What You Should Know About Driving Under The Influence Before You Get Behind The Wheel.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never a good idea. One major mistake that many people make is relying on self-evaluation or subjective evaluation by a person who may also be under the influence at the time. Importantly, both of these types of evaluation carry an increased risk of being completely erroneous. As a result, the person may be getting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle while not under full control, with reduced attention and reaction capabilities, which, in turn, means a significantly increased risk of life-threatening accidents. Remember: you can never know how intoxicated a beer actually makes you, while law enforcement officers, given the special training that they now receive, would quickly be able to notice warning signs of DUI.

When would I be considered to be driving under the influence?

Police officers and other law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for symptoms of your being intoxicated. These would include incoherent speech, redness of face, irrational or inappropriate behavior or remarks, references to alcohol or drugs, the presence of suspicious odors or related paraphernalia in the vehicle, extreme nervousness and so on. While none of these, taken alone, would constitute adequate basis for DUI arrest, they easily serve as strong grounds to request that you go through roadside tests and blood or breath tests. If you are not driving under influence, these tests would be an inconvenience, but if you are in violation of the law, then they would be increasingly damaging to your case.

What should I do if pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence?

The very first thing to remember in case the police pull you over for any reasons is to keep calm. It doesn’t matter if you have done something wrong or you haven’t, the way you behave in the interaction with the officers could be crucial to your driving history and your very liberty. There are many misconceptions and myths about a roadside check, but you should follow common sense and know your rights at all times. Remember that everything you say and do may be used against you by the prosecutors in court, so if you are unsure whether you can resist saying something that may be misconstrued by the police officers, it is best to use your constitutional right to keep silent. Exercising this right does not mean just ignoring the police officer when they come up to you, of course, but you may politely refuse to answer any questions that they put to you.

Should I refuse the different tests as well?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the test. Roadside tests, such as those where the driver is requested to walk in a straight line, touch their nose with their fingertips, balancing on one foot and so on, are completely voluntary. A police officer cannot order you or make you go through these tests, even if they have strong suspicion that you may be driving under the influence. All you need to do is politely refuse, if it is your choice not to participate in these tests. The situation with blood and breath tests can seem similar on the surface, but are, in fact, very different. By law, you can refuse to take these tests, but at a cost – an automatic suspension of your license for one year.

What else to keep in mind

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, is definitely not something that law enforcement or the court system take lightly. Therefore, if you have consumed any amount of alcohol, you should always consider whether your judgment or physical abilities are impaired before you get behind the wheel. Additionally, you should always be aware of your rights and responsibilities in order to know exactly what you should do if you are pulled over for a DUI. It is always a good idea to consult an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney before facing charges in court.


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This article was written by John Fetcher, a legal writer, according to whom, it is always a good idea to consult an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney before facing charges in court.

Carnival Post for Financewand.com

Happy Saturdays friends. Hope you all had a rocking Christmas! All of you must be worried about the new financial year as all of us want to kickstart a fresh 2014, without any baggage of debts or financial worries. So if any of you are looking for some of the best tips regarding investing, budgeting and debt, then your search ends just here as I have planned to write a carnival post including some of the most financially important posts, from some of the leading finance blogs –blog_carnival2

