Great Ways to Make Money From Home

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With the growing demands of money involved everywhere, one needs to be one step ahead to make the most out it. The month end salary is not enough to justify all the needs that one possesses. One has to earn something extra which can be used to fulfill the need. While some people might opt for jobs at a local subway,McD or any other restrochain, there are people who have started working from home as well. Many people across the globe have started working from home which allows them to earn a good amount as compared to other salary based jobs.

Below are discussed some of the great ways to make money from home:

Starting tuitions for the kids

  • Knowledge pays. In many cases knowledge pays off really well, suppose you know how the algebra and quants is used or have a deep insights about any other subject, starting tuitions can help you gain a decent amount at the end of the month. Kids are more in need of tuitions and parents often look for cheap and dependable individuals who can teach them, in fact only subject coaching is not what kids need , one can opt for guitar classes as well. There are additions to tuitions every now and then it’s just how many skills you possess will determine how much you can make at the end of the month.
The words How to Make Money on a chalkboard

The words How to Make Money From Home

Working as a freelancer

  • There are many people across the globe who says no to boss jobs, where there is a boss above them and they decide to deal directly with the person who wishes to get his job done. People around globe have switched in large numbers from private jobs to being a freelancer. Below here is discussed in detail about how to be a freelancer-


  • Registering yourself on websites like the com can allow you to be a freelancer in no time. There are lakhs of people who have become a member of this website and on daily basis are getting work from the market. Some even say that they have clients as well which provide them work on daily basis. Won’t that be amazing if you wish to work from home? Working like a boss and being away from everything, is something which can be done very easily and is followed by few easy steps of registration!


  • The second step on the website involves how many areas you are known to, that means what are your plus points and what fields you are known to. This will allow the person who wishes to get his work done, know you as well as contact you. With days, which will pass with one being engaged in the website you can come to know more about how to use it efficiently. Working like a boss from home and making money is not an easy task, however, sites like the freelancer.com make it much easier. Good luck!

Can You Afford the Home You Want?

Everyone looking to buy a home faces that moment when they wonder if they will be able to afford the home they want. As a prospective homeowner, maybe you have already done some searching and found the one home that just stands out to you as a perfect fit for your family. Or maybe you are looking at your budget and using that to temper the kind of searches you are making for houses.

Whatever your situation, you are probably concerned about how much your new home will cost you. You want to find some place that you will be happy with, but you also want to be able to afford it without having to make a lot of major changes to the way you live. That’s why you need to find out more about mortgage rates and the cost of paying for that home.

Mortgage rates vary quite a bit, starting as low as 0.98% and going up as far as 1.5% or higher. But that is just the initial rate. Usually the rate will increase after a few months or a few years. The increase is typically up by several percentage points, so an initial rate of 1.0% could increase to 4.99% after a short while. Prospective home owners should not be thrown off by those initial rates, as almost nobody pays off their home before the rates increase.

There are also initial fees to consider as well. Those lender fees or application fees (and they go by other names as well) can range anywhere from £0-£2,000. This kind of fee is usually a onetime payment, but it is important to include it in your figures.SanjayLeone

The mortgage rates will be based on the value of the home, and the entire mortgage will be set up to be paid off over the course of several years. It is essential that you plan for the entire mortgage payment period and not just the first couple of months. You don’t want to know you will be able to make payments for a little while and then just wing it after that. If you are not sure you can make the payments month after moth for the duration of the payment plan, then you should seriously reconsider purchasing a home.

So how do you plan two years, five years and even further ahead? The most important thing you need to factor into your budget is your job. You need to make a determination as to whether your job is stable. It is not just your position at your place of employment that should be stable but also the market you are in. You should be aware of whether you are working in a volatile market that is apt to change on a whim.

There are a few different websites you can use that will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your mortgage. For example, Clydesdale Bank have a handy mortgage calculator that can help determine mortgage costs. If you know the kind of market you are searching for a house in, you can use that information to get a reasonable estimate.

Then just budget out your expenses to see if you can afford the rate. If you can only just afford it, you may want to reconsider as well. That is because if you fail to make mortgage payments on time, the house could be repossessed.

Foolish mistakes first-time home buyers make


Prospective home buyers aren’t expected to identify all the home-buying rules as soon as they begin with their search. It’s natural for them to make a few common mistakes, and these mistakes can be avoided easily by doing a bit of home work.

