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Lance Fairchild Associates: Fusing Money Management With Baseball

Lance Fairchild was not sure where baseball would take him. His love for the sport was nothing but a calling, but he listened nevertheless. Lance played the game as a young boy, and his skill continued to develop in high school.

Lance went to Rowlett High School, which was in his hometown of Rowlett, Texas. He grew up loving the sport but also expanded his interests in other areas. There was something mathematical about the way he approached his game. He calculated every possible outcome against the risks that he took. This turned out to work for him later on in life because he would go into finances. Lance Fairchild would approach this money management career just like he approached baseball.

Lance Fairchild then went on to play for the UTPB Falcons when he went to the University of Texas of the Permian Bay. It was there where he played for a few years, picking up a few wins as a pitcher. He played with jersey number 24.

Still, he was not sure where life was going to take him at this point, but he was happy to give his team all the effort he could as one of their pitchers. Of course, graduation came around, and he came out victorious as he was picked up by the Pecos League right off the bat. In 2015, he joined the Las Vegas Train Robbers. He might have never imagined that he would go to Vegas and play professionally yet there he was.

It was not long after showing off his skills for the Las Vegas Trainer Robbers that another team took an interest in him. This time he went all the way down to Arizona, where he joined the Roswell Invaders in 2016. This team was still in the Pecos League. Lance had made plenty of friends and acquaintances by this time and enjoyed the excitement of the game. He switched to the American Association League later that year. He joined the Sioux Falls Canaries, but this change came with a new business. Lance was reignited with his second passion, which was money management. It was at this time that he launched Lance Fairchild & Associates.

This is a money management firm that helps people understand how a clearing agency can help them, not to mention provide assistance in proxy vote standards, just to name a few specialized services.

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