Top Five Least Stressful Medical Jobs

Top Five Least Stressful Medical Jobs

While most people think that holding a medical job means receiving a hefty paycheck every end of the month, they also know that working in a hospital or any medical facility means having to work round-the-clock, being on-call even during the ungodly hours of the night, all while having to deal with irate patients. And although this general description of healthcare workers is rather accurate, luckily, there are jobs which aren’t as stressful as one would think.


According to a list of 200 least stressful occupations by CareerCast.com, audiologists topped that said list. In charge of treating patients with hearing loss, audiologists work closely with physicians and speech pathologists, and are often found as part of a medical team. In order for one to be an audiologist, one must have a graduate degree and it’s even common for audiologists to have a doctorate level degree.


Also known as nutritionists, dietitians may not exactly be like the celebrity chefs we see on TV but they come close enough. With a healthy job demand and competitive compensation, being a dietitian is a job that does not require one to work nights. Dietitians should have a bachelor’s degree and some even go on to pursue a master’s degree.

Dental Hygienist

Making it to the fifth spot of the list of least stressful jobs, dental hygienists rank third on the same list reserved only for medical occupations. Job outlook for dental hygienists is outstanding and a healthy demand for this job is expected to continue all throughout the next few years. Most dental hygienists take home an average of $67,000 for tasks that include doing routine cleanings, taking patient x-rays, and assisting dentists with various dental procedures.

Speech Language Pathologist

What’s great about being a speech language pathologist is the fact that you do not have to be stuck in a hospital or clinic. These individuals are able to work in schools as well as medical offices. The only catch is that you need to be a master’s degree holder in order for you to work as a speech language pathologist.

Occupational Therapist

Listed as the ninth overall least stressful job and fifth in the list of solely medical job, occupational therapists are responsible for helping rehabilitate individuals who have undergone accidents, surgeries, and various disorders. They interact with patients of all ages and teach them various skills which will allow these patients to function more autonomously.

Sarah Rawson, the writer, is interested in various topics which includes travel, pharmD programs, and degree in pharmacy.

The Importance of Blogging In Order To Earn Revenue Online

The Importance of Blogging In Order To Earn Revenue Online

I will never forget what one of my friends posted on my facebook wall the other day, it was so profound; it read like this,

“A business that does not have an adequate online presence will certainly find its rightful place in the dustbin. More so, a business that is boasting of online presence without embracing skills in internet marketing is simply pouring water in a leaking can.”

This is so true especially when you think of the number of websites and blogs that are online. As you are aware, you have to get more people to visit your blog in order to make more money.

Before we get to how to earn revenue from your blog, let us see why blogging is import. The reason most top earners recommend creation of blogs is because with a blog you can market yourself with ease.

Blogs have a way of increasing your online presence and thereby boost your earning. The one reason that make blogs are powerful is because of content generation.

The internet was created to share information thus the more content you generate the more people will visit your site. Is there an area you are an expert in? If the answer is yes then you can share what you know on a blog and earn revenue online.

The beauty with blogging is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is a good computer and internet connection and you are good to go.

One thing about blogging is that the more you generate content the more traffic you attract. This will happen since search engines will be picking and listing your publications in their search results.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yes but there is a catch. You have to know how blog in order to optimize your content for top search engine listing.

Do not also forget that the better your content is the more people will share your articles on social sites thus helping your content go viral.

Most bloggers do one mistake and that is to write for the sake of it. I would rather you share one post a week than write everyday articles that do not have any impact.

Make sure you put your all in every blog post you publish. Research well and ensure you share epic content that will make jaws drop due to level of information.

Originality is also very imperative when it comes to blogging.  You should post content that cannot be found anywhere else but on your blog. This will ensure your content stands out and more importantly search engines will love you.

Below are some ideal strategies to help you come up with amazing and epic content:

Write about controversial topics:

Everything in life has its pros and cons. All you have to do is to post an article that goes against the grain on certain set of traditions.

The minute you come up with opposing views you will ignite debate and that will for sure send traffic to your blog. But for this to bare results, you need to research in order to have your facts right.