Let’s throw some light upon these mistakes to make things easier for the new home buyers –

1. Failing to control your emotions

Regardless of the number of people that urge you not to be emotional while buying your first home, you’re bound to feel emotional at times. It’s tough for all home buyers to remain unaffected during such a crucial decision. In order to ensure that you won’t be fooled, you’ll need to take charge of your emotions. This is likely to help you identify your risks and other key issues concerning such purchases. In order to improve your thought process and stay focused, you’ll often need to depend on a third party or a loved one.

2. Pushing your budget much higher

You may consider pushing your budget a bit further while attempting to buy your home for the first time. At the same time, it’s truly important for you to have a fair idea of the extreme limits. Raising our hands for an additional $5,000 is quite natural for a majority of us, especially when we’re facing identical buyers at the auction; you must check if you really have this extra amount in your pocket. Over stretching can harm your finances. You should be able to meet the living expenses and mortgage payments under all circumstances. Failing to meet these costs might cause you to lose your home in the end.

3. Failing to sort your finances

You must contact a lender for getting your finances pre-approved. This way, you’ll be in a better position to acquire your dream property. In order to ensure a quick possession of your property, you’ll need to fulfill all the necessary paperwork in time. The deposit needs to be paid and the loan needs to be documented immediately. Settlement charges, valuation cost and application fees are amongst a few things that are charged by the mortgage broker. Enquire about first home owners grant via Homestart if you wish to make things simpler while buying your first home.
4. Losing patience

Search fatigue is one of the common experiences to be dealt by you while hunting for your new house. Someone might step in with a higher offer at a specific time when you’re tired of arranging finances. It’s natural for you to get tempted towards buying another property when you’re frustrated and tired. Under such circumstances, you won’t feel like checking if the new property satisfies your search criteria. If it doesn’t satisfy the key necessities, you won’t be leading a comfortable life later on.

5. Appointing a property inspector

Inspecting your chosen building is likely to protect your life and help you save money. There might be a few faults in a property that you’ll find difficult to catch with your naked eyes. Such faults might appear in different forms like pest infestations, shaky foundations and faulty wiring.

Hiring a professional inspector might save your life from getting ruined for once and all. Property inspectors are trained to identify faults that you’ll find difficult to catch. Spending a few hundred dollars now might save you from spending thousands of dollars towards repairing or renovating in the near future.

Secrets Of Real Estate: How To Sell Your Home

Come find out about just about all the ideas and techniques which the real estate moguls do not really want anyone to find out. This particular advice will certainly assist you to receive the best from your own real estate selling. Do not get suddenly lost in the quantity regarding your real estate selling. Continue to be on top of issues with all these excellent recommendations.

  1. If you are attempting to put up for sale your property, always keep personal things minimally noticeable. Possible purchasers who visit your property are wishing to visualize themselves residing there. Possessing private picture and souvenirs all over the place only assists to emphasize them that it is somebody property. You may bring out as well as with pride exhibit every little thing as soon as you are in your brand new house.images
  1. In order to assist you produce interest in your house, you ought to make certain your residence and backyard appear good coming from the street. It need to look well-kept as well as beautiful. This will certainly create curiosity from prospective home purchasers. Several purchasers believe that abandoned yards indicate that the inside of the house was neglected as well. You ought to mow the yard, repair the fence, plant flowers or no matter what else might have been overlooked. It will certainly be well definitely worth it.
  1. Regardless of whether you plan to sell your property or merely remortgage it, while having its value evaluated ought to be carried out very soon in the procedure. A good assessor’s valuation regarding your property will certainly determine exactly how it is handled by possible customers, real estate brokers as well as loan representatives. If you try to make your own estimate regarding the value of your own property before to a good professional appraises it, you are usually keeping track of your chickens very long ahead of they hatch.
  1. Any time you really are trying to put on the market real estate, one of the most essential aspects to take into account is definitely the timing. Imagine you have little ones, you might not want these to have to change schools halfway through, and this may possibly never be the very best moment to sell. If it is actually achievable to postpone till the school calendar year is over, this will certainly give you your most effective opportunity for effectively selling.
  1. Start the door to great technological solutions any time promoting real estate. One of the most recent strategies of promoting real estate is actually by means of setting up a low price FM transmitter. Just set it in place as a result that it performs fascinating details regarding your residence. Put a signal in your front backyard that points out exactly how they can easily tune in order to listen to a lot more.
  1. Any time figuring out the requesting cost for a home you are promoting, carry out all of the related investigation. You require to understand not just the marketed price of comparable properties in the identical area, however also the cost of other properties presently on the marketplace as well as exactly how long those properties currently have been waiting. This may provide you a much better concept of exactly how to value your property to market.
  1. Any time planning a property to market, take into account a few simple landscaping. Lush natural green garden and blooming garden plants can easily be place in at low price and will significantly add to the curb attractiveness of the property. The improved curb attractiveness of your residence may convert into much more curiosity and also a greater selling cost.
  1. One thing that the majority of sellers neglect are the light buttons. This might not really appear essential, but aged or unclean light buttons can send an unfavorable atmosphere. People normally look at light buttons, and most probably you’ll make use of them while displaying the residence. Therefore put out a small additional cash and change all the aged light switches in the residence and help to make them look great.

