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Free Online Checking Accounts

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Are you paying a yearly fee on your current checking account? If the answer is yes, you should consider switching your banks as there are some top banks who have recently started to offer a checking account for free. Don’t let the banks lure you into a free checking account and then charge hidden fees later.

Here is a list of free online checking accounts that don’t charge a penny.

1. Student Checking Account by Chase

This is the best checking account for students between 17 to 24 years old. You can open a Chase checking account today if you are in college and can provide satisfactory documents. And, they won’t charge you a penny until you graduate.  To check your account balance and transfer money to your friends, Chase has a mobile app called “Chase Mobile” which can be downloaded from the marketplace for Android and iOS devices.

2. BBVA Online Checking Account

BBVA provides 3 checking accounts: Premium, Convenience, and Free. As you are looking for a free checking account, the free version would suffice your needs. There are no hidden charges and you can withdraw cash from BBVA ATMs without any charge. Keep in mind that the features BBVA have to offer are distinct for the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

3. Discover Online Checking Account

Now you can get a checking account for $0 and get cashback on your spending with the same account. This is possible because of Discover’s online checking account. In comparison, Discover’s online checking account beats all other banks in this list. It simply provides more value than any other bank.

4. Capital One 360 Online Checking Account

Capital One’s 360 online checking account is completely free and there are no hidden costs. Most importantly, there are no minimum balance requirements either. You can start earning interest the day you open the account. Another great feature of Capital One’s 360 online checking account is: it has more than 39000 ATM’s across the country and there are no transaction charges for the account holder.

5. Ally Bank Online Checking Account

Ally Bank offers a free online checking account with one of the highest interest rates in the business. Just because the account is free does not mean you should expect a lower interest rate. Secondly, while some banks offer a free checking account but upsell you on other services like a checkbook, debit card, ATM transaction fees, etc., this is not the case with Ally Bank. In fact, they offer free standard checks.


Choosing a checking account that suits your individual needs is the most important thing. Some people want an online checking account just to pay their bills; they use it as a digital wallet. While others want a complete package of checking, saving, loans, etc. Also, make sure the customer service is up to the mark. For new users or college students, a customer service agent is the only person they can trust.

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