If by any case your findings are illegitimate and misplaced, you may land in big trouble and in the process harm your online reputation.

You can also take another approach of writing positive things about issues that people view as negative. This style of writing will always endear you to your fans thus help you generate traffic and earn revenue on the internet.

Set high standards:

Make certain that every post you submit on your blog meets the standards set for quality blogging. Here we are talking about avoiding spelling and grammatical errors.

There are free programs such as Microsoft Words or paid programs like Grammary or Whitesmoke that you can use to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

With well crafted articles you will be sure of enhancing your online presence and thus make money blogging.

Write reviews:

If you want to earn money blogging then one of the best strategies is writing product reviews. The advantage of reviews is that you will be generating unique content.

Reviews also act as testimonials that will compel readers to produce their credit cards. Most affiliate marketers use this strategy to generate content that will convince people to make a purchase.

For instance, if you have a blog about fashion you can come up will articles detailing about new trends hitting the market. In addition, you can write on upcoming events.

Stephen Kavita is a dedicated blogger who passionately shares content on how to market on the internet. His blog is a one stop shop for epic content and resources regarding working from home online business.

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Android has immense popularity, and that’s caused it to be used for everything from television watching to casual reading. Its use as a financial tracking tool has only become more pronounced in the last couple of years, as developers have realized that a small device with a perpetual Internet connection is useful for investments. Hundreds of stock-related apps have flooded Google Play, but here are our top five.

Stock Widget

One of the defining features of Android as an operating system is its support for widgets, so it’s only appropriate to get started with an app that focuses on widgets. Stock Widget lets users select different stocks from their portfolio, as well as other financial instruments. Once the stocks are selected, the app is set up and ready to use. Android users just need to add the widget to their home screen in order to have at-a-glance updates on their stocks. With more than five sizes of widgets available, Stock Widget will have something to suit every investor.

Yahoo Finance

Some people swear by Yahoo Finance. It’s certainly been around for a long time, so having a dedicated app on Android is welcomed by many. Like its website counterpart, the Yahoo Finance app offers the ability to log in and immediately track a portfolio. Other data from the Yahoo Finance website, such as videos and news bits, is also available. Anyone who uses Yahoo Finance on their computer needs this app, but even users of other platforms should check it out.

Charles Schwab

Schwab customers will love using their Android app. Users of the app can access their accounts and immediately view pertinent information, such as balances and portfolios. Even better, the app provides the funcitonality to trade stocks and get real-time news and quotes about different stocks. The features of the app are almost identical to the website, making it an overall solid app. The only major limitation here is that you must be a client of Schwab’s in order to use it, but most of the features would be useless to non-members anyway.

Stocks by Dato

For simple access to stock quotes and data, Stocks by Dato is a very viable option to consider. Its interface is minimalist, making it easy to switch between different screens in the app without suffering from information overload. It has support for multiple profiles, and users of Google Finance will love that it’s able to sync up with their accounts for hassle-free setup.

Stock Alert by PocketTools

Stock Alert is an app that does what its name says: Load in a few stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and the app will let you know if their price hits whatever level you designate. It’s an excellent tool for investors who like to keep an active portfolio. Overall, the app makes it much easier to take a long or short position and then act accordingly. With its white-on-black color scheme and tabbed layout, the app is stuck in 2008 in terms of design. Still, it’s a solid app that’s been around for years, and it deserves to be in every investor’s app drawer.

These apps are ready to help make a pro investor out of any novice. Between being able to read news headlines, load up charts and make trades on the go, there’s no need for anything else. Smartphones are well on their way to replacing stock brokers.

Lindsay Weir is a corporate accountant and contributor at BestAccountingSchools.net, a site with resources and guides to the best online accounting programs.

Facebook’s Challenging Environment

Facebook’s Challenging Environment

Facebook’s meteoric rise from dorm-room-prank to one of the world’s most valuable companies (based on recent valuations) has been well documented. The website is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and in February of 2012, Mark Zuckerberg, the famous CEO of Facebook, announced that the Company had filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an Initial Public Offering. Facebook seems poised to capitalize on its success and its soon-to-be inflow of fresh capital, but is it all tailwinds for the company or does it face considerable headwinds as well?

