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Leave Heavy Costs Behind When You Move

You might think that the biggest cost when moving houses is buying the new property and this is technically true. However, you shouldn’t underestimate how fast the other costs can build up and become unmanageable.

For instance, you will always need to hire a solicitor when you buy a new home. They will ensure that your rights are protected when you purchase the property and that the transaction is completed without issues. The best solicitors can charge at least a few thousand for transactions like this, adding a fairly large bill onto the initial purchase of the property. This is certainly not the only cost that you will need to contend with either. You’ll need to think about estate agent fees as well.

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You could be selling your old house, and if that’s the case, you’ll need to pay an estate agent to market it for you. You might think that you can cut costs by hiring an estate agent that exclusively markets your property online. However, you may discover that using a full service is actually more beneficial and better value for money. This will certainly be the case if your home is part of a niche market due to the build or location. This is one example where the cheapest option isn’t always the most valuable. Here are a few other price considerations you’ll need to make when buying a new home.

Travel and Transport

Depending on how far you’re moving the travel costs can be crazy. However, there are a few ways to cut them right down. First, try to move in a season where there isn’t much demand for moving, the winter months are the best time for this. At times like this, movers have no choice but to cut their costs down to size and services are often cheaper.

You should also think about using a specialist company for moving certain items such as your vehicle. If you use a service such as Shiply car transportation, you can get your vehicle transported to the new home, even if it’s in another country. This is often a lot easier and cheaper than arranging to move it yourself.

Careful Of Surveys

Surveys can be incredibly expensive because usually, you’ll need to complete more than one. If you like the house and you’re interested in buying it, you’ll complete a survey. If that survey brings to light serious issues, you might decide not to buy it. At that point, you’ll have to look for another house and complete another survey.

The best way to avoid this issue is to make sure you can recognize serious issues without a survey. For instance, structural issues will be apparent due to doors that stick and buckled floors. Any issue like this and you can guarantee some costly repairs will be needed if you buy the property.

You also need to watch out for gazumping. Sometimes, you might have completed a survey, it comes back clear, but another buyer has put an offer on the house. At that point, you might have to arrange your original offer to secure the sale. It’s a nasty business and one that can make buying a new home a lot more expensive than it should be.

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