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Making A Claim: Payouts You Are Entitled To

We are much savvier when it comes to financial situations these days. We can all be well aware of the best ways to reduce debt or to even save monthly on our bills. One area we are becoming more clued up on is when we are entitled to some form of compensation. Companies, brands, and even the general public have a duty of care. This might be in daily life, on the road, and even when making purchases for big-ticket items like cars or holidays. So as we are beginning to become wise to when we are entitled to our money back or compensation, I thought it was worth noting down some of the most common ways you are entitled to a payout of some sort.

If you have a suffered a personal injury

Being in a car accident or developing a personal injury through work in most cases is not our fault. The most damage can be caused when you least expect it, for example, a car driving into the back of your car, or tripping over obstacles in a work environment. These situations can often lead you to take time off work, causing you financial pain as well as the physical implications. So sometimes in these circumstances, people are entitled to make a claim. This is when speaking to a personal injury attorney could prove beneficial and informative to you.

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Have you ever been mis-sold insurance or financial products?

Buying big ticket items like houses or cars often can often mean that our finances can go under scrutiny. This is because in some circumstances some form of financial aid is needed like a personal loan or a mortgage. But there are products that people have a duty of care to inform you about where you can decide if they are relevant to your circumstances. In many cases of the past, people have been sold these products in error due to incorrect information being passed on. This is where you could be entitled to a payout for being mis-sold. This also will be relevant to any other financials things you have such as bank account and credit cards.

Did you fall ill due to food poisoning on a recent all-inclusive getaway?

Most recently, people are now entitled to consider a refund or some form of compensation if they fall ill on holiday to an all-inclusive resort. As part of an all-inclusive package, the food is part and parcel of the overall experience. So food poisoning as a result of this food means that hotel hasn’t provided what it sold.

Was your flight delayed?

The same principle could be applied to your flights. Nowadays if your flight is delayed by more than a few hours you could be entitled to some form of compensation. This is when it’s worth checking the terms and conditions.

Those pesky bank account charges

Finally, in years gone by banks were able to charge what they wanted if we went over an agreed overdraft facility or had no funds in our accounts. But those days are long gone, and you may find that you could have been well over charged. If you are unsure about whether you are paying too much, it’s worth complaining to your bank and allowing them to look into the situation.

I hope this has made you more aware of some of the ways you could be entitled to compensation or refunds.

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