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Mush alert: Are you taking these financial considerations into account before you start dating?

Mush alert: Are you taking these financial considerations into account before you start dating?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicBefore the mush meter hits its high, stop and think! Stop to think about your finances. Stop to think about your expenses and of course your savings. Couples mostly don’t think about the financial changes that take place after they start dating. So, we are going to do just that. No. we’re not giving precedence to money over mush but definitely asking you to spare a thought. Money ends relations – even the sweetest of them. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your “financial” act right before saying yes to mush! So, read on in order to be duly acquainted.

Are you chalking out the “monetary” rule of thumb with your date?

Now we all do it. Jotting down everything non-financial is regularity:

  •  We’ll go out together on special occasions
  • We’ll be the first ones to call each other on our special days
  • We’ll call each other at least twice every day (calling each other before hitting the bed is a must!)
  • No romantic exchanges during studies or work
  • Let’s part the moment we feel we aren’t compatible
  • We’ll be friends even after breaking up (if that happens)

Add to that….

  • We’ll split finances when we’re eating out or shopping or holidaying
  • There’s no my-boyfriend-spends-all thingy working here
  • We will not be scared or uneasy to talk finances at any point of time during our relationship

It is actually quite impractical not to take the financial considerations at all into account when you start dating. Why on earth should there even be an iota of doubt if your partner asks you to split finances when you are spending on any form of entertainment?

Can dating drive you into debts?

Yes, it can. If you are too swayed by your emotions.. if you are splurging indiscriminately then don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling short of dollars in a few years time. How fast or slow you fall out of your fortune will depend on the kind of fortune you have and the kind of propensity you have for spending mindlessly.

Occasional chocolates, roses, fitness gear and earrings don’t cost much. However, if you are finding yourself spending on movies, restaurants and night-outs almost four days a week then you can quickly find your financial condition spiraling its way out of your control. Don’t let that happen.

In fact, if your partner is unwilling to contribute equally then you can jolly well treat it as a red flag which will assume a monstrous shape in future!

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