  1. Jonny @ Financewand writes 5 Simple Ways to Pinch and Save Every Month – In the present unstable situation of economy it is really difficult to save money and add some more amount to the emergency fund. And if you have bundles of debts to be paid off, it can be even more difficult to take out some extra bucks for savings! But you can actually do it by following certain smart trips and tricks.
  2. Jacob @ Cashcowcouple posts 6 Ways to Get Through College Debt-Free – Though posted by Jacob, the post is written by Kali @ Common Sense Millennial, who is a like minded member of generation Y. Statistics show that two-thirds of all students graduate college with student loans and the average person carries $26,000 worth of debt they have to repay. Also, in the United States, debt from student loans has surpassed $1 trillion dollars. There are definitely some choices and decisions that you have to make in order to manage your personal finance in order to live a life, without debts.
  3. John @ Frugalrules writes Motif Investing Review: A Unique Approach to Investing – Motif investing is a all new approach to investment, started only two years ago. Being an experienced guy in online brokerage industry, John gives a detailed description of motif investing including its advantages, disadvantages, features and his personal take on that.
  4. Jefferson @ Seedebtrun writes Good Money Manager Review – Good Money Manager is one of the leading and most reliable names when it comes to getting some helps with debt consolidation or you simply want to come out of the vicious cycle of debt. The site is especially meant for people who are burdened with tons of debt and have failed to figure out the proper ways to come out of that.
  5. Mr. CBB @ Canadianbudgetbinder writes The power of plastic points – While most of the people have wallets full of colorful credit cards, Mr. CBB goes on explaining the details of using credit cards properly and offers some significant tips on using credit cards smartly and strategically.
  6. Daisy @ Add-vodka writes 5 Tips for Successful Investing – Making smart investments really seems to be a challenge sometimes with so many options these days, and here is where Daisy helps you out with 5 really simple, yet effective tips. According to her the basic key to successful investment is simplicity and based on this simplicity, you can expect assured long term success.
  7. Paul @ Frugaltoad writes The Holiday Shopping Playoffs: Shop Without Overspending – In this season of holiday shopping, Paul talks about something really different. While it is the common story with most of us to have a big hole in our wallet by the end of the New Year’s Party, it is not quite the same with the serious shoppers. Paul offers 5 effective tips that one should keep in mind while going for holiday shopping.
  8. Charles @ Gettingarichlife writes Get Rich With Real Estate: Strategic Ways To Finance Properties – Those who are planning to buy some new properties soon, must have a look at this post, which specifically focuses on important topics like traditional mortgage, fixed mortgage and other relevant subjects.
  9. Hayley @ Diseasecalleddebt writes Christmas Money Making Challenge Update! – Hayley shares her experience regarding a Christmas money making challenge that she undertook a couple of weeks ago and quite interestingly, she was able to meet her challenge to some extent, and on some notes, she was a failure. Overall, it was a nice experience.
  10. Jennifer @ budgetinginbaby writes It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year – Jennifer goes on describing her December goals, while mentioning the fact, that like most of us, December is a very special time for her family, and it is especially so as there are lots of holiday celebrations, apart from four birthdays.

Hope this was helpful and Wish you all very Happy Holidays!

Social Media: The Wrong Venue For Complaints

Social Media

Social Media can be used in many positive ways. It can be effective in connecting with friends, spreading information, and discovering new products or services. When it comes to voicing complaints however, social media comes up short. While a majority of companies believe social media improves their brand image and customer loyalty they are failing to reach out to those who have negative feedback. In fact, according to a study one in four retailers never respond to customer questions on their Facebook wall. What’s even more surprising is that two in five companies deleted those questions regardless of whether they were answered or not. This gap in what consumers expect and what companies are providing causes dissatisfaction and frustration. Other means exist however to put forth complaints. Some online services allow you to issue your complaint and then follow up and contact the opposing party to make sure it is resolved.

This infographic was designed by PeopleClaim.com. PeopleClaim is an online alternative dispute resolution website allowing you to resolve your dispute with a company without having to go through expensive legal systems.

When Spending On Sports Equipment Makes Sense

Sports EquipmentMany times it’s hard to see the need to spend a lot of money on sports equipment, as you may not feel that you’re justified in spending hundreds of dollars on the items that you or your kids need to participate in sports. However, there are times when it’s worth it to spend that money, and you’ll find that it’s best to be prepared to part with your hard earned cash when it’s the right time.

Are Your Kids Interested in Sports?

Kids don’t always show interest in sports, and many parents have to encourage their kids to get out of the house to get exercise. If your kids show interest in sports, it’s worth it to buy them the gear. It will help them to feel like they can participate in the sports, and it’s the encouragement they need to keep playing. Your kids will thank you for investing the money in them, as they’ll grow up to be healthy, athletic, and fit teenagers and adults. With the number of diabetic children in the country increasing every year, it’s definitely worth the expense!

Are You Interested in Sports, Fitness, or Weight Loss?

Adults can participate in sports to lose weight, get fit, or have fun with friends. It’s definitely worth investing a bit of money in the right equipment, as it will help you to do the sport right. You can’t play football or practice martial arts without the right gear, as the gear is protective. You’ll need the right shoes to run or jump no matter what sport you’re playing, and you’ll find that good sports gear will protect you from injury as well as help you to play the sport correctly.

Is it Worth It?

Count the cost of being able to play sports or enjoy an active lifestyle versus saving money and risking injury or sickness. You’ll spend a couple hundred dollars on sports gear, but you’ll prevent heart problems, cholesterol, weight gain, and muscle problems. Sure, there will be the occasional sports injury, but that’s so much better than having to worry about your blood pressure. The benefit of being active far outweighs the drawback of spending money on good quality gear, so it’s definitely worth the cost!