These suggestions will certainly help you find your residence out of the marketplace as fast as possible. If you stick to all these tips, your real estate sale will move quickly and a lot more efficiently. Implement these suggestions to your own real estate sale technique, therefore you can easily get the ball moving today.

5 Things to Look for in a Top Quality Modular Home Builder

When it comes to finding a home to live in, there are some large considerations to think about. Of course, a big part of finding a good home for you will depend on whether you’re looking for just yourself or for a family as well. There are a lot of housing choices available; you can look at full houses, apartments, and condos. Deciding whether you want to buy an already existing property or build your own is also important to think about. Even with building you need to decide whether you want to hire a contractor to build your house completely from scratch or use a modular home manufacturer. But what are modular homes?

Contrary to what the name might imply, modular homes are not all the same. According to Freshome, a modular home is simply one that is built in-doors at some offsite manufacturing facility. The pieces of the home are then transported to the build site and assembled there. Other than the fact that they are not built on-site, modular homes don’t really differ from other homes. They can be built with just about any style in mind and aren’t really restricted outside of their capability to be transported to their final location. When it comes to picking a builder for your modular home, there are a number of points to keep in mind.

FinwandType of Home You Want

Before you try to find a manufacturer for your modular home, you’ll need to decide what type of home you want. It may sound kind of weird when paired with the term modular home, but modular home manufacturers can build a home according to just about any style you could imagine. According to Modular Homeowners, most large manufacturers should have a series of basic floor plans for the most common styles of house. If you’re looking for something more specialized then you might need to search for a manufacturer that specializes in what you want. You can also look at real estate agencies and see what sort of information they have to give; Unitech Group homes might come in styles that can inspire your search further.


Reputation is important in just about every field of work in existence today. Modular home builders are in no way exempt from this fact. When searching for a builder, you’ll definitely want to look into what sort of reputation they have. According to Builder Online, modular construction should technically be better than on-site construction since there are tighter tolerances and production is better controlled. But that is not always the case. Quality can vary from builder to builder and it’s up to you to sift through all the information to find the one that’s right for you. Take the time to find previous customers of the manufacturer and talk to them. See if you can go visit some of their previous projects to check the quality. Do some research before making a decision.

Manufacturer Location

While it might be easy to think that the location of the manufacturer doesn’t matter since the pieces will be transported anyways, think again. The farther away the factory is from the final location of the home means higher transportation costs that  you’re most likely going to have to cover. On top of that, the final location needs to be absolutely perfect, according to Modular Today. Since the pieces of house are built away from where they will end up, the conditions during construction and assembly can be very different. If the foundation isn’t perfectly flat, the modules won’t fit very well and could get damaged. You’ll also need to make sure there is plenty of airspace for the crane to assemble and lay the pieces down on the foundation.


Like everything else in life, modular homes are not free. In one respect, modular homes are cheaper than conventional homes because they are quicker and easier to build. Modular Today states that most modular manufacturers have very efficient, streamlined factories that are capable of building the pieces much faster than a regular construction crew could build on site. Plus, building indoors means weather will not cause delays in construction. You’ll need to compare the price per square foot (or meter) of each manufacturer. Once you have an idea of what your design might cost, you’ll need to ask some questions and figure out which builder will be most cost effective overall. That includes build costs, transportation fees, and assembly costs.


