, you can often find yourself thinking enough is enough and wondering if you really need it all. In short, the answer will be no, you don’t. Not all of it anyway. 

Receipts: Store

Not everyone will keep their receipts, and there isn’t always a reason for you to do this. However, if you are self-employed or run your own business, holding on to your receipts may only be natural. But, after a while, you may find that you just don’t need them. Especially if they aren’t business-related or you no longer have the item you purchased. You should definitely look to store any business receipts, even for up to six years, or receipts for big purchases that you have a guarantee with.

Banking Information: Shred

Years ago, you would have felt the need to keep every piece of banking information that you have. But nowadays, that isn’t always necessary. In fact, you may not even get sent much paperwork anymore. You may want to keep any tax, investment, or pension information stored safely somewhere, but anything else can be shredded. If you should need statements or any information in the future, you will find that you can request it from the bank. It’s often safer this way.



ID Documentation: Store & Save Online

Then you’ve also got some of the more sensitive and definitely important information to cover off too. When it comes to your ID documentation, it definitely needs to be kept safe. But you can do this in person and only. Whether it’s your driver’s license, passport, or even ID card, keep everything safe. You can also do an Aadhar card download should you need to keep it safe. Try to keep these pieces of information under lock and key if you can.

Household Bills: Store & Shred

When it comes to your household bills, as with your financial information, you may feel inclined to keep it all for years to come. Some things you may need to, especially if you need a record that you’ve paid. But anything else you can shred – especially if it’s years old. Then, you should look into ways to organize your bills to keep everything safe, neat, and tidy going forwards.

Education & Work: Store

And finally, there’s also your education or work information too. Whether it’s detailed on employment or school work, or even transcripts, this is the kind of stuff that you may want to store. When you want to look back at your work or projects over years to come, you’ll be glad you kept it. So find somewhere safe to store it all away.

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