Competitors Want a Piece of the Pie
Competition from other social media companies, including the up and coming Google+, could affect the profitability of Facebook. If users choose to migrate to other social media sites, Facebook’s current staggering usage rates (845 million active users a month) could drop dramatically, and with fewer users come lower income from advertisers.

Contentious Relationships with Advertisers?
Advertisers have an uneasy relationship with Facebook due to Facebook’s culture of putting users first and promising privacy. Regardless of whether in fact privacy is protected, advertisers are not convinced that Facebook is the best venue for their advertising dollars. If advertisers find the grass greener with other social media they may walk away from Facebook, reducing profitability.

Monetizing Mobile
Another challenge in the ongoing battle to retain advertising income is the fact that mobile technology, including smartphones and tablets, are increasingly the access point for users of Facebook. Currently Facebook does not put ads on its mobile applications. These devices, with their smaller screens, make it harder for advertisers to access screen space with effective ads. As users increasingly ditch their PCs and laptops in favor of mobile devices, advertisers may lose interest in trying to develop postage stamp size ads.

Google’s Android
A bigger issue with the mobile device market is the uncomfortable fact for Facebook that they do not control the technology for many of the new and up-and-coming mobile devices, especially the Android platforms. If advertisers choose to link up with other social media providers who have better relationships with the developers of apps and technology for these devices, Facebook could well find itself shut out of this emerging market altogether.

Will Monetization Trump Privacy?
Privacy, always a concern online, will be more difficult to control as ownership and control of Facebook goes public. Internet users, increasingly aware of and wary of the uses advertisers hope to develop from their personal data stored online, are rightfully anxious at the thought of what it means to their privacy when the number of shareholders of Facebook stock run to the millions. Who will control and have access to that data, and how secure will it be? If Facebook loses the trust of its users, they will flock to other media sites they perceive as more secure and respectful of their privacy.

Bye-bye Employees?
Of more immediate concern to Facebook, it is foreseeable that the creators and employees of Facebook who have made it the giant it is today may well leave the company once they become wealthy from the IPO. For those whose compensation packages have included stock options over the years, the temptation to cash in, retire and kiss Facebook goodbye may be very tempting. If many of these essential employees choose to leave Facebook, the site could find itself with a leadership, talent, and expertise vacuum that would be hard to fill, becoming a victim of its own success.

Welcome to the Patent Wars
Litigation from other platforms such as Yahoo could also impact the profitability of Facebook. Yahoo has stated in no uncertain terms that they will not shy away from litigation if Facebook balks at paying licensing fees for use of proprietary technology owned by Yahoo. This means potentially expensive patent battles tying up Facebook for years to come.

Global Challenges
Internationally, Facebook is in the same boat as all internet sites; they are at the mercy of governments who may decide that they don’t want the social media giant available within their borders, and decide to shut down access. For some countries this could be for political reasons, but giants such as India and China may well decide they would rather leverage their huge population numbers into homegrown social media sites that they create and control, and Facebook would be entering risky territory if it tried to interfere.

Clearly the growth of Facebook, phenomenal to date, will likely slow in the future, as users move to other social media and new providers come on the scene, and as owner of competing media and technology flex their muscles in the market. Facebook does not own or control the advertisers, technology developers, and governments who allow for its success. Success breeds enemies, and the success of this IPO in dollars may cost Facebook its continued existence.

David Nance is a freelance writer for EverSpark Interactive, an Atlanta SEO company that utilizes a full suite of marketing practices to maximize the return on their clients’ investment.

5 Words Every Blogger Should Know

5 Words Every Blogger Should Know

Blogging has become incredibly competitive and lucrative, so there’s no better time to increase your portfolio of knowledge and skills. Go ahead and put the dictionary back in your storage facility in Columbia, MO. Committing the following five words to memory should help any blogger to evolve:

Niche—A niche is basically a micro-community. Every subject or category has niche components to it and the successful blogger will find which niche communities he or she can best market that material in. Honing in on a niche requires a more focused message, but that can help to shape your content in positive ways.

