March into Spring Cleaning and Save Money

Six Ways to Save Money Each WorkdayHave you ever taken the time to add up the regular purchases you make each workday? All those little items — your morning coffee, lunch from the caf or the trendy takeout around the corner, an afternoon trip to the nearest vending machine for a snack, a soda for your ride home add up fast. Imagine what you could save per day, week, month and year by simply eliminating these little daily luxuries. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to put the money toward a vacation, new clothing, or something for your home? Here are several easy ways to save money every day, with very little sacrifice.

Pack a Lunch

Eating out for lunch every day can be unhealthy for your body as well as for your wallet. Healthy choices are often hard to come by at lunch for those who opt for quickness and convenience over health. You can save your hard-earned money by bringing your lunch from home. Pack dinner leftovers, make a fresh salad or healthy sandwich, or pack a selection of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese. The savings will add up immediately.

Brew Your Own Coffee

Eliminate your morning coffee run altogether by brewing at home. Fill a large thermos and pack it in your workbag to keep you supplied during the day. If necessary, invest in some delicious whole-bean coffee from the grocery store. Your own delicious brew will cost less than buying from your local coffee shop every single day.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Pack a few healthy, protein-based snacks from home to avoid afternoon junk-food cravings. Bring a piece of fruit, whole-grain crackers, low-fat cheese slices, or nuts. These healthier options will curb your cravings for sugary or salty food, and they will keep you satisfied until dinner.

Get Creative With Groceries

If you are not in the habit of clipping coupons, start now. You can save substantially on groceries by using online coupons or checking out the weekly flyer at your local grocery store. Make a menu and a shopping list based on the week’s sale items. Many people start out small by clipping a few coupons here and there. It doesn’t take long for the satisfaction of saving money each week to take over. Before you know it, grocery shopping will become an interesting challenge rather than a mundane chore.

Cancel Subscriptions

Instead of spending money on daily, weekly or monthly newspaper and magazine subscriptions, get your information the modern way. Multiple newspapers are available online for free, and many other websites offer up-to-the-minute news information. Hit the local library to peruse those favorite publications that aren’t available for free online.

Track Expenses

Record all purchases you make, or save all your receipts, to total at the end of every day. You might be surprised at the grand total, or perhaps you will be proud of what you didn’t spend. Either way, when you consciously track every cent you spend, you become aware of your spending habits and can adjust them accordingly.

Leave Your Car at Home

Save money by walking, biking, or taking the bus or train to work. Maybe this won’t work every day of the week, but you could begin by trying it once or twice a week. The savings in gas will add up quickly.

You can save time, energy and money by implementing these few easy tips. Your wallet will enjoy the money saving

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