Neill Billock Brings Industry Expertise to New Venture

Marketing executive Neil Billock is stepping out of his full time role at Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMG) in order to pursue an independent consultancy project. The new venture will capi-talize on his experience in the direct marketing industry; it aims to provide marketing and sales outcomes for businesses seeking specialist assistance. The venture will primarily target small to mid-size firms in order to ensure a completely hands on approach to project management.

At a recent launch event Billock spoke about the new venture, “I’m looking to leverage my nine years of experience as a marketing executive to help small to mid-size clients improve their mar-keting strategies and increase their sales conversions. This is a really exciting project for me be-cause it allows me to take a step back from the administrative side of running an ad agency, and instead have direct involvement in my client’s strategies and outcomes. I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I’m confident that I will be able to provide my clients with great value for money”.

Billock teamed up with Ryan McAweeney of VDMG in 2009; the two proceeded to transform McA-weeney’s marketing firm into a multi-million dollar firm. in 2013, INC. reported the company to have an annual revenue of $3.7m. A year prior, in 2012, the firm achieved a growth rate of over 400%. Billock spearheaded the direct marketing and sales departments of VDMG, which saw immediate success under his guidance. Within two years of joining the firm he was made partner in the com-pany. Since then, Billock has solidified himself as a major player in California’s competitive market-ing industry.

Aside from VDMG, Billock was also the founder of a documentation preparation company that sought to aide clients in navigating the complex world of US document filing. The firm serviced both personal and business clientele.

Billock is said to have retained an interest in VDMG, but will be largely stepping back to focus pri-marily on his independent venture. At the same time, VDMG CEO Ryan McAweeney has also started his own venture, but he will primarily focus on finance and business solutions in his inde-pendent firm. McAweeney recently took time to comment on his former partner Billock’s new ven-ture, “Myself and Neil have experienced a wealth of success over the past nine years of working together. It will be sad to spend less time strategizing with one another but I’m excited about both of our new projects. As we have different areas of expertise, we will be assuredly bouncing ideas off one another from time to time, and I wouldn’t rule out another group venture in the future.”

If you or anyone you know would like additional information on how Neil Billock may be able to help improve your marketing strategies and sales conversions, please head to his URL at

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