Pingback—Also known as ‘trackbacks’ or just ‘pings,’ a pingback is a form of linkback that alerts you when someone links to your blog or post. Automatic pingbacks are very popular on sites like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Hashtag—A hashtag is the # symbol on Twitter and is used to position your tweets into certain categories and niche lists. Using hashtags can be an excellent way of getting your posts retweeted, which can exponentially multiply how many people see your material. You’ve probably seen the hashtag symbol on TV, where Tweets have become one of the most popular manifestations of social media.

Blogroll—A blogroll is a part of a blog or website, usually on the sidebar, that contains a list of other sites or blogs with links to them. They are very useful, because they lend your blog more legitimacy. If you can get your blog listed in someone else’s blogroll, it can boost your page rank. Blogrolls are also good ways of organizing references and partner sites.

SEO—Okay, technically this is three words: search engine optimization. It may well be the most important thing a blogger can understand. SEO is the process of making your site or blog rank higher on Internet search engines by inserting keywords and links. It also involves elements like pingbacks and blogrolls, as your goal should be to get as many inbound links to your blog as possible. SEO is vastly more complicated than just this definition. In fact, books have been written on it, which is exactly why you should know what it is.

If you’re a blogger, it’s time to start polishing up on your vocabulary. You may not be studying for the SATs, but the blogosphere world of Internet marketing is just as challenging.

Does God Hate Divorce?

Does God Hate Divorce?

As Western society in particular has become more secularized during the 20th century, the religious stigma surrounding divorce has decreased some. Yet in some particular faith communities and traditions, divorce is still considered to be totally unacceptable. It’s sad, but true: even in our enlightened, supposedly more understanding age, families are still literally being asked to leave a church because of divorce proceedings.

For those holding such a view, God hates divorce, and anyone who would consider it a viable option does not have strong enough faith. As such, they are a danger to others in that faith community, and so must be expelled and left to their fate as divorcees. Since the whole family unit is tossed out, even children, who did nothing to cause the divorce, experience the bitter venom of exclusion. Of course, religious leaders in those communities would simply claim that they are relying on the authority of the Bible and its proclamations regarding divorce. But is this really true? Does God hate divorce?

This particular church ethos and general stance towards divorce has a few root causes and explanations. One cause is primarily sociological. If one were to examine the type of religious communities that espouse and practice such a strict stance toward divorce through the lens of anthropology and sociology, certain patterns might emerge. Many of these communities are very conservative politically and theologically. Though this is certainly a generalization, these communities often highly value uniformity of thinking and have strict, albeit unwritten, codes of behavioral conduct. There are a great deal of unspoken agreements, social contracts, if you will, that govern what is and is not appropriate to do and say.

In this type of social environment, divorce, as with other deviations from the norm, is extremely discouraged. One of the primary reasons for this is that an action such as divorce threatens the leadership because it represents a contrary view to what is taught to be the accepted norm. In more conservative churches, there is little room for differences in opinion and worldviews, because there is usually an established right and wrong way of viewing a particular matter. But how exactly did divorce come to be understood as wrong in these types of faith communities?

The main reason that divorce is considered to be wrong is because many in these communities are biblical literalists, which means they believe that the meaning of Scripture is plain and that the words of the Bible should be taken at face value. Biblical literalists usually don’t inquire into the meaning of Scripture in terms of how it relates to the particular historical or religious context to which various proclamations on divorce were directed. Nor do they accept various ranges of interpretation of phrases originally in Hebrew and Greek. For example, the Scripture cited suggesting that God declares that He hates divorce is Malachi 2:16. Yet translation of the Hebrew there varies widely among scholars. But even if the meaning was absolutely clear, most biblical scholars and theologians would urge extreme caution on drawing a one-to-one correlation between what the intent of that verse was in its original religious and historical context to our contemporary context.

But the question remains, in spite of how various religious communities interpret various passages of Scripture: Does God hate divorce? I propose that there is no one correct answer to this question, but that there are many that fall incredibly short. One way to address this question is to take it out of the debate regarding the meaning of marriage and divorce in Scripture and to look more generally at the whole arc of the Bible. Throughout all of the Old Testament, God wrestles with a people who are unfaithful to Him, but that He chooses to love in spite of their failings. In the New Testament, God comes to the world as Jesus and declares that the meaning of existence is reconciliation, to forgive and be forgiven.