Saving Money on Sports Gear

Now, just because you’re going to spend money, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on the best quality gear. You can buy football gear, basketball shoes, martial arts protective gear, and baseball bats from Homerunmonkey  Amazon, eBay, and other online shopping sites at a great price. You can shop in thrift stores and at garage sales to buy barely-used sports gear that will be reliable but affordable. Unless you’re participating in a professional sport, you can find all the gear for a great price if you’re willing to spend time looking for it. A financially savvy person will invest in quality gear, but they’ll spend time looking for the best deals on that gear. Be wise and shop smart!

7 Ways Identity Theft Happens

 Identity TheftStealing someone’s identity is not a new crime, but in the digital age personal data allows criminals to open bank accounts, order goods online or take out credit in someone else’s name. Although every case is different, there are 7 main ways in which identity theft happens.

1) Stolen Wallet
The most low-tech type of identity theft starts with a lost or stolen wallet or handbag. Most of us carry driving licence, credit card, bank cards and other forms of identification in our wallets, and this is all that fraudsters need to start impersonating the original owners of the documents.

2) Rubbish Raking
If you’re not careful about shredding bank statements or other documents with details like your name, address, National Insurance number or bank sort code, you are making life very easy for the identity thieves, who will think nothing of going through your rubbish bags to see what they can find. For safety’s sake, shred everything.

3) Moving House
If you’ve recently moved, chances are that some of your post will be going to your old address. If you are not careful about informing banks, credit card companies or government departments of your new address, whoever has moved into your property has the opportunity to make use of your mail. This can especially be an issue in flats, where mail can be left lying in a communal hallway for anyone to pick up.

4) Email
Most of us have got wise to the emails about a distant relative’s inheritance or winning an obscure lottery, but the scammers are getting cleverer when trying to trick people into parting with their details online. Always make sure that an email is coming from who it appears to be from, and remember that a bank will never email asking for your PIN, and the tax office don’t offer tax returns if you send in all your details.

5) Data Breach
Every so often, a company hits the headlines because they have been the victims of hacking. Some professional criminals spend their time trying to hack into the servers of banks or retailers with the sole aim of getting personal data. There is little you can do to protect yourself against this sort of attack, except from sticking to well-known, reputable websites which operate on secure servers only.

6) Corrupt Staff
Low paid telemarketers are often approached by criminal gangs, who offer them cash to steal the personal details of customers. Never elect to store your credit card details on a website if you don’t have to, and if an operator appears to be asking for more information than usual, hang up and report the incident immediately.

7) Virus / Malware
A computer virus or malware is a small piece of software which sits on your computer and records every move you make. Passwords, log on details and all your personal data becomes instantly accessible to whoever is controlling the malware. Never open attachments on emails without checking them first, and run regular system scans with a reputable anti-virus program.

Identity theft can cause huge problems to those affected by it, so be careful. Don’t throw sensitive documents in the bin without shredding it first, alert your bank immediately if you lose your cards, never give personal information out online unless you’re 100% sure the site is secure, and ensure your computer is fully protected with up-to-date antivirus software.

Written by James Sheehan, a blogger with an interest in internet security issues.

How to Start a Lead Generation Company

How to Start a Lead Generation Company

If you are looking for potential fields for starting a new company, a lead generation company can be a pretty good option. The possibilities of the business being a success are huge. If you can include some innovative means and techniques you might as well get huge amount of profits. A lead-generation company is a way to provide other businesses with constructive methods of locating potential customers who may be interested in the products or services of the company.

The concept of generating leads can be a time-consuming affair and as a result many companies prefer to outsource it to lead generating companies. Achieving success in any business however is possible only after other marketing techniques.

Given below are a few ways in which you can start a Lead Generation company:

  1. Set up a website: As an initial process you need to set up a quality website that can spread a word about your company among the target groups of clients. Without a proper website with information and contact details your clients will have no way to contact you, know about your company or to hire your company for lead generation services. Make sure that your website is attractive, contains all the essential information and is user friendly.
  2. Hire an experienced team: If you want to reach out to your clients quickly you should consider hiring some expert professional and writers who already have grasp of the field.  Create teams for working on different niche and sections. Encourage new ideas and suggestions that can help increase the appeal of your company.
  3. Produce quality content: In order to market any business it is necessary to work on the factors that will improve the appeal of the customers. So as a first step you need an experienced group of writers who can produce quality content for your clients. If you can market the products or services of your clients through write-ups you can generate leads in the process. You can engage the writers either as in house or on a freelance basis.
  4. Build your lead-generation platform: Before framing your marketing techniques research about the sector you want to reach out to.  Build some social media profiles to have a closer view of the potential consumers. This will help you later to leave a good impression on your clients as you can present the marketing policy explaining them about the specific requirements of the consumers. The clients will get the feel that you are well aware of your sphere of work.
  5. Be aware of latest trends: With the technology and marketing techniques getting updated every other day it is necessary that you update yourself with the latest information as well. Know about the latest products, trends and changes in marketing techniques of the industry you wish to generate leads for. Also keep an eye on the newsletters and requirements of the potential clients. It is important to show your skills to the clients in order to extract lead generation projects from them.

