Five ways to save on your dental care

Visiting the dentist is a major expense, especially if you have a whole family’s teeth to take care of. Even in the UK, where most healthcare is free, you still have to pay for dental appointments and treatment. In fact, a recent survey has found that many people are putting off getting their teeth checked […]

3 Financial Tips for Young Adults

3 Financial Tips for Young Adults

Being a young adult is such an exciting time in life as new found freedoms and responsibilities arise. The pursuit of careers, relationships, first house, and FUN are on the priority list and financial decisions at this point in life can be crucial to financial success throughout life. Let me assure you that if you […]

The Five Most Common Tax Deductibles for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

In the wake of the credit crunch and many years of erosion of the old job-for life culture, more and more people are coming to the conclusion that there are no longer any advantages to be had working their guts out for someone else. Instead, self employment and setting-up your own business are becoming increasingly […]

Should I choose an IVA or bankruptcy?

A lot of people who find they have no way of repaying their unsecured debts in full face a choice between an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) and bankruptcy. Both forms of insolvency can help to free struggling borrowers from unmanageable debt problems, but there are key differences between the two that you should understand before […]

Three Reasons Your Car is So Expensive to Insure

Several factors are used by car insurance companies to determine how expensive your policy will be. Some of those factors are things you have no control over, like your age and gender. Other factors are based on the type of car you drive. Insurance companies are interested in nationwide trends that show accident rates and […]

Tricks to combat impulse buying

Think before you buy. Easier said than done really. As most people find the urge to splurge quite hard to resist. Impulse buying is a dangerous habit and is the cause of needless debt. So how exactly do we avoid this trap when we are but mere humans, constantly subject to sale posters and marketing […]

5 Rules of Credit Card Management

5 Rules of Credit Card Management

Most people have a love/hate relationship with credit cards. While handing over that little piece of plastic feels painless at the  time, once the harsh reality of minimum payments and skyrocketing interest rates begin to sink in, all fun and games come to a sliding halt. If you follow 5 simple rules of credit card […]

Keep Your Finances In Order With Some Money Saving Ideas

Keep Your Finances In Order With Some Money Saving Ideas

FinanceWand has some great financial tips and ideas but I was mulling over some ways of simpler ways that we can all save money in the home. I’ve put together a list of simple money saving ideas. These will help to keep your outgoings down and leave a little more cash in your wallet for […]

How To Be Debt Free

The credit boom and subsequent credit crunch of the last decade has left many Americans with an overwhelming level of debt that they have no real means of ever paying back. And this will no doubt have been a contributory factor in the 20 per cent rise in personal bankruptcy filings witnessed during 2010. And […]

How To Avoid Insolvency

Personal insolvency is the umbrella term for any circumstance where an individual has insufficient money available to make their loan repayments as they fall due. It’s a precarious position to find oneself but has become increasingly common over recent years, with over 135,000 individual insolvencies in England and Wales during 2010 alone. Insolvency is not […]

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