But Scripture also acknowledges the extreme state of brokenness we find ourselves in as people and as inhabitants of a world filled with strife. The Bible does not sugarcoat the fact that relationships go sour, that people wrong other people in shocking ways. It doesn’t take a divorce attorney to tell you that the reasons people have for divorce are many and sensible by any reasonable standard. And in all that, from all I’ve studied, read, and thought about the person of Jesus, the God-man that Christians hold up as the definitive source on living and being acceptable to God, I can’t ever imagine him saying something like: Verily I say unto you, you must continue on in a soul crushing, abusive relationship that prevents you from living the life God intended you to have.

If your religious faith is important to you, you need to work out your own answer to this question. The important thing is that you come to terms with the meaning of divorce for you in your own life, which may or may not include what any particular religious tradition teaches. Seek out the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney to assist you with the legal aspects of divorce, and discuss your spiritual and religious concerns over divorce with friends you trust. In time you will discover your own answer, and that will be very valuable as you move forward in life.

Three Things About My Finances I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

Three Things About My Finances I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

As we move through life, we sometimes find ourselves thinking about what we would have done differently if given the chance to do it all over again. One area that I find I think about most is in relation to finances.

Although little can be done today about the what-if’s of yesterday, if I had the opportunity to teach my college self anything, it would have to do with how to better handle finances. It really is true that the decisions we make early in life, can have a major effect on how we live in the future.

Stay Out of Debt

The best piece of advice I would give to my college self would be to stay out of debt. It seems that college students are prime targets for credit card companies. The lure of easy money and the ability to purchase things without actually having to have the cash available to do so is a hard temptation to resist. If you must have a credit card, click here first to compare interest rates and terms.

Credit card debt, however, can lock you into years and years of increasing payments if it isn’t put under control immediately or better yet, not entered into at all. Many students today are leaving college with debt from both student loans and credit cards putting them already behind the 8-ball before they even earn their first real paycheck. Therefore, it’s important to steer clear of debt. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending the next decade or longer just trying to pay it off.

Start Saving Early

Although saving money is the furthest thing from most college students minds, it is essential to get into the good habit of setting at least some money aside on a regular basis. By initiating this habit early in life, it is likely that you will continue to practice good savings habits throughout your entire life. And this is essential if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement or even before.

Nobody ever said that you had to wait until you turn 65 to retire. And, by starting to save money early you could very well have the opportunity to retire at an age much younger than 65. A nice nest egg will give you the choice of how and where you want to live and the first step to getting there is to begin saving at an early age even while still in college.

Purchase a Home

As a college student, buying real estate was nowhere close to being on my radar screen. In fact, even the idea of renting a small apartment was iffy. Back in those days, though, it was certainly great to have my own place – even though, unfortunately, it really wasn’t my place.

The apartment I rented belonged to my landlord and that landlord collected rent from me, as well as all of his other tenants month after month after month. Because of that, I helped my landlord build equity in his property and to move closer to owning the property free and clear.

Over the years, I’ve realized that if only I had purchased my home earlier in life, I too would have equity built in that property and would likely be very close to owning the property free and clear.

One reason that many young people shy away from purchasing a home versus renting is that they feel they don’t have enough money saved for a down payment. But, with today’s first time home buyer deals, coupled with low interest rates, owning a home could be much easier than you think. If you are able to lock into a low fixed rate mortgage, you may even end up paying far less in mortgage payments than you would to rent an apartment that is owned by someone else!

For those who are in college today, the financial picture in the economy is far different than it was in the past. But there are still great opportunities out there to save and invest – while keeping yourself as far away as possible from debt.

When not writing finance articles for blogs and online publications George Gallagher helps graduates find student loan consolidation with not-for-profit credit unions.