One final point you need to make sure you check on is what companies and brands the manufacturer is partnered with. Many of the appliances and windows and other minor pieces of the house are provided by partner companies of the manufacturer. Modular Homeowners highly suggests checking the quality of the secondary appliances and other accoutrements you expect your home to come with. If they are second or third rate appliances, you might want to find a different manufacturer. Searching through a real estate agency like Unitech Group homes can provide you with a good deal of information to get you started. Plus, they could have partnerships with good manufacturers.

How to Begin Renting Out Your Property

You are considering buying or building a new home. You cannot afford the mortgage payments without selling your present home. The market conditions do not allow you to sell your present home without suffering a huge loss. Have you considered renting your present home and using the rent to make the mortgage payments?

Creative Financing Can Salvage Your Dream

This kind of creative financing can work. You can have the best of both worlds. If done properly, the rent on your old home will make the mortgage payments on an existing mortgage. If you are fortunate enough to have a low or no mortgage balance on your present home, the rent may make the mortgage payments on your new home. You could always upgrade your old home with the help of Red Deer home renovations personnel, which would allow you to charge even more for rent. As a fringe benefit, you have become a landlord.

Investing in propertyCheck on Local Regulations

First, government authorities must be contacted to be sure renting the house does not violate zoning regulations. It is important to have accurate knowledge of the local rental real estate conditions. The realistic rent must be high enough to cover mortgage payments, maintenance and other expenses. Allowance must be made for an occasional vacancy. If the rent is realistic and renters are properly screened, vacancies can be minimized.

Do You Have a Landlord’s Personality?

Be sure you have the temperament necessary for a good landlord. If you are a worrier, turn the property over to a property management company. If you live in another town, do the same. Long-distance management does not work well. If you have the right temperament and expertise, you can keep all the profit for yourself. Running a rental business also means being able to evict bad renters.

A Lease or No Lease?

If you have a good renter, a long-term lease is wonderful. With a problem renter, a lease makes it much harder to evict a renter. You will probably need to go to court, and you will need an indisputable reason for the eviction. Eviction may be easier when renting by the month. If the rent is reasonable, renters who are treated fairly usually stay a long time.

Screening Renters is Critical

There are many things you want to do before renting out your house to a prospective tenant. Start with interviewing the whole family. Check credit references and former landlords. If possible, inspect the prospective renter’s present home. If possible, obtain a security deposit equal to three month’s rent. This will help to cover damages and back rent.

If you are able to keep a good relationship going with renters who are able to pay on time then you’ll definitely have the revenue available to build that dream home of yours with the help of Red Deer custom home builders. And just think… in the future you may choose to rent out your custom home as well. Once you turn your first house into a rental property you have started yourself on the path to continual revenue.

Relocation to Dallas Made Easier

homeRelocating can be both a dream and a nightmare. Coming into a new community can mean a brand new start and a new life for many people. However, coming into a new community can mean not knowing where to live, where to work, or where to play. Without close friends and family nearby, it can be even more confusing. But, relocation is a bit easier when you have a good real estate professional at your side.

Real estate professionals have the community knowledge to steer you towards a residence that will make you and your family happy for many years to come. They know where the best schools are located and what kind of commute times is common between certain points. This makes narrowing down new home choices a bit easier. They can give you the knowledge of your new community to make home buying or leasing easier.

Most people relocate to a new city for a job offer or for the potential of a new career. They may be leaving good and bad memories in their old home. But, the new home can represent a fresh start after a major change in life. Those who are graduating college may have received a job offer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Others may be coming off a divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship and need to make a new start in a new location. There are dozens of other reasons for moving, but all of them represent a major change in life and location.

Are you single and moving on your own? For you, the options are quite diverse. If you want to work and live within a short distance, you might consider residential units in the downtown or Uptown areas of Dallas. These areas are becoming easy living for urban dwellers with top businesses just steps away from luxury condos. Restaurants, shops, and other amenities are just steps away from both the job and the home. These areas promote walking and biking back and forth for most activities. There are both luxury and affordable living options in both areas. These are very popular areas for young professionals as well as the arts communities.