Bio: Charles E. Wyss traveled to California to start his career. Charles first job was at a private equity firm located in San Francisco, California. One of his goals is to join a company that gives employees room to grow like JG Wentworth.

What makes a Quality Printer?

There are many different types of printer available and the type of printer you choose should depend upon the purpose you require. Nevertheless, there are some general features which you need to consider when it comes to making sure you get a top quality printer. Here, we will look at what makes a quality printer in more detail.

Brand name

Choosing a recognised and trusted brand name is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best printer for your requirement. Opting for established brands, such as quality Brother printers, will mean that you are more likely to get enhanced performance and longevity for your investment.


One of the major factors that will determine the quality of a printer is the speed. Printing and scanning can take an age and this is not something you want, especially in an office environment where the printer is constantly in use. In fact, some offices would argue that speed is the most important quality a printer can have.

The only reason why speed should be compromised is if the user is looking for a high-quality print. However, because of the technology available, you tend to find that there are printers that can print amazing images in seconds.


You do not want a printer that is constantly experiencing issues like paper jams or queuing problems, especially in an office. Once again, reliability has a lot to do with price, which is another reason it is imperative you do not choose a printer based on price alone, but more on how cost effective the printer will be in the long run.


All in one printers offer you a printer, scanner and fax machine (if required). The chances are that if you need a printer, you will need a scanner as well. Therefore, it is a smart purchase in terms of cost and space if you buy an all in one printer.

If you have a printer that has a built in scanner and fax machine, is always reliable, prints quality pages in a quick time and has a brand name, you can almost guarantee that you are making a smart purchase for the long run.

Steps in Making a Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

Steps in Making a Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

Health care providers and professionals- whether nurses, doctors, or other hospital staff- are bound by oath to take care of their patients. There are several medical professionals out there who commit mistakes and medical negligence which leads to further injury or damage to their patients. This is medical malpractice, the way a professional health care provider neglects duties resulting in grave scenarios. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, it is best for you to make a negligence compensation claim so you can at least acquire a certain amount of money after damage or harm was done to you.

But how does this necessarily work? How can one make a medical negligence compensation claim?

Be organised – document necessary information

You have to be able to present relevant and concrete information about your medical condition. You have to be organised in the sense that you should be able to keep track of all your medical records as this will be compared against the results of evaluations as assessed by another medical expert. To have concrete evidence for medical malpractice, a doctor must be able to describe your current condition after medical negligence was done to you.


Before filing a claim, you should be able to write a letter demanding settlement with the health care provider or institution that supposedly committed medical malpractice. You can write the amount of money you need so things won’t have to go to a higher level. Filing a lawsuit can be stressful and time-consuming, so most people rely on this stage to settle things early.

In private institutions, there are options for filing claims if the doctor was not able to provide the promised results.

Filing a compensation claim

List down and itemise all the damages, as well as the things affected by this damage. For example, you have to keep track of lost salary, existing medical expenses and bills, as well as future medical expenses brought about by their negligence.

If, for example, they damaged your hands to the point that you cannot use it for hard labour, and your job actually demands hard labour, you can sue for the amount of salary you should be getting (but not able to get anymore) from the time of the injury. Basically, since the practitioner is responsible for the injury, he is also responsible for all the loss that you would have because of the injury.

Attach receipts and other pertinent documents necessary to back your compensation claim. Once itemised, fill out the compensation claims form at your local government office. Then submit it to the courts.

Now, all you have to do is to wait for the court to address your issue against these medical professionals.  Just take note that if they had put your life and body at risk, you can get your damages awarded if they are proven guilty. You can also file compensation claims if their medical negligence leads to a traumatizing experience. You just need to have proof about your claims.

Carl Freds regularly writes about medical negligence compensation and the processes involved in filing a claim. He provides information to various consumer rights blogs that people who need to file a claim would find useful.

Just How Dangerous are Cars Compared to Motorcycles?