Finding the Silver Lining in your Black Friday

Finding the Silver Lining in your Black Friday

Since the seventies, the day after Thanksgiving has been referred to as the biggest shopping day of the year” all over America. Black Friday marks the opening day of Christmas shopping season, and like most big horse derbies, unsurpassed amounts of people come out of the wood work with little to no patience and ready to spend all their savings in a day. In more recent years, the term Black Friday has come to be associated with early alarm clocks, tired arms from carrying heavy shopping bags and early onset BAH-HUMBUG’s.

But Black Friday is not as dark and ominous as it sounds. It is an opportunists dream where in one day, you can get early access to the seasons coolest and most sought after gifts. This is also a good way to spread your holiday spending out across a 30 day period, as opposed to doing all your shopping at the end of December when you’re likely to be entertaining more and working less. Don’t be deterred from getting your shopping done early because of ghastly department store campouts and fatherly fist fights in toy stores. There are plenty of ways for you to gear up for Black Friday so that you have a smooth and successful shopping experience without spending your entire savings.

Do Your Research
On a day like Black Friday, being prepared is everything when it comes to planning the most stress free shopping day of the year. Prior to your Thanksgiving feast – and subsequent tryptophan induced coma – spend a few days researching the various gift options for your loved ones. There are plenty of “trendy gifts” out there – past examples include Beanie Babies, Playstation, and GPS systems for the car – that you may want to find at your local store before heading out blindly.

Additionally, there are probably some more unique gifts from specialty stores you will want to consider purchasing. However, with smaller stores there is usually less of a chance to receive a Black Friday discount of sorts, so you can reserve those stores for other days when the crowds die down and there are less cars on the road. I suggest calling ahead of time to see what types of promotions they are running on Black Friday to save time and money!

Map out your Treasure Hunt
Malls are great because you can kill a lot of birds with just one stone, however malls can be one of the most treacherous grounds for Black Friday shopping, as many of them have the stores the most popular holiday gifts are purchased from. Picking the right mall is key, as you will not want to drive around and deal with parking on a day like Black Friday. Try and find as many of the stores you need to get everything on your list under one roof as possible.

If you like to get unique gifts from specialty stores in different parts of town, you will want to avoid peak traffic times on the roads, be mindful of meal times – when shopping is probably a bit calmer for those in need of a break after a long morning or afternoon of gift hunting, and of differing store hours. If you check ahead of time and find they are running promotions to offer special Black Friday discounts, then head there after you hit the more mainstream stores and malls up, as they are the most crowded and sell out the fastest.

Cut Coupons
There are tons of Black Friday deals out there like Amazon”s Nintendo Wii bundle or Macy’s BOGO deal on Children’s sweaters to help you save money this holiday season. Although Black Friday may be the biggest day to knock out your shopping for the holidays, everyone has the day off so the overcrowded stores and rush to get items before they sell out can cause you to spend more than you normally would if you could take your sweet time. To combat the rush and impulse buys, prepare for shopping warfare by arming yourself with coupons!

Black Friday coupons are a great premeditated measure to assist you in keeping your holiday costs low, whether it is for gifts, supplies or food. There are sites that are loaded with Black Friday deals in the form of promotion codes and print coupons to get you ready for the big day. Perusing sites like this prior to leaving the house for battle will not only get you those Black Friday discounts you love, but may give you some new ideas for gifts you never thought of!

Casey Blatt is the lead writer for fashion blog Trendy Blair. She is constantly looking for the best deals on fashion and lifestyle brands to add to her home and wardrobe. When she is preparing for the start of holiday shopping season to get great gifts for her fashionable friends, she turns to Cheap Sally for Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday coupons.

Distractions Keeping you From Great Customer Service

Owning a small business is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to break free from the corporate world and actually enjoy what they do for a living. While an escape from the corporate landscape is refreshing, the small business world relies a lot more heavily on the friendly aspects of customer service and hospitality. Here are some of the biggest distractions small business owners can face while trying to provide the best customer service:

Phone Calls from Nowhere

Imagine yourself as the owner of a small fishing and hunting store. You are really engaged with an experienced deep-sea fisherman who is considering purchasing the works in order to prepare for his next adventure; new rods, hooks, bait, trolls, clothing, and safety gear. You are really getting into it with this guy while the phone at the front counter starts ringing. You politely excuse yourself, but miss the call from someone using an anonymous ID service. The phone keeps ringing and you have no idea who just called you. While you are distracted by the anonymous caller, you lose your catch, and the fisherman walks out the door. You just fell victim to a phone call from nowhere.