Do you have a young family? Then finding a home with a good school district is likely your priority. Dallas/Fort Worth has many cities with good school districts such as, Highland Park and University Park. You may find a gated community on the outskirts which is a good option. Most of these communities are within a short drive of major commuting routes. You might find one of the historic neighborhoods a good place to balance family and business needs. The homes available on the market are diverse and will give you plenty of choice.

For others moving into the DFW area, the housing options are wide open. There are many communities within a short distance of downtown. There are many communities also tucked into rural enclaves with plenty of land around them. The real estate opportunities in Dallas – Fort Worth are deep and wide, so you will find something to fit your family, budget, and lifestyle. If you are unsure how to proceed, you may want to stay a few months in a rental while trying to find your ideal family home.

Omni Chaparala works for DFW Realties, a DFW real estate company serving home buyers and sellers in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

7 Free Ways To Burglar Proof Your Home

Keeping your home safe from burglars doesn’t always require expensive products and time consuming tasks. The following 7 simple tips will help burglar proof your home and keep you, your family and your items safe from the hands of criminals without breaking your budget.

  1. Keep at least one light on
    Keeping one light on that can be seen from the outside gives the illusion that someone is home and awake, which can deter burglars from entering your home. Furthermore, consider using curtains or blinds to block the view inside your home. Burglars like to “case” the house to make sure the items in the home are worth the risk. If they don’t know what you have in your home, they are more than likely to move on to a more vulnerable house.
  2. Place a beware of dog sign in your yard even if you don’t have a pooch
    Most criminals would rather get in and out of homes without dealing with a protective dog. Simply placing one of these inexpensive signs in your yard can help keep burglars at bay.
  3. Refrain from leaving a spare house key outside
    Even if you think the key is well-hidden, most experience criminals know where to look for spare keys. They know all the tricks such as hiding the key under a mat or potted plant, and they even look for the fake rocks designed to hide keys in. Instead, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep a spare key at their house.
  4. Keep your yard tidy and neat
    Burglars often look for houses that are hidden by overgrown trees and bushes, which help hide their sneaky actions from the eyes of neighbors and passerbyers. Keeping your bushes no higher than 3 feet and tree limbs pruned to no lower than 6 feet will help deter burglars. For those without pets and small children, consider planting short yet thorny bushes around the foundation of your home for extra protection.
  5. Always lock doors and windows
    Many times robbers will strike when you forget to lock your doors and windows. This simple step is easy to overlook especially if you are just making a quick run to the grocery store or forget to shut a cracked window before bed. Even if you feel completely safe in your neighbor, you should still always lock all doors and windows. Criminals are looking for a quick, easy target where they can get in and out in a matter of minutes. Merely locking up every time you leave or go to bed can help prevent you from becoming a victim of theft.images
  6. Remove your name from your mailbox
    Some criminals will use the name on your mailbox to locate your phone number. From there, they will call your house to see whether you are home or not. Furthermore, avoid placing boxes for high-end items — such as expensive televisions or computers — outside for the garbage men to pick up. Experienced criminals look for signs like this, which inform them that you have recently purchased new and expensive items just waiting for the picking.
  7. Consider installing an alarm system
    Alarm systems provide complete protection against burglars and are available in a wide array of price ranges. Simple do-it-yourself alarm systems can be purchased at department stores and home improvement centers, while higher end systems with all the bells and whistles can be professionally installed by security companies.

Angel Pena writes for Home Security Concepts, a home security alarm company based in Florida.

What to Consider When Buying a UK Holiday Home

Investing in propertyBuying a UK holiday home for letting purposes is very much something that needs to be done as much with the head as with the heart. For example, a property may strike you as being lovely and somewhere you would wish to spend your holidays but would it necessarily seem so to others? Of course, you cannot please all of the people all of the time but there are a few general points to think about before you start identifying target properties and thinking about holiday home mortgages.

One of the few things that people won’t debate is that this continues to be the single most important aspect when selecting a holiday let property. Almost any property which has a pleasant view whether it be coastal, river, countryside or even over a pretty village, is going to be desirable to significant numbers of people. Those properties which simply look out over onto a road or a property directly adjacent, are likely to be less appealing to many as holiday accommodation.


Whatever might be the case in Mediterranean high-density holiday locations, in the United Kingdom, most people wish to have a degree of privacy. So, properties which are overlooked or have gardens that are overlooked may prove to be something of a turn-off to many.