Motorcycle drivers are 36 times more likely to be killed in an accident than other drivers on the road. Eighty percent of all motorcycle accidents involve injury or death, and the injuries are more traumatic than those of car accidents.

Motorcycle drivers, who aren’t wearing helmets, are more likely to receive facial lacerations, concussions and skull fractures than other drivers. They are also more susceptible to breaking their pelvises, shoulders and joints, and they are more likely to be thrown from their vehicle resulting in road rash, cuts, scrapes and more broken bones.

It’s imperative that motorcyclists obey all traffic laws. Thirty-seven percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding. Twenty-one percent of all motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers with invalid licenses. Thirty-three percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Twenty-five percent of motorcycle accidents are caused when the driver hits an object and 75 percent of accidents are caused when the motorcycle impacts another car.

Motorcycle drivers need to be extra vigilant when riding their motorcycles as compared to riding in a car. Only 23 percent of car drivers are in fatal accidents. Only 14 percent of all car accidents involve a motorists without a valid driver’s license, and only 20 percent of car accidents involve a fatality. Being vigilant means keeping an eye on the road and other vehicles, wearing the proper protective gear and obeying all traffic laws.

Infographic presented by Sutliff & Stout: Houston Injury Attorneys.

Cloud Monetization: Ten Advantages of Contract-Oriented Invoicing

Cloud Monetization: Ten Advantages of Contract-Oriented Invoicing

monetization solutionsIf you have a business and you wish to carry out its operations with the Internet or inside the domain of a cloud computing infrastructure, you should have the capacity to make the billing procedure precise and foolproof. More and more companies are currently taking up cloud computing since they are realizing the importance of offering their products and services in a better and innovative manner. Since an increasing number of businesses are using this model, as they advance, they should adjust their business models to make the most of the advantages.

Contract-oriented billing enables businesses in cloud monetization and to attract customers in different manners and view and monitor their operations in the cloud domain. Mentioned below are ten benefits that you get when you use cloud monetization techniques via contract-oriented billing:

1) Tailored offers and promotions

In the contemporary economy, the purchaser/seller model is not prevalent anymore. The businesses need to fine-tune their business models, including promotions, prices, discounts, catalysts, multi-aligned pricing, and so on. These adjustments are simple to fit into the present operations and enhance the chance of business development.

2) Flexibility of business models

Automation of business procedures and business models is a salient feature of cloud monetization. This is targeted to take care of the fast evolving and complicated business policies and schemes. Now, businesses are able to mold any type of fresh commercial necessity, lowering the time and expenses necessary to be present at the market in this manner.

3) Economical billing

The conventional pattern of offering services and software to consumers via regionally handled invoicing infrastructure and data warehousing is quite costly. Under cloud monetization, any business model, be it a usage service or a subscription service, enables companies to send software to the respective users promptly and at affordable prices.

4) Preciseness of payments

The monetization features assist the in-house management requirements of businesses with fast modeling distribution of costs, computerization of recurrent methods, and adjustment of accounting structures and tiers. As a result, the probability of a mistake is quite less and this adds to the satisfaction of the users.

5) Transparency of business operations

If a business is not transparent, it can’t grow. It is an inevitable tendency for all the reputed business houses. All the computation activities, auditing, and contracts are made simple in many patterns to ensure business transparency.

6) Future-proof

An agreement is an integral part of any business deal. This signifies that the billing procedure should also support it. Billing with cloud monetization techniques helps businesses raise their market share and offer improved services to the customers.

7) Prognostic Revenue Analytics

The details between every deal can be assessed and insightful coverage is performed. Businesses have the opportunity to be dependent on these systems of measurement to know which products can bring them maximum revenue. At the same time, they furnish predictive analytics which project on revenue to be earned in the future on the basis of real-life developments.

8) Adaptability

As mobile payments and virtual commerce are gaining dominance in business and industry, a monetization policy is needed by the markets which assists in productivity assessment, active pricing, and big quantities of dealings. Cloud monetization is flexible enough to fulfill all these requirements.

9) Supports big quantity of deals

Conventional invoicing techniques were not planned to manage the fast development of micro deals on the Internet which require huge quantities of data. Monetization can efficiently support these huge quantities.

10) Simple integration

All the monetization solutions are responsive and devised for fast execution. As soon as contract-oriented invoicing is incorporated, it can combine with the prevailing business applications, and restructure the order to cash method and adjust to the modifications in the business model of the organization.

Author Bio: Gabriel Heinz is an expert blog writer who regularly writes on cloud monetization, billing solutions, cloud billing software and cloud computing features.

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