Keep Your Finances In Order With Some Money Saving Ideas

FinanceWand has some great financial tips and ideas but I was mulling over some ways of simpler ways that we can all save money in the home.

I’ve put together a list of simple money saving ideas. These will help to keep your outgoings down and leave a little more cash in your wallet for those little luxuries tha we all like to buy from time to tim.

Zap Your Electricity Bill

The cost of living goes up everyday and your electricity bill is a prime target for some cost cutting measures.
Fit low energy light bulbs. This type of buld uses about 75% less power than a standard bulb. They are more expensive but will pay for themselves in a relatively short space of time.

Don’t fill your kettle to the brim as this uses significantly more electricity than putting just what you need in it.
Tumble Dryers and washing machines. Try washing at a lower temperature and hang your clothes out to dry one a line. Not only will this save you money but your clothes will smell so much fresher.
Lights out. Turning off the lights in a military barracks not only tells the troops it’s time to sleep but, with all the rooms to light, it saves money. When you leave a room, turn the lights off.

Switch everything off at the mains. Most modern devices such at TV’s and DVD players contain a small battery that will keep the time settings. If there’s no reason to have it plugged in, pull it out!

Household Water Bills

Regulate the amount of water you use by having a meter fitted. Water is a precious commodity and the more that we use the less there will be in future (and it’ll be a lot more expensive).
Buy water butts for the garden. You’ll save even more money by not watering your flowers using a hose pipe attached to the mains supply. You’re happy and your flowers are happy!

Saving Money In The Home

As recently as 30 years ago, many homes didn’t have central heating. Take a leaf out of your parents book and put a jumper on when it’s cold. This will save you a lot of money on your heating bills.
Insualte that creaky old roof! The home is like the human body – most of the heat goes out of the top! Get it insulated and watch your heating bills drop.


ñ Don’t buy the latest, greatest products. Use money savers such as discount codes to redcue your bills. If you’re looking for new clothes buy something you like and not an item of clothing that you’ll throw away after you’ve worn it a few times.

Hope you like these money saving ideas. Here’s one last thought before I go: before you throw anything away stop and think for a moment; can anybody less well off use them? If so, take it the charity shop. My name is James and I run Voucher Frenzy, a UK based discount code website.