With today’s internet facilities and the ability to look down directly on to a location by satellite, properties that have a great view one side but which are only 200 yards from a cement factory on the other side are going to be spotted and rejected. So, think carefully about the wider surroundings – not just an immediate picturesque view.

Many people, once past a certain age, don’t particularly enjoy the prospect of needing to rough it on holiday. So, properties that have good bathroom, dining and kitchen facilities may be much appreciated. That also goes for things like a washing machine and dryer.

Elderly and infirm
Things such as spiral and open staircases and may look great on an architect’s drawing board but they may prove to be exceptionally difficult for elderly or slightly infirm people. Given the aging population and the need to think broadly in terms of your target market place, it might be sensible to favour practicality over design ascetics.

Access and car parking
That cute village-centre coastal property may look idyllic but it might not be particularly attractive to families and older visitors if the nearest car parking is half a mile away. Keep in mind that even on holiday, people may need to shop and engage in other occasional similarly mundane activities.  That won’t be much fun if the weather has turned against them and they can’t park their car anywhere near the property concerned. It can also be an issue in terms of initially dropping off suitcases and baggage etc.

Match the property with your target marketplace
Larger multi-bedroomed properties may be very attractive to families but they might be rather less interested in locations that are isolated inland and a long way from anywhere else. Young children can only sit and appreciate views for so long. That type of location might suit couples looking for a romantic getaway but then they will probably be looking for smaller and more intimate properties.

Garden areas
Many British people are hopeless optimists and they look forward every summer to the chance of having some barbecues and al fresco dining. Even if in reality these opportunities are not easy to come by, nevertheless, remember you are selling the dream. So having a reasonable garden with somewhere that you can put some furniture and a barbecue might be essential in appealing to significant numbers of potential customers.

Five Ways To Save Money At Home

Buffalo may not have been hit as hard by the economic downswing as some other cities but many of us are still lighter in the wallet than we would prefer. It seems that almost nobody has been able to entirely escape at least some of the economic sting. Besides, regardless of our current economic situation, it is unlikely that any of us like the idea of wasting money. We would never throw money away consciously but many of us don’t realize how much money we could save by being a little wiser at home. The monthly utility bill is one of the peskiest expenses but there are a number of easy things that can be done to cut that bill down and save some money. Here are three of the easiest and most effective.
1. Appliances
Most of our homes are packed full with gadgets, machines and appliances. Although most of these things are designed to simplify our lives and provide convenience, they can oftentimes do just the opposite. At the very least they can end up costing a lot of money. Being smart about the way you use your appliances can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.
Big appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and washing machines have become so commonplace that we don’t even consider them luxuries anymore and as a result we don’t consider that there might be a more economical way to use them. You will find that your utility bills are significantly lower each month if you only run big appliances when you have a full load, rather than every time something needs to be washed or cleaned. You should also avoid running appliances that give off a decent amount of heat (ovens, dryers, dishwashers) during the day in the hot summer months. That excess heat will increase your home’s internal temperature and put an extra burden on your air conditioning.
2. Windows
Speaking of temperature control, doors and windows are the most crucial aspects in maintaining a desirable temperature in your home year round. We all know that winter in Buffalo can be bitter cold and we all want to keep that cold outside as much as possible. One effective way to keep winter heating bills low is to keep the curtains open on all south facing windows during daylight hours to allow UV rays to naturally warm the home. The opposite should be done in the hot summer months to keep air conditioning costs low—close all window coverings during daylight hours and particularly all those that are on east and west facing windows.
3. Lights
Another great way to save money and avoid wasting energy is through the conservative use of lights. Forming the habit of turning off lights when leaving a room seems small and inconsequential but the economical use of lighting will help your electricity bill in big ways. It is wasteful to leave lights on when you’re not using them and especially if lights are left on while you are out of the house for long periods of time, such as for vacations or business trips. Some will leave lights on when leaving the home as a security precaution but it is far more effective and far more affordable in the long run to put your lights on timers. Automatic timers do a better job of improving home security while also avoiding the consistent drain on energy that runs up electricity bills in a hurry.

David Glenn is a home improvement expert from buffalo that freelance writes for Vivint. He occasionally freelance writes about home automation and making your home more green. Check out Vivint’s home automation systems for state of the art home automation.

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