You aren’t the only one distracted by the phone, employees are also at constant distraction when they carry their phones with them. They might not be constantly calling their friends, they could be texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc…

To cut down on phone nuisances, keep your main phone on silent when dealing with important customers, have your employees keep their phones in the back office, and politely dismiss telemarketers and pranksters.

Too Needy Customers

Unlike the fisherman who knew what he was talking about, sometimes you’ll get customers who have no idea what they are even doing in the store. Every two minutes they may ask you a question, or want to see something, or even start complaining for no good reason. You can’t yell at them or ignore them for fear of negative backlash, but you need to get rid of them because they are hindering your business.

According to Psychology Today, the best thing to do to these types of customers is to use reverse psychology and kill them with kindness. Usually pesky people have defiant personality types and will go out of their way to make life harder for others. By acting extremely kind to them you will force them to reconsider their actions and lessen the chance of receiving a bad review online.

Pesky Administrative Tasks

Say you open up your own small graphic design shop after working for an advertising agency for years. You already have an expansive list of clients, a couple of proposals and prospects, and no shortage of work in sight. You finish your first few projects and realize you have no idea how to bill for your work because there was always an accountant or administrative professional at the office.

Make sure to install the best software for your computer in order to save time on office administration. Quickbooks is the standard for accounting processes, and Microsoft Access is an excellent tool for managing databases. While sending bills and letters out to clients, make sure to have a pre-made template handy and your own customized stationery for faster delivery. Also, be sure to keep your desktop organized and know exactly where your most important files are.

Small business may be a good gateway from escaping the corporate world, but it is not a way out of the customer service sector. Be sure to follow these tips and you will have a better small business experience which will lead to greater profits.

The Day that Turns Your Life Around

Life is full of wants and desires, wishes and dreams.  While we all may have good intentions when we dream about making a change in our lives or achieving a lifelong goal, for most, it is likely not going to come to pass.  That is, until something happens in our lives that spurs us to work harder toward the goals that we have had for years.

Life has a funny way of finding an unpredicted incident in our lives to help us understand the path that is necessary to make important changes.  This could be a near death experience that helps us realize how short life is or maybe the birth of a new child that gives us renewed hope for the future.

When these important incidents in life occur, we may not even realize that we are on the verge of making a change in our lives.  It can almost seem like it just puts your life on a new course naturally.  You may start reacting differently to the circumstances that come up in life and your outlook on life may suddenly seem brighter.

For some people, finding the moment in their life that will lead to them finally making the changes they need may take a lifetime.  They may never experience the moment that makes them open their eyes to the possibility of being happier and more content in their lives.  This large life moment is not necessary if they were to put their all into making the changes and not making excuses.

For example, losing weight is something that many people battle with.  They really want to be more active and to feel better about themselves but they simply are not motivated to find the time or to make the effort.  If they were to lose a loved one to an obesity related illness, they may decide that it is finally time to make some changes.  Why would they wait so long and have to experience such a harsh reality before they moved into action mode and took better care of themselves?

They are not simply ignoring the reality that they have some work to do.  They are really not in the mindset to make the changes.  They have not had that awakening moment in their lives that will make them realize that their lives are very important and that they can truly make a difference in their lives.  When the moment does arrive in their lives, they will then wonder why they waited so long to move towards their goals.

There are many things in life that we feel we have no control over but in actuality we have full control over.  We must simply understand the emotion and drive that is necessary and that we do not need an “ah ha” moment in order to commit to making a change.  We can make the changes that are needed to achieve our needs and use the achievements that we see as motivation to continue working.

Life is short.  The challenges in our lives are there to help us.  If we do not live through tough moments we would never realize it when the good times roll around.  We need to take advantage of every one of the opportunities that life offers to us and create our own “ah ha” moments that lead to positive changes.

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