How to make a nest egg from your empty nest

Every parent knows the mixture of feelings that occur when children leave home. There is happiness that they are independent adults and perhaps a little sadness as well. After all, your life has revolved around them for so long. Now though, you are free to do what you want. With the financial burden lifted, you […]

The Economy and Personal Debt

The UK economy appears to have finally escaped the spectra of recession, but growth remains low.  The latest snapshot from the National Institute for GDP indicate a slowdown in month on month growth, which it said showed a “picture of continued weakness in the UK economy”.  Austerity cuts, increasing energy bills and higher fuel costs […]

Martingale Strategy in Forex

If forex traders were told that there exists a 100% profitable trading strategy, most of them would treat this information quite skeptically. However, such kind of strategy really exists, and it is called martingale. It was devised for gambling chiefly. As far as gambling is concerned, martingale refers to any gambling system in which the […]

Probate Fees Explained

The process of probate is a complex one, and something that many people worry about. There are a lot of possible probate fees to worry about, and the probate cost can be crippling to many people, especially considering that the issue of probate is something that only comes up during an incredibly traumatic time. What […]

Thinking about becoming a landlord?

With the current demand of rental properties being high and each available home having around 5 tenants competing for each one, the potential investment for landlords has also increased. Many people are struggling to get together a mortgage and even when they do, there just aren’t any decent properties around. Therefore, people will rent before […]

Credit Card Defaults Hit New Low

Five out of six major credit card providers in the US have reported further reductions in credit card debt. Overall credit card debt stood at $785 billion at the end of March, according to the Federal Reserve. Figures for April show only Bank of America with increasing debt balances with approximately 1 in 12 in […]

Protecting Your Credit During and After a Divorce

A divorce will, most likely, affect every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, your finances are not excluded from this. While many people understand that the legal proceedings of a divorce can add up quickly, some neglect to consider the other financial complications that arise due to a divorce. If you are like most couples, you […]

Four Debt Relief Tips For Twenty-Somethings

1. Waste Not, Want Not! While an occasional indulgence for yourself or treat for your loved ones would only be expected, the abominable credit card debt loans facing borrowers around the country (and especially the youngest citizens) call out for a more steadfast resolve toward achieving a debt relief that will endure.  Too often, folks […]

What Is the American Dream in 2011 and Beyond?

The American Dream has always been coined as the dream of home ownership. Owning a home, raising a family and being able to do the things one wants whether it be family vacations or investing, has always been that ideal for many Americans. In fact, the ability to create your own life and to live […]

How to pay for DIY

Some people will have been saving hard to finance a DIY project with the intention of paying it all up front. Depending on the amount available to invest and how accessible funds need to be on a short term basis will depend on the options chosen for saving. Bank and building society savings accounts, an […]

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