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Keeping Your Online Fashion Sales Profitable

If you’ve been selling apparel online, you are probably always on the lookout for more ways to keep your business profitable. Whether you create the designs yourself and get them from other designers, there are some tips you can implement to make sure that every piece of clothing you acquire gets sold at a profit. A couple of quick changes to your website can make sure clients are continually engaged in shopping on your site and that they keep checking back not only for new products but for other pieces they’ve had their eyes on.

Create a “Save for Later” Function

Many large retailers now have functions that allow clients to save items in their carts for later purchase. This can be a very profitable feature for your website, as it will keep clients looking at items even after they chose not to purchase them during a previous visit to your site. Shoppers may find items that they love, but they might be reluctant to purchase them right away or they might not be able to purchase them right then. If you create a feature that allows shoppers to save specific items and sizes for a later date, they’ll be more likely to return to purchase them. A feature like this means that shoppers don’t have to go back through your entire site to find the items they have previously viewed. It may seem like you want them to do this, as it will force them to look at other items as well, but if they don’t feel like doing any serious browsing, it could deter them from visiting your page at all.

Create a Sale Section

If you have excess inventory that didn’t sell the first time around, you can create a sale section in which you mark that inventory down to a lower price, attracting clients who love a good sale. Even if you’ve been previously marking items down, creating a designated sale section will engage clients’ interest because they won’t have to search through your entire inventory looking for items that are on sale. Again, it might seem that you want them to scroll through as many items as possible, but making shopping easy for your clients is more likely to result in sales than the previous method. This feature will also keep you from losing money by having items that you haven’t sold.

These are two features you can add to your apparel sales website to make it more functional and user-friendly. Any time a site is easier for clients to use, you increase the likelihood that they will spend money on your site. You can advertise these new features on your homepage, not only letting your clients know about the features themselves but letting them know that you are continually working to improve their shopping experience. This is not only good marketing but good customer service. These ideas are easy to implement but will yield big results for you, keeping your website profitable.

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